Good Parenting Skills – How to Get Your Child to Love Learning

Good Parenting Skills 

how to get your child to love learning

While some children are naturally curious and have the ability and desire to learn from a young age, most good students aren’t actually born great learners. It is a skill that is taught and instilled at home at an early age, which is why it is the parents’ job to help their child discover the joy of learning and expand their intellectual growth outside the classroom setting. If you want to get your child to develop the love for learning, here are some of the best ways to build their motivation:

Surround your child with books

Children who develop a love of reading from an early age tend to develop a love for learning as they grow older as well. Not only does reading help kids expand and enrich their vocabulary, but it also helps them learn how to visualize and process different concepts, and improve their overall communication skills.

Good Parenting Skills
Good Parenting Skills – Surround your child with books

So, if you want to help your child become a better and more eager learner, fill their world with books, whether by reading them stories at bedtime, helping them read aloud once they begin learning, or even by making designated reading time a frequent habit in your home.

  Explore different learning styles

From visual and auditory to verbal and physical, there are many different learning styles, and every child tends to have a preference that suits their specific way of learning best. Some children have one dominant style that works best, while others like to learn using a combination of a few different learning styles.

If you want to get your child to fall in love with learning, it might be best to figure out which styles suit their needs and preferences the most, as using the most appropriate techniques will help them improve the rate and quality of learning more quickly and efficiently.

  Enrol your child in a playgroup

If your child is still quite young, and you want to instil a love of learning in them from an early age, their baby and toddler years might actually be the perfect time to start.

Good Parenting Skills -
Good Parenting Skills –   Enrol your child in a playgroup

However, since it might be difficult to keep their attention at such a young age while tending to their needs at the same time, the best option would be to enrol your child in a great playgroup lead by qualified professionals. Not only will your child be able to play and learn in an age-appropriate way, but such a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment like this one will also ensure your child reaches their full potential. 

  Make learning a fun experience

Even though learning through play is not a new concept, this technique is still not used quite as often as some more traditional learning styles. However, it can be quite a beneficial technique for children, as it provides them with the opportunity to develop both their cognitive and non-cognitive skills while giving them enough excitement and motivation to continue learning in a similar way. Using games as educational tools is the perfect way to introduce new concepts, knowledge and ideas in a way that encourages and inspires a child to learn.

  Focus on the process instead of the result

Rather than asking your child how well they did on their tests as soon as they get home, ask them to teach you what they learned in school today. Put your focus on the things your child is learning at the moment, instead of how well they are actually performing.

Good Parenting Skills -
Focus on the things your child is learning at the moment

Although good grades are always great, concentrating on your child’s learning experience will not only teach them that perfect results and grades aren’t as important as honest work and effort, but it will also convey the message that you are more interested in them than their performance, and it will provide your child with the chance to explain the learning material in their own words, helping them confirm and solidify their knowledge.

Celebrate your child’s achievements

Regardless of how small they might be, it’s essential to acknowledge all of your child’s achievements. That’s especially while they’re still in elementary school, as younger children need positive reinforcement to stay motivated to learn and improve themselves.

Of course, there’s no need to praise mediocre results, but every real achievement should be recognized and celebrated accordingly. For example, your child could be treated with their favourite dinner after finishing a demanding project or even rewarded with ice cream (now and again some sweets or an ice-cream won’t harm a child!) after doing well on a test. 

Good Parenting Skills -
Good Parenting Skills – Real achievements should be celebrated.

It really doesn’t matter what you decide to do, use positive reinforcement as often as you can to motivate your child to learn, explore and better themselves. No matter which method you opt for, encouraging your child in the right ways will help them fall in love with learning and actually enjoy the entire process. As long as you are loving, understanding and supportive of your child and their academic journey, there’s no denying they will grow to appreciate the knowledge and nurture it well into their adulthood.

author: Peter Minkoff


Good Parenting Skills - How to Get Your Child to Love Learning
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Emma Robinson
Emma Robinson
3 years ago

Very cool article and it was very nice to read! Thank you very much!

4 years ago

That’s wonderful. However, I will add from myself: you should encourage your child’s hobbies. It is most important to maintain his enthusiasm. And what do you think?

Reply to  Klaudia
4 years ago