Small Kitchen Design Ideas – How to Maximize Space In a Small Kitchen

 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

How to Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen

Many people living in ‘concrete jungles’ are likely to have tiny kitchens that sometimes can even be hard to use. Insufficient storage and counter space makes it difficult to function well while cooking. However, even if you think you have used the given room at the most, there are always other ways to maximize space in a small kitchen.

   1. Add Shelves Wherever You Can

Your kitchen probably has more unutilized space than you can think of. For example, since kitchen cabinets are usually placed much lower from the ceiling in order to be reachable, it provides a great deal of open space above them. Therefore, use it to install an additional shelf. As it may be too high to reach, it would be better to utilize it for storing home and kitchen appliances that you rarely use.

   2. Take Advantage of the Open Side

In case your cabinets or fridge don’t lean against the wall, you have extra storage space in your small kitchen. So, take the advantage of it by building in a rolling pantry. It is suitable for keeping jars and cans, and you can easily make it on your own. On the other hand, you can always install the hooks and use them to put aside pans or cutting boards.

   3. Make the Most of Kitchen Cabinets

Even though kitchen cabinets are classified as storage furniture, people hardly make the most of it. Instead of having only one or two shelves in the middle and a lot of free space in between, consider adding one more. What is more, cabinet doors can be practical, too. You can use an organizer or hooks to hang lighter things, like oven gloves, dish towels or mixing spoons.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas
Small Kitchen Design Ideas –©

   4. Get a Kitchen Pegboard Backsplash 

Instead of opting for charming designed tiles, consider investing in a pegboard backsplash. A kitchen pegboard really comes in handy when it comes to small kitchen storage ideas. You can add smaller shelves or spice racks, or hang canisters and cooking utensils. If you decide to give a chance to this way of maximizing space in a small kitchen, be sure you choose a pegboard made of stainless steel because of all that splashing and spilling.

image SK DIY steel kitchen pegboard backsplash

   5. The Window View

A small kitchen will usually have only one small window, just enough to let in the sunshine. A small window shouldn’t be covered with curtains or any kind of covers as it would box up the small kitchen even more. Understandably a window needs protection from the outside elements so installing shutters should be the first thing you do. 

Luckily shutters today have so many design options that it’s really hard for you not to find your match. Design expert sites like Independent Blinds & Awningsfor instance, show that the latest technology can solve the most difficult installation related problems while creating the window view stylish with modern looking solutions.

   6. Don’t Neglect the Windowsill, nor the Open Wall

Although windowsill is perfect for a little indoor garden, you shouldn’t limit its purpose. Instead, use it to keep kitchen spoon holders, kettles or recipe books. Another idea is turning your windowsill into a sitting space for your child, so you can always keep an eye on them.

If, by any chance, you have an open wall in your small kitchen, consider placing a fold-down table on it. Apart from providing a place to eat, it can also serve as additional counter space. It can be particularly handy when doing things that require more space like baking cakes.

   7. Think About the Ceiling

Pots and pans are things that occupy most of the already small space in the kitchen. Therefore, instead of cluttering them into kitchen cabinets, think about a hanging pot rack. They come in various shapes and materials, so you can easily adjust it to your kitchen decor. Furthermore, it is not hard to make one by yourself. For instance, you can simply turn an old ladder or bicycle wheel into a hanging pot rack.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas - How to Maximize Space In a Small Kitchen
img Britt Reints  Small Kitchen Design Ideas – A hanging pot rack

Once you’ve maximized the space in your small kitchen, you wouldn’t find it hard to cook your favourite dishes or experiment with new recipes. Nicely organized space evokes productivity, so, put on your apron and enjoy cooking. Please feel free to let me know how your tips and tricks on creating some extra space in a small kitchen, that would actually be awesome!

Cheers Klaudia


 Small Kitchen Design Ideas
Small Kitchen Design Ideas – How to maximize space in a small kitchen©
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