Small Space Design Ideas – 3 Ways To Maximize Your Space

Small Space Design Ideas 

3 Ways to Maximize Your Space at Home

If you crave light and space in your house but all too often find yourself tripping up over furniture and wishing you had more room, then you need to think about the different ways you can maximise your space. Apart from painting everything white, there isn’t much else you can do but find a way to increase the floor size of your home.

Small Space Design Ideas
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In modern living, space is at a premium and interior design trends are, more often than not, are conceived with a large house in mind. Double height spaces, plenty of light and minimalist design are all in. So how can you achieve a better lifestyle? There are 3 ways…

  1. Building an Outbuilding

If you aren’t prepared to turn your whole house into a building site, then a good option is to build an outbuilding in your yard. You could use this space for boring things like storage, but thinking outside the box is always a better idea. Look for companies like Armstrong e.g., provide steel garage buildings that can be used for everything from home gyms to warehouses or even churches.

image source Small Space Design Ideas – Cool XL- size steel garage buildings 

Many outbuildings are used for home offices or rec rooms for teenagers and children. This is a great idea if they have a lot of steam to run off and tend to be noisy around the house! If you want, though, you could use this building as a temporary living solution while you reconfigure your own house. It might be a bit painful at the time, but once the house is done, you can redo this space to suit your own plans.

  2. Reconfiguring the Layout

Lots of houses are made up of lots of small rooms but modern living and interior design trends tend to focus more on open plan spaces combining the kitchen, living and dining rooms into one big space. If this sounds like something you would like to do, then reconfiguring your house is a good idea.

Small Space Design Ideas
Small Space Design Ideas – Changing the structure of a house requires qualified builders

Be aware that changing the structure of a house requires a qualified builder – don’t try it on your own! You should also be aware that any load bearing walls cannot be moved as they are taking the weight of the whole house. While you are reconfiguring the house, you should also think about adding extra windows or larger windows to make the most of natural light.

  3. Building an Extension

One of the easiest ways to get extra space, without changing the structure of a house is building an extension. But before you go for a basic design, think about what you want to achieve. Light is hugely important and with toughened glass, it is now possible to create full walls of glass. Double height spaces are also incredibly popular as they give a sense of grandeur and drama.

Small Space Design Ideas – Full walls of glass double height extension

Though most people go for an extension that looks much like the rest of their house, there is nothing stopping you from building something a little bit different that is better suited to the way you want to live. Always consult an architect before you do anything to get the best ideas and interesting designs for your house.

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Small Space Design Ideas - 3 Ways to Maximize Your Space 
Small Space Design Ideas – ©

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