Curtain Designs And Styles 2018 – Window Decorating Ideas & Tips

Curtain Designs and Styles 2018

Window Decorating Ideas & Tips

Every window needs the perfect complement. The right curtains, blinds and shades can turn any window into a gorgeous focal point of the room. Whether it’s Waverly curtains, shabby chic curtains or room darkening curtains, you can give each room its own romantic, elegant or cool touch by choosing the right curtain designs and styles.

Curtain Designs and Styles 2018 -

Curtains help to control the light, they can give privacy and complete your room by adding style, texture and colour. How to hang curtains is not less important than choosing the right size and fabric. Buy a rod that is wider than the width of your window. This will not only trick your eye into thinking the window is larger than it actually is, it will also assure the panels hang on either side of your window instead of constantly covering parts of it.

You should always choose the fabric depending on the style of the room and its function. If you want room darkening curtains, go for dark and dense material and colours. Heavy velvets keep warm and are ideal for drafty windows, while lighter blends and floral curtains filter the light and give a room a romantic touch.

Curtain Designs and Styles 2018 -

How to Hang Curtains

  • Length matters. The fabric should fall to the floor, make sure you don’t go too short. Long Waverly curtains should stop just before they hit the floor so you won’t have to worry about them getting dirty.
  • Buy enough curtain! Your curtains should be roughly 2.5 times the width of the window if you plan to close them on occasion, still falling voluminous. 
  • Hang ’em high. Fix the rod closer to the ceiling than the top of your window, ideally 4-6 inches above the window frame. The higher you hang your curtains, the taller the window appears.

   Living Room Curtains 

The living room is usually the center of attention when people first get into your house. Not only the arrangement of furniture and selection of pretty accessories will reflect your sense of style, it’s the curtains that complete the composition of your living room. Curtain Designs and Styles 2018 -

Whether you want to rearrange the entire living room or just redecorate certain parts, choosing the right curtains can change the flair of a room completely and will certainly add value to the beauty of your home.

Curtain Designs and Styles 2018 -

You can snag suggestions for your new curtain designs and styles from online interior design magazines or directly from online stores like ‘High End Curtain’, just to name one of many. Another great source for finding new ideas on interior design and home decoration is Pinterest.

   Bedroom Curtain Designs

In the private retreat of the bedroom, the curtain designs reveal our attitude on almost everything. Heavy room darkening curtains, flattery shabby chic curtains or romantic waverly curtains speak for completely different personalities.

Curtain Designs and Styles 2018 -

Window decorations should always suit the style you are aiming for in your bedroom. With the right choice of curtains, you’ll set the finishing personal touch in your bedroom.

Curtain Designs and Styles 2018 -

2018, bright colours are the up and coming trend to create a romantic ambience and a cosy haven of relaxation. The right curtains and blinds can add instant elegance or grandeur to any room.Curtain Designs and Styles 2018 -

The variety of styles and materials available gives you endless possibilities to give your windows some love. Don’t hurry with your choice and review all options before buying to make sure that your window decoration will delight you for years to come. 

   Kitchen Curtain Designs & Styles

The first thing to consider when choosing kitchen curtains is, of course, the size and colour. There are many ways to dress up your kitchen window, from plain shades and blinds to custom drapery. 2018 anything goes curtain-wise.Curtain Designs and Styles 2018 -

Trends reach from country-style to plain curtains in a nice colour that matches your furniture to floral curtains with interesting colourful patterns that will pop out from the rest of your room decor.

Curtain Designs and Styles 2018 -

In general, if you have patterned furniture, carpets or bedding you better stick with plain curtains. If you have bright coloured furniture, choose bright patterned curtains. For a subtle hint of style and elegance, go for a small, 
discreet print. A large, graphic print in loud colours that relate to the existing interior is brave but can be spectacular. Any interior decorator will tell you, curtains make a room, but only when chosen wisely.



Curtain Designs And Styles 2018 - Window Decorating Ideas & Tips
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Linda Hobden
6 years ago

What lovely ideas – I do love curtains, they make a room. I don’t have kitchen or bathroom curtains though, but blinds.

Store Import
6 years ago

Hello Klaudia, Great and informational article I must say because you have covered all the areas and mentioned all the impotent aspects regarding blinds, shades and curtains. I really like how you differentiate living room, bedroom and kitchen windows and how to decorate them. Thanks for sharing such an informational article with us.