Sportswear Trends For 2023

Sportswear Trends For 2023

The activewear market has significantly risen its popularity and gone from a niche to a popular style that gives benefits even beyond athletic activities. A new year always brings new goals and trends, and it’s essential to explore what athletic movements and sportswear trends for 2023 we have as projections. Some favorite trends very often return and resurge from the past. What helps activewear to stand out is the comfort and freedom associated with it, and that’s what 2023 is all about. 

Sportswear Trends For 2023
Sportswear Trends for 2023 by guest author Peter Minkoff

Spending most of the time at home over the past few years was the catalyst for the fame of activewear, but the line we can draw between activewear and clothing we wear when going out has become blurrier than ever before. For example, activewear once reserved for a yoga class is now equally worn when grabbing a drink. 

The technology used for personalized activewear

and the start of smart clothing

Clothing production technology has advanced a lot,  and what brands can now offer customers is more customized and intelligent clothing. Customers can now be part of the design and production processes, creating something unique to their taste. In addition, they are offering customers for avenues to customize their products.  Different platforms and software that simplify the process are the things that helped custom sportswear become so popular over the last few years. In addition, technology is used to make recommendations for apparel that will suit the customer’s preferences.

Developments in the domain of activewear are now trending mainstream, having the possibility for customers to monitor their health and wellness. For example, some of these clothing pieces can track how the wearer moves while in these clothes.

Details-driven and boldly colored clothes

Having boring and plain activewear stayed in the past, especially in 2023. The time for bold colors and all kinds of details has arrived. Exposed zippers and cutouts on activewear are a thing of personality and the best way to become fearless. 

One Piece revolutionized the activewear fashion

Jumpsuits and rompers reemerged from the past and became the thing for festival-goers. The novelty is that they are now not just casualwear but considered as being performance-driven activewear. As a result, One-piece activewear is now ready to conquer the fashion scene. 

Be bold and stand out

Bold details are everything in 2023. People now want to be different when doing all kinds of things, everything from pilates to shopping—cutouts, asymmetrical shapes, color-blocking, thumb holes, and so on. Still, to be able to create something like this, you will need to know how to launch a sportswear brand that can help people be all above mentioned.

Sportswear Trends For 2023
Sportswear Trends 2023 – Modern details allowing customers to mix and match 

Stripes run the scene

Stripes are usually considered a classic print but are still prevalent this year.  Many retro-inspired pieces will try to cater to girls’ needs with added modern details and color trends, allowing customers to mix, match, and combine day and night. 

Loungewear and workout

Athleisure is now popular when talking about sports apparel and is constantly evolving. We now have a new trend in athleisure, and it is workout loungewear. It represents a mix of warm-up and cool-down gear, like trying to match oversized pieces and one-piece clothing. Workout lounge pieces are perfect to wear when doing some post-workout shenanigans like having a quick meal with friends. All of the trends for 2023 are wearable and seemingly simple. These new activewear trends will dare you to step out of your comfort zone by wearing a boldly colored one-piece. This year will not necessarily mean you need to reinvent yourself, but if you feel uncomfortable, it just means you’re growing. 

High demand for sustainably sourced apparel

Over the past couple of years, people are becoming more environmentally conscious, and that led them to demand that businesses show more transparency about the production of their clothing and do they follow sustainable clothing trends.

Sportswear Trends 2023
Sportswear Trends 2023 – People are becoming more environmentally conscious

As a result, some websites with clothing apparel allow users to sort products using their preferences about their sustainability credentials. In addition, some major companies, such as Adidas, are highlighting sustainable organic cotton products, and most athletic wear companies prefer to use recycled polyester and low-impact, non-toxic dyes.

Athletic apparel and the 90s

The 90s are the old-new style in the athletic wear industry in line with the rise of athleisure.  What 90s athletic wear is bringing to the fashion industry is that nostalgia for the millennial market. So women got that lightweight and breathable crop top and leggings with a twist by adding details to the classic style. 

Inclusivity by size

Brands popular in the athletic apparel industries are shifting towards new products to fit consumers of all clothing sizes. Additionally, consumers demand that companies demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusivity. 

Sportswear Trends 2023 -
The athletic wear industry is shifting towards products to fit consumers of all clothing sizes

Trends are constantly changing, and people are always trying to catch up with the changes, but activewear brought comfort that people will not want to leave so it will be part of the fashion industry for quite some time.

author Peter Minkoff


Sportswear Trends 2023

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