The Best Shoes For Healthy Feet – Improve Your Health By Wearing Quality Footwear

 The best Shoes for Healthy Feet

How to Improve Your Health by Wearing Quality Footwear

Wearing comfortable shoes is a must if you want to avoid sore feet and back pain. In most cases, we opt for footwear that looks beautiful or is quite fashionable without ever considering the consequences that it might have on our health and posture. There is a misconception that comfortable footwear is either ugly or meant for old people. 

 The Best Shoes For Your Feet & Back 
 The best shoes for your feet and your back – ©

In order to help your feet withstand the daily pressure that they are subjected to, here’s a list of benefits of opting for quality footwear that will hopefully convince you to choose the best shoes for your feet.

Quality is Key

When buying a pair of shoes or slippers or even boots there are several factors you need to take into consideration in order to ensure high quality. Firstly, there are the materials. Opting for natural materials like cotton or leather will provide your skin with breathing room and help prevent various fungal infections. 

 The Best Shoes For Your Feet & Back 
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Next, you need to focus on the construction of the shoe, from sole bond adhesion to sole material. Again leather would be the perfect option. In addition, anatomic soles are a must in quality footwear. They improve your posture and significantly lower the risk of back pain.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Yes, the Cinderella story pops immediately into our heads, oh that glass slipper that changed her entire life. Well, a perfectly fitted shoe can do wonders for yours. A good fit helps us avoid the unpleasantries like pain, cramps and calluses. Make sure to ‘test drive’ the next pair of shoes you buy.

Walk around the store a bit, and don’t you dare say that they will stretch if they feel a bit uncomfortable. Don’t waste your time or money on shoes that are not just right.

Being a Smart Shopper

When thinking about quality footwear most people think that they are stuck with uncomfortable options due to the lack of funds. This is just not the case, there are quality brands like Birkenstock, for instance, that offer both quality and stylish footwear selection at affordable prices. 

So there are no more excuses for making your feet suffer. Just think about the money you’ll save on doctors, chiropractics and masseuses just by wearing the best shoes for your personal needs. Not to mention the fact that quality footwear last a lot longer and you won’t have to buy a new pair of shoes anytime soon.

Health Benefits of Good Quality Shoes

If all of the above-mentioned benefits were not enough to convince you to switch to quality footwear and help your feet, here are some additional health benefits that you might not have known about.

 The Best Shoes For Your Feet & Back 
 Tight high heels are certainly not the best shoes for healthy feet!

Our foot is made up of many parts making it potentially vulnerable to many different ailments. A lot of which can be caused by simply wearing shoes that are too tight, too small or anatomically incorrect. Wearing uncomfortable shoes over longer periods of time can lead to collapsed arches, severe back and joint pain even feeling of coldness and numbness.  

On the other hand quality shoes made with natural materials that contain ideal arch support are bound to make your life a lot better. First of all quality shoes regulate foot moisture, and by doing so minimize the possibility of any type of infection. In addition, they also prevent foot odour and provide you with a pair of well-rested feet.

Shoes with good arch support are bound to make your life a lot better

So there you have it. Some great benefits that are sure to make you think twice when buying that new pair of shoes. One quality pair will last longer, making it a great investment. It will keep your health on a great level without  sacrificing your fashion style in order to feel good.

 – by guest author Peter Minkoff –

Fashion Stylist & Editor in Chief @

…buy good shoes!

Klaudia xx


The Best Shoes For Your Feet & Your Back - Improve Your Health With Wearing Quality Footwear
The best shoes for your feet & your back – How to improve your health by wearing quality footwear – image ©


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5 years ago

[…] started walking recently, and you’ll have to watch virtually their every step so you’ll need comfortable footwear. Sandals, slippers and slip-ons are the best solutions. Flat sandals can go great will shorts, […]

Carol Cassara
6 years ago

I so agree. At this age I am too old for shoddy footwear. I love shoes, though!