What To Look For In a Personal Trainer

what to look for in a

Personal Trainer 

Having a personal trainer is important for you to achieve your workout objectives. The role of a personal trainer is not just to tell you which muscles to flex. They help you to be accountable, stay motivated and on track, to vary your workout sessions, and bring in some creativity. They also serve as a great resource for tips about workouts and nutrition.

There are extremely many trainers who can allow you to train at top gyms and fitness studios even without a membership. In Nashville, TN, most trainers are connected to a network of health professionals, and they can get you in touch with experts such as chiropractors, nutritionists, and more.  

What to Look for in a Personal Trainer in Nashville, TN

You can check out sites like http://www.thesetstudio.com, for example, to learn more about the advantages of having a personal trainer. Getting a personal trainer can cost you money, energy, and time. To avoid wasting your resources, it is important to know how to find a personal trainer that suits you. This article outlines vital signs to look for in a personal trainer. Read on.

   • First, what do you want to achieve?

It is impossible to achieve an unclear goal. Going in search of a trainer without a goal is like driving off without having a destination. You will eventually end up going around in circles without accomplishing anything. Knowing what your goals are will help determine what kind of trainer suits you, as not all are created equal. Take a pen and paper and write down what you want to achieve.

What to Look for in a Personal Trainer in Nashville, TN

Are you trying to get back the full use of a particular part of your body? Do you want to lose weight? Are you planning to be a powerlifter? Or do you just need somebody to motivate you to hit the gym? Setting your goals sets you on the right path to choosing the right trainer.

After your goals are set you must only look out for personal trainers who are specialists in areas that align with your objectives. For instance, if your goal is to prepare for a marathon, a power lift trainer would not do you any good.

    • Interview prospective trainers

Anyone can claim to be a trainer, however, that is not enough for you to hire them to work with you. It is a bit like getting a job, the only difference is that you are now the employer. When you find a trainer you think is a good fit for you, have a one-one conversation with them. Look out for a connection between you two. And more importantly, you try to observe the following:

  • Do they listen to you attentively without butting in?
  • Did they ask about your diet or diet plans?
  • Did they inquire about any recent injury or physical challenges?
  • Do they appear to be fit themselves?
  • Did they tell you about their past clients, their successes, challenges, and expertise? As well as how they can help you achieve your target?
  • Did they give you an estimate of how long it will take you to achieve your goals?

The answers to these questions will give you a lot of insight as to whether they are right for you or not.

     • Look deeper for these subtle cues

The above interview might turn out to be great and during your sessions, you might find that you have hired a complete amateur, or worse. After hiring your personal trainer, you should also look out for these signs to know if you would continue to work with them or not:

  • Are they goal-oriented?
  • Do they workout alongside you?
  • Do you feel the program designed by them will help you achieve your goal?
  • Do they have milestones set to help measure your progress?
  • Do they encourage you while you are doing your sets?

Without these, you will only be spending money without getting in shape. Do not be afraid or shy to talk with them while you work out. If you notice something wrong about the sessions call their attention to it. This way you get the most out your time and money.

   • Are they properly certified?

A certification shows that a person has adequate knowledge in a certain field/discipline. And so looking out for the right certification in a trainer is the right way to go. T-Nation thoroughly elaborates on the good, the bad, and the necessary, in terms of certifications for personal trainers.

A trainer might have a university degree in kinesiology but may not be trained for real-world scenarios. Some of the common and valid certifications to look out for are ACE, ACSM, NSCA, Crossfit, NPTI, and NASM.

What to Look for in a Personal Trainer in Nashville, TN

In addition to certifications, practical experience is also very important. A certificate backed up by years of practice is more valuable than one that is not. That said, you should look out for personal trainers who are accomplished in their disciplines. Ask them about their background or if they have a portfolio showing their past successes. This may seem a bit much but it is vital if you want to get the most out of your money and time. In the end, you should understand a few things:

  • Having a personal trainer is no guarantee that you will get in shape or lose weight. You have to put in the effort while being guided by them.
  • Give your trainers some time before you draw conclusions. Allow between 6 and 10 sessions before you make conclusions as to whether you are getting the results you want or not.
  • Be gentle and constructive in your criticisms. Remember that your trainer is a human being and has emotions. Praise them when they do well and be fair when they don’t.

Getting a personal trainer is an important decision that will greatly impact your journey to becoming fit for competition, losing weight, building muscles, etc. Let this article be a guide to help separate the talkers from the doers.

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What to look for in a Personal Trainer in Nashville - TN
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10 months ago

Having a personal trainer can be a game-changer in our fitness journey. Nice informative post.