The Best Tankless Water Heater Companies – Electric and Gas

The Best Tankless Water Heater Companies

Electric and Gas

Water heaters aren’t anything new. If you’ve stayed at a nice suite or hotel before, you must’ve used one already. If you’re one who despises the cold, you must have bought one already. Thing is, it’s been a long time since electric water heaters have been invented. Many apparatuses have been developed to heat water easier so gone were the days when people had to put on a fire and heat up a kettle of water just to taste warmth during the cold winter season.

With the automated water heating technology, we have nowadays, enjoying a warm bath daily is not impossible. In fact, enjoying it thrice daily is totally doable! This revolutionary device is not without cost, though. Because it is automatic, it requires a good power source to function. In the case of a water heater, it can either make use of electricity or gas – a whole lot of them. So if you want to enjoy hot water, you have to be willing to pay the price (or the bill, however you want to term it).

If you’re a single person making the best out of your life, an additional $50 – $60 (50€) on your utility bill may not be much. But if you’re the breadwinner of a family of five, like me, the payables may get a little out of hand. Imagine having to store and heat tens of litres of water for each and every member of your family. It can be hard on the pockets, really. Not every family can afford such luxury. Some are hesitant whenever they think about the extra costs. After all, there are many other things that could use the expense.

The Best Tankless Water Heater Companies - Electric and Gas
The Best Tankless Water Heater Companies – Electric and Gas  image  

With all that being sent, people are continuously torn between ‘wanting to save’ and ‘trying not to freeze’ during the winter months. Sure, there are other ways to keep one’s self-warm like wearing furry coats and winter accessories such as earmuffs, gloves, and the like. Still, I bet you wouldn’t argue with me when I say that nothing beats the cosiness of a warm bath. I’d even go as far as saying it’s therapeutic! When you’re tired from school, work, and other extra-curricular activities, nothing can perk you up better than a hot bath or shower.

Is it necessary to have in life?  Well, not exactly.

Is it healthy?  I believe it is.

Aside from studies claiming that hot baths are great for your physical health, I’d say that it’s good for your soul and spirit as well. Keeping yourself happy is the key to living a good life. You need an outlet for all your stress, fatigue, and weariness. 

So even if it’s not strictly necessary, I’d say it’s recommended. Whatever’s good for your well-being is always something to be prioritized. It is also healthy to indulge yourself in activities that will make your heart full and free from worry. Hot baths are surprisingly great at improving a person’s mood and overall vitality.

The Best Tankless Water Heater Companies - Electric and Gas
Tips on the best tankless water heater companies – electric and gas 

But, isn’t there a way to get the best of both worlds? Like, have consistent access to hot water and save on costs at the same time? I’m glad you asked. As a matter of fact, there is. And today, I’m generous enough to let you in on the secret. You need something without excess baggage. Yes, something ‘tankless.’

    Getting to Know Tankless Water Heaters

Many households have made the switch. And why wouldn’t they? When going tankless is probably the best choice you’re going to make this year. Read this. Several perks come with choosing tankless water heaters.

First off, ‘tankless’ means saving space. Without a 30 to 50-liter water tank to mind, you get more room for other important items and furniture inside the house. Next, maintenance doesn’t become too much of a pain. Having a tank usually adds more chores around the house. After all, it’s necessary to check the cleanliness of the water you keep on your tank to make sure it’s safe for everyday use. Leaving a storage tank to its own devices for a long, long time may encourage bacteria and other harmful organisms to grow.

The Best Tankless Water Heater Companies - Electric and Gas
The Best Tankless Water Heater Companies – Electric and Gas – image Flickr 

Definitely unsafe for the family! Lastly, tankless water heaters generally need less energy to operate. This means that it won’t bombard your electric bill all that much. Some sources say a person can save at least $100 using a tankless water heater. Ordinary water heaters would preheat the stored water (usually 30-50 litres) even while on standby. Tankless units, on the other hand, simply heat water when the faucet is turned on and automatically shuts off its heating functions when the water stops running. This ‘seemingly’ subtle difference is what gives tankless units a very big advantage over those with tanks. I mean, it’s quite obvious why people would prefer tankless water heaters. When the two magic words come together – save and buy – people are sure to be encouraged.

Question is, ‘how does one know that he or she is buying from the right company’? Well, here are some quality signals to look for in tankless water heater companies:

   Honest & Transparent Marketing

“Tankless Water Heater up for grabs! Guaranteed $500 off your monthly utility bill”

“80% Off On Top Quality Tankless Water Heaters! 24-hour Rush Sale!”

What have you noticed from these two advertisement slogans? Yes, they’re too good to be true. So you need to ask yourself, what level of quality are you expecting from products of this sort? Well, all I can say is that it would be wise not to expect too much. A good company markets its products realistically. This means no false promises, no exaggerated claims, and no dishonest catchphrases. You should look for a company that lays out not just the strengths but the weaknesses of its products as well – even if it’s just in the form of a warning. If you want to validate marketing ads better, looking into tankless water heater reviews should help big time.    

   Product Warranty

Warranties show that the manufacturer is confident in the product he sells. This is why it is considered such a big quality signal in the world of retail. Look for products and/or companies that offer warranties – even if it’s just for a whole year. Tankless water heaters aren’t cheap to change. So if you want to make the most out of your investment, be sure to buy from a company that is not afraid of returns, exchanges, and back jobs!    

 Klaudia xx


 The Best Tankless Water Heater Companies Electric and Gas
The Best Tankless Water Heater Companies Electric and Gas – Pinterest image ©


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