The Millennial Generation – Understanding The Dating Struggles Millennials Face

The Millennial Generation 

 the dating struggles millennials face 

When compared to previous generations, Millennials tend to date differently, mostly due to dating apps, frequent hookups and postponed marriage phenomena. While some of these make dating easier and more accessible to people, they all come with their own set of issues that create conflict and prevent healthy relationships. Although all generations have dating issues, here are some very specific problems the millennial generation struggles with the most. 

· Different Goals ·

Millennials have a bunch of new choices when it comes to their future – they don’t automatically have to get married and have kids right after they finish college. Some might choose to put their career as their number one priority or go travel the world.

The Millennial Generation - Understanding Dating Struggles Millennials Face
Living different lifestyles often result in not having the same goals for the future

Oftentimes, this lifestyle translates to not having the same goals for the future as their partner. This is not the case for every Millennial, of course, talking to your partner about the future can help you get over these differences early in the relationship. 

· Communication Issues ·

Many Millennials avoid phone calls or face-to-face talks in favour of texting. While practical, this habit tends to cause communication issues since couples don’t know how to communicate their needs and desires in a healthy way. Even though couples communicate much information over social media, the most important things are often left unsaid.


· Jealousy Over Social Media Actions · 

Even the littlest social media actions can cause big consequences not only for Millennial relationships. If a ‘like’ is sent to someone unknown to the partner, it can awaken jealousy, an emotion with no productive purpose for any relationship. It’s important not to read too much into what your partner does online unless you have good proof of cheating. Most of the time, it’s all harmless and done without ill intentions. 

Don’t read too much into what your partner does online

· Romance Issues · 

Many Millennials struggle to meet a partner in real life, so online dating apps and websites seem like a natural solution. However, while practical, these apps often hide unpleasant secrets, the worst of which are dating scams.

I’ve been, only recently, reading an article about dating in Australia – did you know, that Australians lose over $25 million to scams every year?! To prevent that, they recommended that people can turn to trusted escorts in Sydney to fulfil their need for intimacy without the danger of getting tricked. Removing that layer of fear can improve confidence when it comes to spicing up one’s love life.

· Oversharing on Social Media ·

Unfortunately, today it’s quite common that people share too much about their partners or relationships on social media. While in the past, we all talked to our friends about these things, with social media, it’s much easier to find out what your partner’s been saying. Plus, the information is reaching a much wider audience.

Oversharing on social media can devalue your relationship..

There’s nothing wrong with being active on social media. But oversharing with strangers can devalue your relationship and violate the trust between you and your significant other. Certain aspects of a relationship should always remain private. 

· Easy Access to Cheating ·

This is not a new problem in relationships, but the internet made it easier than ever. Apps and websites made for ranging hookups provide people with an increased amount of cheating methods. However, it doesn’t mean all Millennials stray, even though they have many options and easy access to opportunities. 

· Tricky Living Situation ·

Housing costs are constantly going up while salaries are pretty much stagnant. Millennials really are having a hard time finding a place on their own. Sharing a house with parents or roommates is great for costs, but it can kill relationships. When you live at home or with multiple roommates, it’s hard to have a mature relationship where you don’t have to sneak in your partner or follow your parents’ house rules. 

The Millennial Generation - Understanding Dating Struggles Millennials Face
Millennials often have a hard time finding a place on their own.

Not all Millennials struggle with the same dating issues, but according to therapists and experts, this generation comes across the aforementioned problems much more often than previous generations. Digitalization, financial and political issues all impact the way Millennials live. But that does by far not mean we are doomed to live a life devoid of healthy relationships. Acknowledging the issues can lead to facing them head-on and having a successful dating life. Meanwhile, being single isn’t always the worst option. 

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 Understanding Dating Struggles Millennials Face
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