How To Save Money On Toiletries And Beauty Supplies

How to save Money on Toiletries and Beauty Supplies 

This article contains some truly invaluable tips for you!
How to save money on toiletries
How to save money on toiletries and beauty supplies …


Beauty encompasses a lot of things. It covers items such as hair products, styles, makeup techniques and products, nail polish …. and so on. There are so many ways that one can beautify themselves either for enjoyment or for improving their appearance for other reasons.

 Love the feel of waxing but hate the pain?

How to save money on toiletries
How to save money on toiletries & beauty supplies – waxing at home


When waxing at home , half an hour before doing the wax , apply a tooth-numbing cream to the areas that are going to be waxed.

This will numb your skin temporarily and make the waxing much less painful , yet will not damage or hurt your skin !





As you grow older , your skin , as a result of sun exposure , becomes darker and is not as light and bright as it was when you were younger .To ensure that your skin remains as bright and lively as possible . make sure that you exfoliate on a regular basis . Exfoliation will lighten your skin by getting rid of dead skin cells . Homemade exfoliators are some of the best in the world !

How to save money on toiletries
How to save money on toiletries & beauty supplies



When applying makeup you want to be sure that you do it in a gentle way . If you use strokes that are too strong you can have 2 problems . The first of these is that the abrasive nature of the strokes can damage your skin. Secondly , it leads to a lack of control and worse makeup.

How to save money on toiletries
How to save money on toiletries & beauty supplies


As your skin gets older, be sure to wear the moisturizer that meets your skin’s needs for this age. Skin tends to start out oily and becomes drier over time, so it is important to make sure that your skin’s need for moisture is being met appropriately. If your moisturizer feels heavy or is giving your skin problems, it’s time to reevaluate.

How to save money on toiletries
How to save money on toiletries & beauty supplies



If you are using makeup, you should be absolutely certain to use proper cleaning at the end of the day. If you leave traces of makeup on your while you sleep, it can lead to skin problems.
This will end up hurting the effect you are attempting to have with make-up in the first place!

How to save money on toiletries

The beauty of using honey as a facial cleanser is that there is no need for mixing or measuring. Just keep a bottle of honey in the bathroom cabinet and you’re set . Honey is an excellent cleanser for every skin type. To wash your face with honey: For make-up free skin , squirt a small amount of honey (less than a teaspoon) into the palm of your hand .  Rub the honey between your palms and then massage into your face . Wash off with warm



How to save money on toiletries
How to grow eyelashes longer and thicker

How to grow eyelashes longer and thicker: if you hate the problems of clumpy and matted eyelashes, try using an eyelash curler ! This will make the eyelashes thick and full without using any products. When using the curler, start at the roots and only use on lashes that are clean. Over time your lashes will become fuller, thicker and beautiful.




Eyelashes care is as important as hair care  !

How to save money on toiletries
How to save money on toiletries & beauty supplies

Lipstick colour


To make your smile look whiter, avoid orangey or yellowish lipstick shades, which can accentuate stains and other discolorations. Stick to cool pinks, blue-reds and plummy shades, all of which help to make your teeth look whiter since they are cooler colours. Remember that really bright shades, no matter the tone, will draw attention to your mouth and your teeth.


In conclusion, beauty is a very broad subject that covers a lot of everyday products and techniques. There are some right ways and wrong ways to apply stuff, but there is so much room for creativity.


How to save money on toiletries and beauty supplies !
How to save money on toiletries and beauty supplies


Some recipes for your homemade toiletries:


Toothpaste : 2 words .. Baking soda ! You can buy peppermint oil very inexpensively in the baking section of a grocery store to make it taste better .

Anti-dandruff :  Apple Cider Vinegar !  Every time you start getting an itchy scalp, douse your head with Apple Cider Vinegar , sleep with it on for one night , and the next morning the flakes are gone and the itching will have ceased as well. It’s such a cheap , easy way to fix this issue !

Shampoo and Conditioner:  Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar ! Fill up a plastic bottle with 2 tablespoons Baking Soda and 2 cups water.  Shake it up , and pour it on.  Then rinse  with Apple Cider Vinegar .  One tip : do not put the Vinegar directly on your scalp (unless you are doing the anti-dandruff thing mentioned above , and are going to wash your hair in the morning).  It will make your scalp produce more oils , and you’ll be a grease-ball all day.  So , just rinse your hair with it.

Hair Conditioner : Coating your hair with mayonnaise makes it soft and shiny. Rinse it out well ! Not so much a conditioner as a hair rinse , but a cupful of lemon juice poured over washed hair will add a natural shine . Beer used as above works the same way !

Lip Balm : Microwave 2 tablespoons cocoa butter with 1 teaspoon coconut oil and half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil together – it should only take a matter of seconds . Transfer to a small container and allow to set .

Spots and blemishes : Take one tablespoon of natural yogurt and add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix well and apply to skin to cure those blackheads .


How to save money on toiletries
 ‘How to save money on toiletries & Beauty supplies’  @ Klaudia’s Corner Life&Style Magazine

If you have got some more tips on how to save money on toiletries and beauty supplies, please feel free to leave a comment and share them with us. Thanks a lot for stopping by ! 



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I have made the olive oil and sugar scrub and I actually have used some rose petals in the mix and it smells so good! Great tips!!

Nicole P

I have a question with how to grow lashes, I thought that was supposed to be pure all natural castor oil? Is it true that olive oil can also do the job? how was our experience when you tried it out? 🙂

Me-An Clemente

I agree that waxing can be done at home, but for sensitive areas it’s better that professionals do it. For instance, waxing the Brazilian area and for the upper lip area, it’s best to do threading instead. As an addition to makeup, if we don’t have brushes, we must utilize our ring fingers so we apply the light pressure on our faces. I’m not too sure though if I’ll try the homemade toiletries myse


I really like this post Klaudia. I buy all my skin products and have never once attempted to make my own. I always figured it would be too complex or that I would have to search for hard to find products .
The ones listed above look so easy.
Will try them out and let you know.
Save money AND having soft smooth skin is a win-win! Thanks for sharing


great ideas, I make my own skincare products and am amazed that everyone doesn’t, never will I spend on cleansers and lotions again. A cosmetic brand I really like that is super cheap is E.L.F (eyes lips face) and dang right on that eyelash curler!