Stop The Shop & Go Natural – 3 Brilliant Tips On How To Avoid Harmful Chemicals In Cosmetics And Save A Lot Of Money

Stop The Shop!

Go Totally Natural And Save A Lot Of Money

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How To Avoid Harmful Chemicals In Cosmetics  

In this day and age, keeping everything natural that you’re using on your body can be a challenge. It’s easier to go to the store and buy products ready to use on your skin, but have you ever thought about all the harmful chemicals in cosmetics? Even the most gentle of creams and conditioners can be full of ingredients that we can’t even pronounce, never mind have heard of. It’s not as simple as providing a fresh product; unfortunately, nature just doesn’t last sometimes, and companies need to keep their items on the shelves until they sell. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t look for alternatives or get creative at home…


Stop the Shop  →  Go Natural

stop the shop


1 → Your Eyes

There are simple ways to reduce the puffiness and redness of your eyes in the morning, as well as getting them ready as a base for makeup – without having to use complex ingredients. In fact, you probably have what you need lying ready in your kitchen. The most obvious out of these are cucumber slices and cool teabags.While they may seem like the go-to option, they genuinely work; the caffeine in the teabags shrinks the blood vessels around the eyes, and the antioxidants that are in the cucumber do wonders for rejuvenating your eyes by reducing any swelling. What also works are potato slices, milk-soaked cotton balls and good old cool water – simply splash your face with it in the morning to give yourself a) a great wake-up call and b) a restrictor of blood flow to the affected area.

stop the shop
Stop the Shop – Use cucumber slices & cool teabags for rejuvenating your eyes 

2 → Your Teeth

Teeth are a tricky one because we are always wanting them to be things that they are just not designed to be. If we were living in the middle ages, for example, none of us would have white teeth – if we would have any teeth at all – and we are prolonging the allotted time period that we have been given to hold on to them. Getting them white naturally is simply a case of investing in products that you probably wouldn’t ever piece together with dental hygiene.

stop the shop
   Miswak  – A natural toothbrush picked from the Peelu tree

You could get miswak sticks from, which is a natural toothbrush picked from the Peelu tree – it requires no water or toothpaste, you simply rub on to achieve a whiter smile and fresher breath. People are also investing in charcoal powder to get the grime off their teeth and bring the whiteness shining through.

Use miswak sticks from the Peelu tree for a whiter smile and fresher breath

3 → Your Hair

There are so many things that we can use on our hair to keep it lush and soft without having to reach for the shampoo. You can find a step by step guide at, and you’ll probably find that you have all of the ingredients to get started as soon as you want to.

stop the shop
Stop the Shop – Make your own hair products instead of buying masks & shampoos

To make your own hair products instead of buying masks and shampoos is a great way to relax and have your head absorb all of the nutrients – simply mix up some avocado and olive oil and slather onto your hair. It will take quite a bit of washing out, and you may need to get some baking soda involved to fully rid of the bits that are stubborn, but it’s worth it for the result. Use the leftovers of that avocado/olive oil mixture on your face, Avocado make also an awesome facial mask. Learn more about natural facial masks here.

To avoid harmful chemicals in cosmetics make use of avocados

If you know any more great tips on natural beauty treatments and/or products please tell us about in the comment field. Who knows, you might find your own tips in one of my upcoming articles, sharing is caring!

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6 years ago

Great tips!

GiGi Eats
7 years ago

I really need to do the teabag trick with my eyes – I just don’t have the patience to let these tea bags sit on my face – ha ha ha!