Kids Bedroom Ideas – 3 Ways To Jazz Up Your Child’s Bedroom

Kids Bedroom Ideas 

Three Ways To Jazz Up Your Child’s Bedroom

Remember when getting sent to your room was a punishment? Well with the ideas below that might no longer be the case. Whether you’ve got teenagers who spend most of their day in bed or young children who need somewhere awesome to play, with this three amazing ways to jazz up the children’s rooms, you’ll struggle to get them out.

Kids Bedroom Ideas - 3 Ways To Jazz Up Your Child's Bedroom
IMAGE  Kids bedroom ideas – 3 amazing ways to jazz up the children’s rooms

1. Bring Out The Soft Toys

Kids Bedroom Ideas

While this won’t necessarily excite your teenagers, soft toys are a great way of adding a new lease of life to your young child’s room. Stores are filled to the brim with cutesy cushions in fun shapes and sizes so integrating them in with the current bedroom decor is easy.

Young boy? Fill his bed with an array of sci-fi and superhero cushions; robots, octopuses, sharks, and spiders will invoke their imaginations and make bedtime fun

Kids Bedroom Ideas

How about the girls? Ponies and unicorns will create a mystical wonderland for them to explore and relax in – perfect for getting them to bed at night. Which little girl doesn’t want to sleep like a princess anyway? Affordable and easy to introduce, soft toys are a simple way to turn a boring bedroom into a new world to explore.

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IMAGE  3 kids bedroom ideas to jazz up your children’s rooms

2. Posters and Personalized Wall Art

Bare walls demonstrate no character. Plain white walls almost take character away. While the very thought of repainting – or worse still wall-papering – a bedroom will send shivers down the spine of most. While I’m not telling you to completely redecorate, there are various other ways, such as cool personalized wall art, to add character to the children’s rooms.

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IMAGE Add character to the children’s rooms with cool personalized wall art

One cost-effective way is to bring in posters. Does your son have a favourite superhero? What about a film that they can’t stop watching? Fads change as children grow up, that’s why framed posters are a dynamic way of keeping walls entertaining. If they become out of date, you can take them down quickly and replace. 

One great way of getting the children involved is by using an online poster creator – here they can innovate how their bedroom looks. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved!

3. Take Advantage of Cabin Beds

Remember when you always wanted to build a fort as a kid? No, then you never lived! If you did though, you’ll remember pinning sheets to the side of your bed and creating miniature a tent for you and your buddies to hang about in. With a cabin bed, your children can take this to a whole new level. Cabin beds are like bunk beds, but with the lower bunk taken out.

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IMAGE A grand variety of things can be done with cabin beds

With this space, a grand variety of things can be done! It can be a miniature office for your older children or a gaming fortress for your teenage son. You could even kit it out with a bunch of beanbags and create a chill out zone. The world is your oyster with a cabin bed.

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IMAGE     The world is your oyster with a cabin bed

Finally they work well for saving space – which isn’t exactly the most exciting way to use a cabin bed, but it’s always an option.

Thank you for your precious time!

Kids Bedroom Ideas - 3 Ways To Jazz Up Your Child's Bedroom
Kids Bedroom Ideas – 3 Ways To Jazz Up Your Kid’s Room



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