5 Summer Birthday Party Ideas & Planning Tips

5 Summer Birthday Party Ideas

You think summer birthday parties are hard to organize? Think again with these five amazing Summer birthday party ideas and planning tips that will ensure you have a perfect celebration entertaining for every invited guest, adults included! Here are 5 great ideas you can use while the weather is warm and sunny!

  I. Unleash Inner Artists

Do you know those adult painting-and-pinot parties? Well, you can use the idea, modify it and have a super fun birthday party for yourself that will result in plenty of fun and beautiful masterpieces. Get some art paper to your backyard, invest in some cheap watercolours and brushes and unleash your inner artists.

5 Summer Birthday Party Ideas - klaudiascorner.net
5 Summer Birthday Party Ideas – klaudiascorner.net

If the weather is really warm, you can even let them do some body-painting art! Arrange a food buffet nearby for mid-painting snacks and drinks. You can also make a classy version, but this time with Rosé, Brie cheese and nicer canvases.

  II. Party With a Tropical Twist

Summer is the perfect time to put a tropical twist on your party! Turn your backyard into a real exotic island with some blow-up palms, plenty of beach balls and pool floats and grab a few tiki torches when the sun sets. You can also create all kinds of luau-inspired snacks and desserts!

5 Summer Birthday Party Ideas & Planning Tips - klaudiascorner.net
Summer is the perfect time to put a tropical twist on your party!

Pineapples and coconuts and mangos are definitely the stars of your party, so make sure to include them into your menu (they are also super healthy and hydrating). Grab a few flower leis and some flowery crowns for the guests and everybody will feel like characters in Disney’s Moana!

  III. Make it an Evening Party

Since it’s the summer and the weather is hot, you can organize a fun evening birthday party! If you have a big backyard, you don’t need to do anything else than rent a good movie projector. Get some tasty snacks and play one of the new movies (Aladdin is just out). Set up some pillows and blankets for friends to get cosy and put up a table with snacks and drinks nearby.

5 Summer Birthday Party Ideas & Planning Tips - klaudiascorner.net
Put up a table with snacks and drinks.

Popcorn and tortilla chips are regular cinema foods, but make sure to include some traditional Arab snacks as well (you can find many recipes online). This is a birthday party adults will enjoy, so don’t forget to set up some cosy cushions in the back! In order to keep the party fun, you can even order argileh delivery to accompany your Aladdin experience. Adults will love this little unique detail that will transport them straight to the Middle East!

  IV. Organize an Outing

If a lot of your friends are away during the summer, you have a chance to organize a small but impressive birthday event. While you wouldn’t normally be able to afford taking out all of your friends out, you can definitely afford to treat a few of your best friends to a baseball game or to take them to a restaurant.

You can also host a camping party in your backyard for a few of your closest pals since the weather is perfect for evening events. You can make s’mores, roast hot dogs and have a great bonding experience! Having a smaller number of friends means you can organize a more unique birthday activity your guest will love.

  V. Involve Some Water

If the weather is really hot you can add some cool water to your birthday party ideas. Go to Party City or any party supplies store and grab plenty of water balloons, one or two plastic pools and plenty of squirt guns! There are also slip-n-slides you can get, but make sure to provide constant surveillance for your friends, because they can be a little tricky to navigate.

5 Summer Birthday Party Ideas - klaudiascorner.net

When handing out invitations, make sure to warn your friends there will be water, so they know to dress themselves in bathing suits or plain t-shirts that can get wet without being ruined. It’s also smart for guest to bring a change of clothes for their little ones when they come to pick them up.

You will be a true star of the summer with these birthday party ideas. All the guests will be a little envious of the spectacle you managed to organize!

by guest author: Peter Minkoff


5 Summer Birthday Party Ideas – Pinterest image © klaudiascorner.net


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