A Happy Smile Is The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear!

A  Happy Smile 

Is The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear

Thanks to social media, blogs and the internet in general, it seems as if our smiles are on display more than ever. Thanks to daily selfies can be snapped at any time, our smiles always need to be camera ready. Sometimes, for what reason ever, our smiles are less than perfect and not as beautiful as we’d like. So what can be done?

a happy smile
A  happy smile – Always camera ready 

• Improve Your Posture To Get Rid Of That Double Chin

No matter how skinny you are, slouching forward and bringing your head to your chest will give you the appearance of having a double chin! Instead of immediately hitting the gym and Whole Foods, try subtly turning your head to one side as you take the shot. Turning your head to one side will avoid displaying your face head on, making any double chin less prominent.

• Glam Up With Lipstick

It won’t come as any surprise to learn that lipstick can make a massive difference to the quality of a happy smile. Opt for a bright, colourful lipstick that makes your teeth look whiter by creating more of a contrast. Pick a lipstick colour that naturally complements your skin tone.

A Happy Smile Is The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear
Glam up with lipstick that makes your teeth look whiter

Rose, wine, berry and plum shades are great if you’re of a darker complexion, plus these colours all contain a little bit of blue, which is great for minimising the appearance of yellow teeth

• Fix Your Wonky Teeth

Not everybody has naturally straight teeth. But you don’t have to go through life looking goofy if you don’t want to. Dentists, like Smile Solutions, for example,  can fit braces to straighten up your teeth quickly. Plus, you don’t have to have traditional metal braces like the ones people used to wear at high school if you don’t want to. Even though they’re cheap, they’re no longer the only option.

a happy smile
Smile Solutions – Invisible Braces for Adults         image

Fortunately, dental technology has moved along considerably since then, and now many people choose to go with invisible braces for adults which correct the position of teeth without standing out like a sore thumb. 

 • Smile Like You Don’t Mean It

When you think about it, we all have lots of different smiles. We have the fake smiles we put on for selfies and when we’re meeting up with somebody, we don’t like but have to get on with anyway. And we have real smiles, like the smile we have when we meet up with an old friend or find something hilarious. There are important differences between the two. A real smile easy to spot because they affect the area around the eyes as well as around the mouth. Real smiles cause our eyes to squint and our neck muscles to tense up.

a happy smile

When you’re taking selfies, it’s probably a good idea to stick with fake smiles. After all, a happy smile is hard to fake, plus real smiles have a tendency to make you look gawky. Fake smiles, on the other hand, are comfortable to hold for extended periods of time, which is useful if you’re taking lots of pictures for social media.

Keep smiling !! 🙂 

Cheerio Klaudia


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