Blogs Blogging & Blogger – What Is This Actually All About?

Blogs Blogging & Blogger 

… what is this actually all about?

A brief summary of my first 6 months of blogging

As many of you know, I have started ‘blogging’ last autumn, my escape from boredom and feeling useless after almost 2 years being ‘grounded’ and feeling very limited due to health conditions. Going through a hell lot of strong medication and umpteen different kind of therapies, there was not much more left than being just a ‘patient’ waiting for the next day’s physiotherapy .. day in, day out ….

blogs blogging blogger
Blogs blogging & bloggers ..


Okay, in the very beginning, you don’t really realise what’s going on, the drugs numb not solely your pain, they numb your brain as well. Turning slowly more and more into a ‘zombie’ was not what I wanted for myself!  All this , coming out of a very busy social life , running my own little business (I used to have a sweet little cocktail bar on the Canary Islands for many years) meeting so many interesting people from all over the continents , never a single day really at home , always ‘party & carnival’ all year through  …. and then TILT, rien ne va plus!

My health went downhill (my spine is ‘rotten’ and littered with plenty hernias, which means chronic pain, stiffness, numbness of my hands & fingers, on top of that nasty arthritis, needles & pins are my rock around the clock companions ever since  … never mind, I am not a whiner ) … I had to give up my business, which did not really bother me in the beginning as all you want is getting better  …back to normal  …. back to work.

Realizing after a while that this won’t happen because too much has physically changed, you come to that point where you start questioning … and now? I am 55 years old (very young 55 tho), can this be IT now? Taking your dog out for walkies 3 times a day, and then sit on the sofa and watch tv? ME??


blogs blogging
Blogs blogging & bloggers …Taking your dog out for walkies 3 times a day, and then sit on the sofa watching tv, is this me?

Before living on the island I have worked many many years as a Roulette groupier & card dealer, I am so not a typical housewife kind of woman and absolutely not made for staying in the house 24/7. You might get the idea, what impact that drastic change had on me.

You don’t want to go out and meet people because you are constantly in pain and anyway not yourself under the influence of all these meds … you can’t even drive your car because the drugs are too strong for you to participate in traffic. Last time I went out for a meal with friends, I felt so embarrassed, because the fork slipped out of my hand while eating. That happens unexpectedly quite often, it might sound very insignificant, but it is embarrassing if you keep dropping stuff and everybody turns and looks your way …you (think you) can read people’s mind  … “look at her, she is drunk! ”

Okay, you decide to accept everything the way it is and try to find some new purpose, try to keep yourself occupied. And so blogging sprung to mind. Blogging? Yeah, why not …. look through the internet and you bump into all sorts of blogs. Travel blogs, fashion blogs, beauty blogs, food blogs, bloggers blogs ….. that whole ‘bloggers blogs blogging thing’ seems to become the new kind of ‘social & more media’ platform. How many thousands of bloggers do you come across!

blogs blogging
Blogs blogging… just start writing and become a famous blogger!

Aaaah, they say you could even earn money with blogging .. being creative and earning money – that is MY thing then! Spending some time online, writing some whatever and making money, what else could I ask for? And that all from home … brilliant! Let’s do this!

Thus, I asked my nerdy PC wiz brother Ralf to help me with implementing that idea, to set up a website for me and get everything going, so that I just have to start writing and become a famous blogger!

And that is when all trouble started! If you are as fit as me on such things as PC/internet specific issues, it is pretty much an annoying mission-almost-impossible thing to manage your own website. Who had ever heard about keywords, SEO, meta tags, hyperlinks …. what the heck are these guys talking about ??? 

blogs blogging
Who had ever heard about keywords, SEO, meta tags, hyperlinks …?

Getting very slowly familiar (ish) with these things, blogging gets more and more MY thing. It is again a little bit like standing behind the bar and entertaining your ‘customers’. And again meeting so many great new people, just in a different ‘surrounding’ … actually delivered straight to your home. I would love to introduce a few of them to you ..

The first one first, of course, my brother Ralf. Without his help, I wouldn’t be writing this post now. 

rdsglobalmarketing - a great source for online marketing & network related issues – a great source for network related issue 

He also runs a health, fitness and weight loss blog 

blogs blogging
intervaltrainingexercises for your daily dose of wellbeing

A few weeks ago I met Heidi Williams from the United States somewhere, she has recently moved … don’t ask me where about in the states I would start looking for her( lol). Heidi and I are the ‘same generation chicks’, I think that’s why our topics are quite similar. I love reading her posts, she has got her very own style of writing. My fav posts are the ‘saucy’ ones, you know …  the stuff we ‘middle age teenagers’ have to deal with on a daily base. Her site is

blogs blogging
A lot of sparkle with a dash of crazy!

The next lady I need to tell you about is Elena Peters. She is the ‘queen of social media’ to me, she knows what and how to do to become a successful blogger, and does not hesitate to help others, no matter how many more times you have to ask again and again! She runs a lovely group for bloggers on FaceBook ‘Blog Share Learn’ where she gives advice and support to other bloggers, writes amazing posts herself and also puts many other writers on a podium in telling about their blogs and posts, what a support that lady provides is really remarkable! It is amazing, how many lovely people you come across in this blogging & writing community! 

blogs blogging
Elena is a midlife blogger and wannabe empty-nester. As a successful job-quitter, she hopes to inspire others to find purpose in the prime of their lives and make midlife matter. She shares blogging tips, with a special focus on maximising Pinterest engagement. Elena also writes about thriving as the spouse of a bipolar person.

To sum up my now ‘6 months and a bit adventure’ in the world of blogs blogging & bloggers, I love it more and more with every post that goes out to you. I keep constantly learning so many new things (at my age!)  I get to see interesting and stunning places on travel blogs, I have never heard about before. I became fit and fitter on that mysterious PC thing called a laptop.

You can get ideas on what to cook this week on the foodie blogs (I’ve got some fav food blogs saved), DIY blogs as well are great to get ideas for your home decoration …and so on.

Since I am a ‘blogger’ myself now, I have never bought any magazines or books to read anymore. There are so many brilliant writers ‘on air’! 

blogs blogging
Blogs Blogging & Bloggers  … What is this actually all about?

A few more amazing ladies and their blogs I have met in the blogosphere

Suzanne Elliott

Christina Amore @

Linda Hobden @

Divya Budhraja @

Tania Potter @  soulsensecoaching

Aish Das-Padihari @

Marsha Jones Youmans @ sassycritic

Leanne Le Cras @

My fav blogging dudes:

Gary Mathews @

Austin Hodgens @

And I could just go on and on, there are so many awesome talented writers out there. If you are one of them yourself feel free to leave your URL in the comments, so I can get to know you and your blog. Or if you know any more outstanding authors, or some great blogs worth following, please don’t hesitate and tell us about. 

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Let’s see where this journey will take me to!

Thanks a lot for reading,

so far Klaudia



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Leanne |
7 years ago

Hi Klaudia – I just realized I’ve never seen this post! And you included me in your list of blogs to read – thank you so much. I’m also excited for you that you have over 3,000 likes for your FB page – that’s truly inspiring. You are definitely doing something right and I love that we connected through Elena and the BSL FB group. You are rocking this blogging gig!

Silly Mummy
7 years ago

Such an inspiring reason to take up blogging – love the positive attitude for accepting changes forced on you and finding a new path!

Laurie Oien
7 years ago

Klaudia, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about ending my blog, but its reading the journies like yours that inspire me to stay connected. It truly is lovely community to be apart of and whenever I’m feeling discouraged, I turn to my blogger connections. Yes, kind of like our own blogger bar to hang out and chat. Keep up the great work!

Patty Villegas
8 years ago

I find your story inspiring, Klaudia! We all have our own story on how we started our blog and it’s sure a great conversation starter for people that we meet. 🙂

Bidy Martin
8 years ago

So honored! What a surprise!. :-). As you know I LOVE reading your posts as well. You are going through so much and one thing you realize is that there are so many out there going through so much more. It’s encouraging.

8 years ago

Continue blogging and sharing with us your new found friends and latest discoveries, Just like you, I have learned a lot just by reading from the blog posts and is continuously learning. Would be visiting some of your recommendations. I particularly am intrigued with Toby and his wife, Thank you.

8 years ago

Not an easy ‘job’ to be done. It’s definitely time-consuming, you managed to be awesome and got through it.

8 years ago

Very inspiring! I’m glad that you’re loving being a blogger. Now, you have people you can speak with even if they’re miles and miles away from you. Continue to write awesome things!

8 years ago

I hope your spine “gets better”. Its not nice to deal with health issues. But great that you’re a blogger now. Help from your brother is always a good thing! Makes it all easier, I agree. I had never heard about SEO, Keywords, metatags etc. either. Now I’m getting to understand more and more though, so that’s hopefully leading to better results.

Maaya Legaspi
8 years ago

I agree! hahaha. what the f is meta tags and SEO? lol. but as we go on along with our blogger selves, we know and learn more about this things which is one of the perks of being a blogger. We have different reasons to blog but at the end of the day.. if this really makes us happy.. then no doubt we are really doing something for ourselves. 🙂

8 years ago

I can really sympathise with the frustrations of having a health condition and feeling like you’ve lost control over your body. Two years ago I contracted Ross River Virus and being only 26 it was so frustrating not being able to do the things I usually could. My joints swelled up to the point where I couldn’t walk, and even going to the bathroom would cause this overwhelming fatigue. It was embarrassing walking like a 90 year old, luckily it only lasted a year.

I have so much admiration for your ability to think of a positive solution, make it work for you and to connect with so many wonderful people! I have noticed that since I started blogging, I never purchase magazines anymore!

Keep up the incredible work and stay strong! 🙂

8 years ago

I can easily see one big benefit of blogging for you. It is meeting all these good people! Blogging is an expression of one’s self, or for others, money making scheme. But more than that, blogging is connecting and communicating.

Cortney Schulze
8 years ago

I enjoyed your blog and understand the difficult time you went/are going through. I know what you’re talking about by becoming a zombie from the medication you’re on. One of my close friends went though this recently and it changed her life forever… I hope we can become close friends thank you

8 years ago

What a lovely post and back story. I love getting to know people and reading about how bloggers got started and their reasons for blogging. I love when people are open and share their stories. Building great relationships and possible friendships is positive for all bloggers and very essential. It at times can elevate or depreciate your reputation. I am so glad to have “met” you. xoxoxo S.

8 years ago

What a huge adaption to go through, from such a social life to as housebound one. And then to do what you are doing with it is really inspiring. I agree with everything you said about the other bloggers, such lovely people. I also didn’t know about Elena, so am off to connect with her now. Great post!

8 years ago

Thanks so much Claudia, you are one of the nicest people I’ve known anywhere. I didn’t know about Elena or her group. I’ll definitely check that out. We pretty much have the similar reasons for blogging. It started out as a way to stay productive but has turned into so much more.

8 years ago

Hey Claudia, this is a really lovely post, and a great way to get to know you a little better and why you started blogging. I too have severe arthritis so I can grasp an understanding the amount of paying you might be in! I’m really glad you joined blogging as it is a great way To feel connected to people even when you can’t leave your front door! That’s cool that you used to run a cocktail bar

Elena Peters
8 years ago

Thank you so much for the mention lovely! What an great bunch of bloggers to be in company with! It is bloggers like yourself that make our blogging communities awesome!