New Payment Method You Should Know About

Cash to Code

Cash to Code -

new payment method you should know about

In this article, I want to cover one of the most exciting new finance companies I came across recently – ‘Cash to Code’. Ever wondered if you can use your cash online without ever depositing it into your bank account? Well, now you can, easily. ‘Cash to Code’ is an innovative service that allows you to head on down to the nearest location and make a cash payment to numerous online merchants.

   How ‘cash to code’ works

First, you need to find a merchant that accepts CashtoCode online. A quick google search will find online merchants that accept CashtoCode. You can also search for CashtoCode online casinos, CashtoCode online clothing websites, and so much more. These days, the payment system is catching up, meaning you will easily find anything you want to purchase.

So, once the first step of finding the online merchant you wish to buy from, the process is straightforward. Select the items you want to purchase and go through the checkout process. Once you are on the checkout page, select CashtoCode as the desired deposit method.

Cash to Code - New Payment Method
CashtoCode – Turn your cash into code.

Next, you will be presented with a QR code. This QR code is the voucher that allows you to pay in any one of the many CashtoCode locations. Once you are there, you show the cashier the QR code. He will then scan it and accept your payment. The payment process is instant, and you should see the approval immediately. That’s it. Turn your cash into code.

   Why should I use this payment method?

First of all, if you have some cash you want to use to pay online, you can do so easily with CashtoCode. Why not deposit the funds and use them via a credit card? There are numerous reasons why one wouldn’t want to do that, and they change from one country to another, as well as for different reasons. 

Cash to Code new payment method you should know about
Your credit information never needs to be added to any website

The most common reason people would prefer using this payment method is safety. With CashtoCode, your credit information never needs to be added to any website. You don’t need an e-wallet or anything of that kind. All you need to do is walk over to the nearest ‘Cash to Code’ merchant, and pay using cash.

Why not give it a try?!

Klaudia xx
Cash to Code - New Payment Method You Should Know About
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Carol Cassara
Carol Cassara
3 years ago

This is definitely new to me. Good to know