A Comprehensive Guide To Take The Headache Out Of Cleaning

Clutter Cleaning Tips

A Comprehensive Guide To Take The Headache Out Of Cleaning

Cleaning! It’s hardly a word that makes people jump for joy and stop whatever they’re doing to get on with it. In fact, it is far more likely to strike a little bit of fear into your heart, if not a lot. Why? Because cleaning can be really boring, scrubbing kitchen work surfaces for 30 minutes is hardly fun. It can be very time-consuming.The more rooms in your house, and the bigger the house, the longer it all takes. It can also be hard work, there has been actual research into how many calories you burn when using a floor vacuum cleaner. It turns out it is a real workout!

And cleaning can also be pretty unpleasant, smelly bleach and dirty toilets are nobody’s idea of idyllic candle scents. However, help is a hand. This comprehensive guide will break down a whole variety of different ways that you can get the headache out of cleaning your home. For good!

Clutter Cleaning Tips

A Comprehensive Guide To Taking The Headache Out Of Cleaning Your Home

We’ll discuss clutter, and I’ll give you a realistic method for cutting down on it in your home. We’ll also look at an alternative to those nasty smelling chemical cleaners you probably use at the moment around the house. Dander and pet hair removal comes next, followed by a more effective way to use your precious floor vacuum cleaner. If you have a spare room that is more like a junk room, we’ll look in a bit more detail at a way to deal with junk and clutter in the home. We’ll finish with some ideas that can make cleaning more enjoyable  ( yes, really!)  and a few tasks you can leave to the pros.

#Best Clutter Cleaning Tips 

First up, we need to deal with the C-word… No, not that one. The C from … clutter! Don’t let clutter build up. This is important for a few reasons. One is that clutter always looks messy. Another is that cluttered and messy kitchen work surfaces are difficult to clean under. So much so that you might just not bother, which means dirt and grime will really build here.

Clutter Cleaning Tips

However, it is simply not useful to tell you not to do something, what you need is a solution, instead. Well, learn now about landing strips again, no, not the one that you ask your beautician for. A landing strip in this context is a term coined by a variety of different house decorating magazines. It means having a ledge, shelf or surface right by your front door. Whenever you come home, you dump everything here.

Some days it might just be your keys and phone. But other days it might be a small shopping bag, a pile of letters, a wet umbrella and of course, the dog lead. You then work at clearing this one surface, putting everything back where it needs to be. It means that you consolidate all of your clutter and have a tangible place to clear up once you’ve taken off your shoes and poured a drink or coffee!

Clutter Cleaning Tips
Clutter Cleaning Tips – The landing strip…

I’ve touched up briefly here the idea of cleaning and wiping surfaces regularly. Strong and powerful cleaning liquids and products contain a lot of chemicals. These can smell unpleasant, and can even give you a headache! Avoid this by using best non-toxic cleaning products, like these from Better Life for example. More harsh chemicals don’t always mean more effective cleaning, as these products prove. Some even come in nice scents, so you’re not making your home smell like a swimming pool when it comes time to clean.

Clutter Cleaning Tips

Another part of your ‘cleaning house list’ that you should swap out is what you use to clean your pets. Take cats, for example. All cats, no matter their breed, shed dander. Dander is basically just a nicer word than ‘dead skin’. These can cause allergies for both you and visitors. So, when you wash your pussy cat, use a  cat dander shampoo. As for hairs themselves, there are now a variety of different vacuums on the market especially good at sucking these up.

Clutter Cleaning Tips
Clutter Cleaning Tips – All cats shed dander…

Let’s also discuss this specific cleaning tool in a bit more detail, your floor vacuum cleaner! First, try to remember the last time you fully cleaned yours and emptied out. If you can’t remember, it was way too long ago. The longer you let dirt build inside, the less effective the vacuum cleaner will be. This is true even if you spend crazy money on getting a fancy one. So, get into the habit of cleaning it out after every few uses, if not more.

Also, be sure that you are using the right attachment for your vacuum cleaner. Some will also have settings on that can be changed depending on the kind of floor they’re being used on. So, use the ‘wooden floor’ setting only for wooden floors, ‘carpets’ only for carpets, etc. 

We’ve not looked at all the different tricks, tips and methods for making cleaning your home a lot more manageable. Let’s power through and look at some more. Live by this rule, turn it into a mantra for yourself:   

“I will not let my spare room turn into a junk room !”

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been tempted. Maybe you have a junk spare room right this very minute. However, letting your spare room become your junk room is such a bad idea. It is a waste of precious space and also a sure-fire way to become a hoarder and collector of things you don’t need. Clear it out if it is currently full of junk, and keep it that way. If you give yourself a special place for your junk, you will use it! However, if you don’t, you will be forced to clean things up as you go, and put things in the right places.

Clutter Cleaning Tips
Clutter Cleaning Tips Guide

A final word on junk, clutter and hoarding things. It’s all well and good giving the (great) advice of not letting this stuff build up. For some of us, it’s a manageable goal. But for some of us? It’s just not. If you are one of these people, give it a try by all means. But if you really don’t have the lifestyle or personality to do it, don’t give up entirely. Try this middle ground trick. Have one box or cabinet drawer for junk. It’s a bit like that landing strip in your hall, only bigger and with a wider variety of items. Have your junk box, but then clean it out on the same day each month. Make it a day you will always remember to do it, like the 1st of the month, or payday! Or, set it for the last Sunday evening of each month, if you know you’ll always be at home at this time.

Clutter Cleaning Tips
Clutter Cleaning Tips Guide – Take The Headache Out Of Cleaning

Next up is something that should really be obvious, but many people forget. Make a pleasant working environment for yourself in whatever way you like. This might be punctuating every hour of cleaning with a fresh cup of coffee or fruit tea! Always be sure you’re playing music, too. Like working out in the gym, music will get you going and give you motivation. Avoid slow tempo and melancholic songs or you’ll end up wanting to take a nap on the mop head. Keep it up-tempo and happy! When it does come to cleaning, be sure that if you skip anything for any reason, you make a mental note to come back to it.

Last but not least, I am going to give you a way out on some forms of cleaning. It is true that a lot of cleaning your house can be done by yourself. The advice is out there in magazines about what you should and shouldn’t do. The best methods are available to learn thanks to blogs and vlogs. However, there will be some cleaning jobs that you should concede on, and leave to the professionals.

Clutter Cleaning Tips
Clutter Cleaning Tips – Take The Headache Out Of Cleaning – Get Help!

Of course, you don’t need a pro to spritz some glass cleaner onto the mirrors in your home and buff off. But for the exterior of your windows? Not only would doing this yourself be unsafe, but it is also pretty much always more effective to get a pro to do it.  You’ll probably get a better, deeper and more long-lasting clean if you hand it over. You’ll be glad to hear that this also goes for things like cleaning your oven. Similarly, if anything could be potentially dangerous to clean, don’t even risk it. Same goes for any possible health issues … it’s simply not worth it, get help! 

Being well organized is half the job done!







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7 years ago

No cleaning for me. But clutter busting? I need to do more of it.