Reflexology for Migraines

Reflexology for Migraines



Alternative methods to conquer migraine pain



Say the word migraine pain and also most migraineurs will reflexively wince in valued discomfort , their last migraine still vivid in their memory . Claim the word reflexology to them and you will likely get an empty stare . A research in Denmark shows that migraineurs who get more knowledgeable about alternative methods as reflexology are less most likely to flinch reflexively at the reference of migraines .



What does “reflexology chart foot ” mean ?



foot reflexology
Reflexology for Migraines

Reflexology chart foot a massage therapy technique based on the suggestion that every part of the body has an equivalent point on the sole of the foot . Reflexologists think , that massage therapy as well as excitement of these factors on the foot could alleviate strain , discomfort , then tension in the matching components of the physical body and as well conquer the migraine pain . The danish study involved a mix of migraineurs and also individuals experiencing persistent stress headaches .





prescribed drugs

About 90 % of the people who participated in the study confessed to taking prescribed drug in the month prior to the research specifically for  their headaches. After the research study , 19 % of individuals stated they were able to stop taking drug for their migraines thanks to the therapy .





reflexology chart foot

At the verdict of the 6 months 23 % of the research study participants stated they were totally healed as well as no much longer having migraines . A remarkable 78 % of the study individuals saw an improvement in their problem . At a follow-up check 3 months after the verdict of the study 23 % of the migraineurs stated they were healed . Regarding 41 % claimed they felt their high quality of life was improved.

The treatments were most reliable on younger clients and also those that had been experiencing migraines for a much shorter time frame .





What a brilliant method to conquer migraine , so worth trying if this could be aswell for you the end of never ending discomfort .


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