World of Flowers -The Beauty of Flowers and their Meanings

World of Flowers

The Beauty of Flowers and their Meanings

Each month of the year has a zodiac sign and a symbolic gemstone. Flowers also denote birthdays and have cultural and historical meanings. If you choose to buy such flowers as gifts, you show a great deal of thoughtfulness. Using flowers is an easy way to express your feelings and it is your own choice which flowers represent you and your thoughts best.

World of Flowers - The Beauty of Flowers and their Meanings
World of Flowers – The Beauty of Flowers and their Meanings

But, do you really know what flowers to buy for birthdays, which ones are suitable for funerals and what never to buy for a wedding? Or do you just grab any random colourful flower bouquet on your way to the event? Every kind of flower has a particular ‘language’, a meaning, all of them express something. Learning about the symbolism of flower types and flower colours can help you in choosing the perfect arrangement. So, according to your feelings and what you want to show, choose the flower which best represents you. Keep in mind, buying flowers that are in season is much better for your budget. 

I.  Through the Year With Flowers

II.  The Colour Meanings of Roses

III.  The Perfect Flowers for all Occasions

The World of Flowers

I. Through the year with flowers 

The year begins with two January flowers, Carnations represent love, affection, and admiration. Green varieties are given on St. Patrick’s Day. The other flower for the first month is the Snowdrop, a hopeful sight for the spring and brighter days to come.

World of Flowers
World of Flowers by   –  Snowdrop

February brings the Iris – standing for friendship, faith, and hope.

World of Flowers
World of Flowers – Iris in different colours

And of course, February the 14th brings Valentines Day, probably the most popular and romantic reason to buy flowers. And here you come into play, gentlemen! Classic red roses are always a very safe bet, but also can look a bit thoughtless and old-fashioned. It doesn’t shout out very loud the effort gone into the act of picking happy valentine day flowers.

As fashion changes with the years, the flower trends also do. Get inspired by websites like Valentines Day Flowers Sydney if you aren’t sure how to impress with flowers without sticking to boring traditions, and how to celebrate romance on your own Valentine’s Day.

World of Flowers
World of Flowers – Gorgeous  Happy Valentine Day Flowers

One of the delights of March is the Daffodil that brightens the days after winter. They stand for respect, faithfulness, and modesty.

Flower of the month for April is the cute Daisy, denoting good luck and pleasure.

May and it’s warmer weather brings the Lily, standing for purity and sweetness.

World of Flowers
World of Flowers – Pink Lily

June represents naturally love and beauty by the queen of flowers, the Rose.

The Larkspur is the flower for July, standing for laughter and relaxation. This flower was used to keep witches away in good old Transylvania!

World of Flowers
World of Flowers – Blue Larkspur

August is Gladiolus and Poppy month. Gladiators adopted the Gladiolus and the Poppy is associated with remembering the war dead.

September brings the Aster, flower for love, faith and wisdom and the Morning Glory, which stands for vibrancy and awareness. 

October flower of the month is the Marigold, symbolizing affection, peace, and modesty.

World of Flowers
World of Flowers – Marigold

November is the month of the Chrysanthemum, associated with optimism, cheerfulness, and wealth. To us, it’s just a flower, in many Asian countries Chrysanthemum is used to brew delicious teas.

December finally brings the pretty Poinsettia Christmas flower and Narcissus. The Poinsettia Christmas Flower stands for celebration, good cheer and success, is also a popular decoration in many homes at the festive season, therefore it’s also known as Christmas Star. Narcissus stands for self-admiration and egotism. The well-known Greek myth tells of Narcissus who falls in love with his reflection and turns into a flower. 

The world of flowers
The World of Flowers -Poinsettia Christmas Flower in White & Red

II. The colour meanings of roses

The World of Flowers

  • Red   …. imply passionate, romantic love
  • White  ….express innocence, purity, secrecy, virtue and chastity
  • Yellow  …. friendship & devotion, a dying love, platonic love, jealousy, and infidelity
  • Blue  …. mystery, desire, passion
  • Orange  …. desire, passion
  • Burgundy …. beauty pink – a lesser affection, grace
  • Pink  …. a lesser affection, grace
  • Light pink  ….  admiration, sympathy
  • Dark pink  …. gratitude
  • Red and yellow ….  joy, happiness, excitement
  • Red and white  … unity

III. The right flowers for all occasions 

Choosing the right flowers for different occasions can be very challenging. What kind of flowers should you get, what colour should you go for? With the huge array of beautiful flowers that are available, it can be a tricky task to choose the right bouquet for a particular occasion. There are a few guidelines you can follow to make buying flowers easier and more enjoyable for you. As mentioned before, buying flowers that are in season keeps your wallet happy!

World of Flowers The Beauty of Flowers and their Meanings
World of Flowers – The Beauty of Flowers and their Meanings
  • BIRTHDAY If you are buying flowers for that one special person in your life, consider what you want to say with the bouquet. A classic bunch of roses may be a safe option. An arrangement of exotic flowers might be better suitable for somebody who loves uniqueness. Even kids cherish colourful flowers that are accompanied by birthday balloons or some toys. You can hide money (in small notes) in little sweet flower bouquets, or add some sweets to keep the little ones excited.
  • WEDDING Arrangements to consider when purchasing flowers for a wedding: the bride’s bouquet, floral decoration of the wedding party (the flower girls, the bridesmaids, best men ..) and the flowers for the wedding venue itself. Usually, flowers are chosen in response to the theme and colour scheme of the wedding. 
  • GET WELL A flower bouquet is a wonderful gesture of best wishes to make your loved one feel better. Scent-free flowers like sunflowers or dahlias are recommended for hospitals. Small potted plants is another option which will be much appreciated, as they don’t require vases.
  • FUNERAL Express your sympathy and support for the family by using a floral arrangement. Take care of the colour meanings and type of flower. Choosing colours like blue or white (stands for comfort and peace) is more suitable than arrangements of green plants (which is an expression of good health and fortune). If you were close with the deceased person, an arrangement of their favourite flowers may be the best choice.

Whether you are picking the flower decoration for your own wedding or buying flowers to give to somebody else for a particular occasion, the sentiment of a nice flower bouquet or arrangement is sure to be appreciated. Don’t forget to treat yourself to some fresh flowers now and again!

World of Flowers
The World of Flowers —

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5 years ago

Flowers always the weakness of women from past as well

7 years ago

Flowers are great. It’s so beautiful. I always love visiting botanical gardens and enjoy all the beauty of the flowers and learn about them. I really love your post. I’m more familiar with flowers in such a setting as a garden than giving someone flowers. It’s so interesting to learn about the colors and the message you’re giving.

blair villanueva
blair villanueva
7 years ago

Thisbis very interesting! It is not easy to buy and send flowes just like that. You have to consider many aspects, including the meanings, etc. Here in Asia most Chinese are very particular with giving-flowers

Hang Around The World
7 years ago

I have a passion for flowers and all these photos are the heaven for me. I don’t know all the species and I didn’t know that the Larkspur was used to keep witches away, cool. Red, yellow and white are my favorite colors! – A.

Shakirah Iman
7 years ago

My sons birth flower is the lily it is such a beautiful flower.

7 years ago

I just told my husband to never give me yellow flowers or I now get suspicious after reading this 😉

Jose tenis
Jose tenis
7 years ago

Oooh!!I love flowers!!and that’s a lot of useful information!thank you!