Stylish & Classy Bedroom Design Ideas On A Moderate Budget

Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms

Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms

 Stylish & Classy Bedroom Design Ideas On a Moderate Budget

There is not one person who doesn’t enjoy going into a beautiful bedroom to wind down from their busy day. Bedtime is the moment you get to sink into your mattress and pillows and gently lull into a slumber, relax and dream and it is simply delicious. When you’re travelling, you may notice that hotel bedrooms have an unwavering calm, a colour palette of soothing tones and the softest, most comfortable bed that seems to hug you right back. If you find yourself staring at the executive suite of a hotel green with envy, it may be time to employ some of those luxurious bedroom design ideas to your own bedroom at home.

Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms
Decorating ideas for bedrooms to create the boudoir you’ve always imagined

Of course, a hotel bedroom is supposed to be more comfortable than the one you have at home; that’s the draw of a holiday! Luxury is part and parcel of going on a mini-break, so you obviously book the best hotels with the best amenities and the fluffiest pillows. Capturing that luxury and installing it right into your own boudoir? That’s the whole project. 

No one decorates a bedroom and opts for anything less than stylish and classy, but you could be falling short on your bedroom luxury. Seeking bedroom perfection starts with making a plan for what you want in the calmest room of the home, and building from the basics up.

Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms
Browse interior decor websites for more decorating ideas!

You don’t need to get the help of an interior design expert, either, which will save you money in the long run. Looking through an interior design magazine and browsing interior decor websites will make it easy for you to be your own design expert. Start with the following elegant decorating ideas for bedrooms to create the boudoir you’ve always imagined.

• Flooring

Check out interior design websites that offer elegant decorating ideas for bedrooms, and you’ll notice that the flooring looks incredible. Wood or laminate flooring is generally used to give the whole bedroom a clean and efficient look. By using either of these materials, you get to save money as they’re as cheap as carpet now, and you get the added bonus of changeable rugs depending on the decorating in the bedroom. Choosing large rugs will help to minimise the walking noise downstairs. A smaller rug at the side of the bed for you to sink your toes into on wake up can feel wonderful!

Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms
Decorating ideas for bedrooms on a moderate budget  –

You can also add a layer of insulation to the underside of the floorboards, which can be a way to cancel out the noise. Are you, as myself, also a fan of barefoot walking? Why not give your bedroom floor a little luxurious lift, and add underfloor heating? Primarily used in kitchens and bathrooms, underfloor heating can prevent your toes from frostbite (or near enough) when nipping to the bathroom in the middle of the night. You’ll appreciate your own efforts during the winter especially!

• The Bed 

Your bedroom’s most important piece of furniture, your bed should be the right size and firmness for you. If there is going to be one place you pour money into, it should be your mattress. Checking out this review can help you on your way to make the best decisions. You need to decide whether you want a soft or firm mattress, a divan, wooden or metal base for your bed and the filling of the duvet that is perfect for you. 

Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms
Installing a dimmer switch is a good way to create a soothing environment 

We spend a good chunk of the day asleep, and there’s no use being asleep somewhere uncomfortable which can have a damaging effect on our muscles and joints. A bad night’s sleep can also lead to stress, exhaustion and all manner of complications in your day to day life. Choose the duvet sets, throw pillows and extra blankets for your bedroom carefully. You want them to look beautiful and be functional at the same time, and waffle-style duvet covers like these are very much like the ones you find in the fancy hotels. Go big or go home, either way, you want maximum comfort.

• Lighting

Lighting comes in two forms; natural light and artificial. For some people, the idea of sleeping in anything less than pitch darkness is a no-no. Ready-made curtains and blackout blinds are a must for a bedroom, but just because they have a function doesn’t mean they cannot be pretty. Invest in valance for the windows to give them a good frame; window treatments can be colour matched to your room and look fantastic when done just right.

Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms

If you like waking with the sunrise, opt for blinds that you can leave partially open so that your body clock can synchronise with the sun. Some people are a little picky in that they want both blackout blinds and the choice to wake with the sunrise and that’s where the luxury emerges. Buy one of these lights that mean you can sleep in a very dark room, but it will light up like the sun to wake you in the morning. Nifty!

For the artificial lighting, always go for a low wattage bulb in the ceiling light, and also installing a dimmer switch is a good idea. Lamps around the room can often be nicer than using the ceiling lights as they are softer and more inviting. A soothing environment is paramount in the bedroom and you’ll thank yourself for the investment later.

• Storage

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a dressing room in your house, it’s likely you’ll be using your furniture as the place you get dressed and ready for the day. There are always standard furniture sets that you can get for your home, but go one better and treat your bedroom to a dressing table and storage trunk at the foot of the bed. As a space saver, you can buy a bed with storage inside it so you literally lift the mattress and bed base to find a huge area you can store towels and linens. Or shoes!

Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms

A dressing table is something every girl should have, to store all the trinkets and makeup and jewellery collected over the years. Rather than have these laying around in the bathroom, a dressing table with an ornate mirror attached can be one luxury you never regret investing in. You can match a dressing table to a chest of drawers or a double wardrobe, and always make sure you have a floor-length mirror on the door so you can see yourself. Mirrors are important in a bedroom!

• Colours

You might have read my previous article about psychology and the importance of the colour scheme of your home. No one wants to go to sleep in a bright, ruby red bedroom or a taxi yellow one. Think pastels, muted accents and soft colours. Lilac, powder blue and cream are all colours that belong in a bedroom. Match lilac walls to muted grey rugs, cushions and furniture. Go full cream for a clean, cool look that is easy to fall asleep in.

Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms
Stylish & Classy Bedroom Design Ideas by

Bedrooms are interchangeable and if you have a block colour in the room, you have the choice to change the colour of your blankets, window treatments and even lampshades later on. It’s proven that calm colours promote a calm environment and by association, a calm mood. This matters so much when it comes to getting your beauty sleep!

All in all, your bedroom should be somewhere you can relax and destress from the rigours of the day. There shouldn’t be a feeling of ‘cheap’ in a bedroom – and that doesn’t refer to cost. If your bedroom looks cheap but costs a lot, you’re doing it wrong. Aim for luxury items on a modest budget, and your bedroom will be the most perfect room in your home.

Thanks a lot for reading!

Klaudia xx

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4 years ago

Thank you, I liked a few ideas very much and I already want to bring them to life. Especially dimming lights — my old dream.