Different Approaches Problem Solving – Why You Really Should Sleep On It When It Comes To Making Big Decisions

Different Approaches Problem Solving


 Why You Really Should Sleep On It When It Comes To Making Big Decisions


There are various big decisions to be made in life. Choosing whether to go to university, where to study and what to study. Deciding on a career. Mulling over where to live: to stay where you grew up or make a big leap. Coming to a decision on whether to rent or buy a home. Whether to say yes to that date. Whether to say yes or no to a marriage proposal. Coming to conclusions on whether to have children or not. Knowing when it’s time to call it a day with certain things in your professional and personal lives. The most common thing people will say to you while you squirm over choosing the right thing to do? “Sleep on it.” But does sleeping on it really do you any good?

Different Approaches Problem Solving
Different Approaches Problem Solving




When it comes down to it, most major decisions do not need to be made on the spot. Life changing options aren’t generally split second things. You’re going to need time to come to a certain conclusion. If it’s going to affect your life majorly, you shouldn’t be hasty in making commitments and ascertaining what will happen. By sleeping on things, you’re prolonging the amount of time before deciding how to make a choice. Make the most of time. It’s on your side and the longer you think things over, the more potential positives and negatives will come to mind. Weighing up the pros and cons will help you to make a final decision that you won’t regret.

Different Approaches Problem Solving



Stress Reduction

We stress over big decisions. We don’t want to have regrets further down the line. We don’t want to do the wrong thing. We don’t like the idea that we may make the wrong choice and only have ourselves to blame. When it comes to major crossroads in life, many people will have a really hard time deciding which way to go. Only the carefree and risk takers have an easy time of it. The more you stress, the less rational and sensible your decision will be.

Different Approaches Problem Solving
Different Approaches Problem Solving – How to make a choice

You need to think things over calmly. Conveniently, do you know what reduces stress? Sleep, of course. High levels of stress may make getting to sleep more difficult. Many of us find ourselves lay in bed mulling over things. But once you get a good night’s sleep, you will reap the benefits. To get to sleep more easily, have a warm drink before bed. Get comfortable. If your mattress is getting on a bit, get a new one. Invest in one that has been reviewed by bestmattress-brand.org with good results. Black out blinds will reduce bright natural light from breaking your sleep. Have soft sheets, plump pillows,  and cozy pyjamas. You will wake from a good night’s sleep feeling fresh and confident.

Different Approaches Problem Solving



Different Approaches Problem Solving

Medical research studies have shown that sufficient sleep greatly aids your problem-solving skills. The REM (rapid eye movement) stage helps to organize and link together our experiences and facts. A good night sleep will genuinely aid you in connecting disparate ideas in useful and beneficial ways.


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Based on my own experience, we should not make hasty decisions. Aside from that, we should not make decisions when we are on the extremes of our emotion. I remember when I was very angry with my friend, I wrote her a letter with all hurting words on it and gave it to her. Later, I regretted what I did. How I wished, I let my emotions down first before making a decision of giving her that letter. I know now my lessons and I decided that I will be very careful next time.

Jennifer Kelly
Jennifer Kelly

Gosh, you could not be more correct! It is so important to take your time with big decisions. I know I have acted hastily in the past, and my ideas quickly crashed and burned! Thanks for sharing

Sheila Jo

My writing is always better if I get a good night’s sleep and look at the draft again with fresh eyes!


As an obsessive thinker, I can’t sleep on any thought. Interesting post, its’s always nice to have more ideas to solving problems as they really never just work themselves out do they? I usually pick things apart and of course write everything down.