Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body – Fit Firm And Fabulous In 5 Steps

Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body 

Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body

Fit  Firm & Fabulous in just 5 Simple Steps

You can never get enough beauty tips as styles and seasons keep changing. Women will always find new ways of enhancing their beauty and you probably might want to take part in this too. Read on for some helpful suggestions and natural beauty tips for the face and body to enhance your beauty and be the shining star you’d like to be. 

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Step 1 –  Tips on Your Make-Up 

Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body
Natural beauty tips for the face & body  – Use eyelash curler to boost your lashes

Do you know that feeling of looking in the mirror after waking up and all you see are these ugly puffy eye bags? Here’s how to get rid of bags under the eyes. Drinking plenty of water before you go to bed is a great way to prevent waking up with ugly eye bags. One of the main causes of eyebags is dehydration during the night. To get rid of them place cold teabags on your eyes for about 10 minutes. The caffeine in the tea will nourish your eyes and make the bags disappear. Keeping 2 spoons in the fridge and placing them on your eyes in the morning for a few minutes will also do the trick!

Use plain Vaseline on the outer edges of your eyes. This will create a waterproof barrier to keep your makeup on your eyes and avoid blurring, especially if you find your eyes are watery because of cold, wind or any other factor.

Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body
How to get rid of those bags under the eyes?

Rather than spending lots of money on every new mascara that appears on the market, try prepping your lashes to accentuate the effect of your eye makeup. Use a heated (careful!) eyelash curler before applying your mascara. Apply two or three coats, wait for each coat to dry before applying the next one, then use a lash comb to separate your wonderful long, thick lashes. 

Going down from the eyes – let’s talk blush. Should you opt for powder or creme blush? Use a creme blush instead of powder! A creme blush will give your skin a glowing and healthy look. Choose a subtle colour, not too dark and not too red as you want to look good and fresh, and not painted or masked. Creme blushes usually blend more evenly than most powder blushes. Dab on the blush, starting on your cheeks and wiping upwards for a flawless finish.

Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body
Natural beauty tips for the face – Use a creme blush for a gorgeous glowing look

If you’d like to make your lips look more natural, stay away from coloured lipsticks and use clear lip gloss instead. Most lipstick colours are completely different than your natural lip colour, and choosing the wrong colour will make your lips look fake. Clear lip gloss or nude colours will give your lips a lovely natural shine.

Step 2 –  Natural Skin and body care

Start with a relaxing bath. Adding a few spoons of almond- or coconut oil to your warm bath for that extra relaxing treat will leave even the roughest and driest skin feeling supple and soft. Opt for 100% natural skin and body care products and be aware of the invisible threat of harmful ingredients in many body care products you can buy in random shops!

Now, that spring has sprung it’s about time to get rid of that winter fur we’ve grown. Waxing is probably the best body hair removal method to get rid of the unwanted body and armpit hair. Waxing can be done cold or hot. Since waxing removes hair from the roots, the result will last around three to eight weeks. 

Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body
Natural beauty tips for the face & body – Excessive growth of armpit hair

Hot waxing = apply a thin layer of hot wax onto the area, after the wax is cooled it’s quickly torn off.

Cold waxing =  ready to use strips with pre-heated wax, rubbed into the skin and removed in one quick pull. Most women prefer hot waxing as its more effective than the cold waxing method.

Epilators are experiencing a comeback in the hair removal industry. They are getting better and less painful to use as technology advances. Epilating will leave your legs much longer without hair, and you will notice a much more flawless finish than with shaving. Epilators work by an onset rotating tweezers that pull the hair out right by the roots. The results may last as long as six to eight weeks.

Finish off your hair removal programme with applying Aloe Vera Gel to soothe and nourish your skin. Aloe Vera gel is known for its calming effect, it makes a brilliant after sun lotion, too. If you get a sunburn during your next summer vacation, treat it with Aloe Vera gel. Store the gel in your fridge to get the most out of its cooling effects.

Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body
Flaunt your flawless legs this summer!

Step 3 –  Your fitness and exercise equipment

When we are young, fitness comes so easy. We are active in our daily life, do all sorts of sport and are full of energy. But during middle age, our fitness tends to decline and as we get older, we may have to pay the price for not caring about exercise and physical fitness. This does not have to happen! 

So, now that you can lift your arms without getting embarrassed and your legs also look presentable, get yourself a cool fitness outfit and get in gear! You don’t need to torture yourself 5 times a week in the gym, working out once or twice a week is enough to keep in shape.

To make it easier to stick with your workout routine, find a fitness partner. Trying to lose weight is much more successful if you have a workout buddy. Knowing that there is someone counting on you to meet at the gym or outside for a run together keeps you from skipping out on your workout exercise routines.

Remember that you should always warm up before starting your workout. Hold your stretches for thirty to sixty seconds and repeat a few times before carrying on with your exercises.

Natural Beauty Tips For The Face
Always stretch and warm up before starting your workout

If you are more into walking or running, investing in a wrist pedometer to track the steps you are making is a good way to keep yourself going. A good healthy goal is to do 10,000 steps per day. Buying a wrist pedometer will let you keep track of how good you are doing and motivate you to treat it like a game and see if you can beat yourself!

Buying exercise equipment will make you more committed to getting fit. Take time and look around for the best prices. Make sure you purchase good quality pieces so it will last for a long time. You can even just use just your body to workout. Do push-ups, sit-ups, squats …  there are tonnes of other exercises not requiring any equipment

Step 4 – 1 day detox diet

This 1-day detox diet plan will help you on your healthy path and point you in the right direction!

Natural Beauty Tips For The Face
Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body – Follow a weekly 1 day detox diet

Start your day with drinking lemon/ginger/apple cider vinegar tea instead of coffee. Citrus fruits, especially lemons, are popular for their ability to flush toxins out of your body while ginger is an amazing root that stimulates your digestive tract and speeds up the digestion. Prepare plenty of tea, put it in a thermos and drink it throughout the day.

Make sure to include garlic and green leafy vegs to your meals on your detox day. It’s so easy and quick to prepare, some sauteed kale or dandelion greens with garlic and a little olive oil will be ready cooked and served within 10 minutes. Leafy greens are rich in phytonutrients and fibre, which helps to boost your digestion and leads to detoxification of foreign substances and a strong immune system. Garlic contains allicin, which has potent antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer properties.

Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body
Ginger Lemon Tea

Please bear in mind, you should drink only ginger lemon tea on your detox day and lots of water. Have one coffee free day (I know, that is tough!) but you will enjoy your cappuccino or espresso, even more, the following day!

Slurping green smoothies made from raw, leafy green vegs are all the hype these days. If you don’t like eating vegetables, drink them instead. Green smoothies are a great source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and give your body the plant-based nutrients it needs. 

Step 5 – A new hairstyle

When you’re really in the mood for a change, a new haircut or -colour is the easiest way to update your look. A very easy to handle haircut that looks good on all face types is a bob. You can style a bob straight or wavy. Hair trends 2017 tend to a bob that goes just below the chin, that kind of messy look bob with razor cut layers. Try out the shorter styles that stop around the jawline and eye-catching colours if you’re brave. 

Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body - Fit Firm and Fabulous in Just 5 Simple Steps
Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body –

Now have a look in the mirror and be proud of yourself! I am sure you’ll be the queen of the night on your next ‘rendezvous’ or dinner date if you follow my humble natural beauty tips for the face, body and your wellbeing. Take good care of your body, remember we have got only that one to spend our entire life with!

Natural Beauty Tips For The Face & Body
Natural Beauty Tips For The Face And Body To Enhance Your Beauty And Be The Shining Star You’d Like To Be  @

Thank you so very much for being such a loyal part of Klaudia’s Corner community, I truly appreciate every minute of your time!

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Felice Veenman
Felice Veenman
3 years ago

ik vind het wel ee erg lang artikel, ik zou het prettiger vinden als de inhoud over verschillende blogs verspreid was. Bovendien vind ik weinig “” natural”” terug in de tekst..

Amber Temerity
6 years ago

Get rid of my winter fur…? I’m supposed to do that?! 😉

Laurie Stone
6 years ago

Really great tips, all the things we know we should do, but sometimes need to be inspired again. Think I’ll go for a walk…thank you.

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6 years ago

Just cut off my hair the other day. I should have done it months ago. It frees up so much time for me!

Sofie Katelijne
6 years ago

Great tips, helps a lot! I’ve heard so many great things about coconut oil and bought some last week at the local drugstore, cannot wait to give it a try 🙂

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
7 years ago

Looking good just makes us feel so much more confident…thanks for these tips, Claudia!

7 years ago

All of these things are so much easier in the summer!

7 years ago

great tips! once i waxed i refuse to shave again.

7 years ago

I’ve never thought of using coconut oil in the bathtub! And I’ve been thinking of doing some green smoothies. I eat tons of veggies, but never hurts to get a little extra!

7 years ago

I have a Fitbit and I couldn’t go through a day without it.

clarinda santiago
7 years ago

How I wished I could do all those tips, because I really wanted to look better as I age. But since my time is not enough to finish all works in a day, I usually put aside those for myself. it’s ok, one day I will have enough time to do such activities…

7 years ago

This is what I need 🙁 Everything in here. Thanks for sharing these tips. Truth be told, I am having this seemingly non-stop breakout…. I don’t know why, maybe because of the hormonal pill I am taking? It is frustrating but at least I can feel less stressed with exercise and proper sleep.. also the detox juice is a must try for me!

Herbert Kikoy
7 years ago

Just had a haircut yesterday. Every time I had a haircut, I always feel brand new. I felt my head is very light and it felt like it works well than before hehe.. Dunno why, I just feel that way

7 years ago

Number 5 reminded me that I should color my hair again. The last time I colored my hair, the color I wanted didn’t showed up on my hair. As per the body care and skin care, I am all that! I am doing the Korean skincare routine every night. However, I felt guilty about the exercise part because I’m busy being a mom and all. But I know it shouldn’t be the reason. Will get my ass up soon again.

7 years ago

Lots of useful health tips! We must keep caring for the aging body with right exercise and right amount of food. The eye bag tip for puffed eyes is really helpful! No tea bags will go waste henceforth. 🙂

Scenes From Nadine (Nadine Smith)
7 years ago

These are all very useful and practical tips! I am actually breaking out so I will try drinking more water and eating healthier food. I think it’s better to invest on skincare than on makeup. If you have great skin, you don’t even need makeup! It’s also good that you stressed on exercise. I get so lazy sometimes, but after a good workout, I do feel so much better and more refreshed!

Peng Desuyo
7 years ago

Great tips! It is really important to find time to take care of our body despite the demanding careers that we have. Cheers to all empowered women!

Bernadette Angelie Pangilinan
Bernadette Angelie Pangilinan
7 years ago

This post made me guilty. I don’t exercise and I know I don’t drink enough water too. My skin has been acting up lately so maybe it’s my body telling me to start moving and to start increasing my fluid intakes. Agh. I hate drinking water 🙁

Olivia | The OP
7 years ago

Incredible tips!!! Learned so much from the first paragraph alone, to be honest, haha! I might have to try the eye-bag trick with tea and vaseline. I’ve never tried hot waxing before though. So many things to do for keeping up with beauty standards. As long as you do it for yourself, you’re good, right? 🙂

ROBERT LEE | Amazing Life Daily
ROBERT LEE | Amazing Life Daily
7 years ago

Your last tip caught my by surprise and actually put a smile on my face. I did not see that coming, Klaudia. I like how you shared natural ways of taking care of your face and skin. There are already too many chemicals in the stuff people use daily, not to mention, outside environment too.

I suppose I could also throw this in… a healthy mental and emotional health do a lot to make the skin glow too.