Don’t Let Poisonous People Ruin Your Life!

Don’t let poisonous people ruin your life!

Don’t allow negative people to bring you down! 

Don't let poisonous people ruin your life
Poisonous people ruin your life!

Try to avoid the following and start working on your own mindset!

* Being  jealous  of  everyone  else

Do not let envy obtain the best of you . Envy is the fine art of counting a person’s true blessings as opposed to  your own . There is absolutely nothing appealing or praiseworthy regarding this habit . So quit comparing your quest with everybody else’s . Your journey is YOUR journey, it’s not a competition. You are contending to be the very best you could be . If you desire to intend your progress , compare yourself to who you were the other day .

* Taking every little thing  personally

Don't let poisonous people ruin your life
Don’t let poisonous people ruin your life

People are poisonous to be about  when they think that every little thing occurring around them is a direct assault on them or remains in some means all about them . The truth is , that just what individuals claim and also do and say to you is considerably a lot more concerning them , than you . People’s reactions to you are their points of view . Whether people assume you’re amazing , or believe you’re the most awful , once more is a lot more about them . I’m not recommending , we should  be narcissists and disregard all feedback . I am claiming  that a lot of pain , disappointment , as well as despair in our lives originates from our taking everything personally. In the majority of cases , it’s much more efficient to let go of other people’s good or bad opinion of you  and to operate with your very own intuition . Don’t let people tell you “you can’t” ….. getting rid of negative thoughts is the most important thing to start working on your own attitude !

* Performing like you’re constantly a target

An additional harmful behavior is persistent whining that energies your way of thinking … you’re a victim , you have no power to apply and also no power over the direction of your life , is a poisonous position that keeps you stuck . When you quit complaining  and reject to see yourself as a defenseless victim , you’ll discover  that you are much more effective and happy in life .


* Change is never easy

You battle with holding on or letting go . However, frequently letting go is the healthiest path onward. It clears out harmful thoughts from the past. You have actually obtained to emotionally free yourself from things that once indicated a whole lot to you , so you could move beyond the past and also the pain . Again , it takes tough effort to let go , yet it’s well worth it , if not vital.


* Constantly negative attitude

It’s quite hard to be around people who refuse to allow releasing negative thoughts when they ponder and speak nonstop about the dreadful things that might occur as well as the unfairness of life. These people stubbornly refuse to see the positive side of life and also the favorable lessons from what’s taking place now in their lives.  From their point of view every little thing is negative and against them , is a twisted way of thinking and living .


* Making  judgments about others

Don’t consistently judge a person by what they show you . Keep in mind , what you’ve seen is often just what  that person has actually chosen to reveal , or what they were driven to show , it is usually quiet because they suffer deep within themselves . Their suffering might be merely spilling over. They do not need punishment , they require counsel . If you can’t help them , at least do not (pre) judge them .


* Compassion and empathy 

Among one of the most poisonous behaviors cruelty originates from an overall lack of compassion , concern or empathy for others . We see it on a daily basis online and also in the media ; people being devastatingly unkind and upsetting to others just because they can .    


Don't let poisonous people ruin your life
social media

They tear people down online in a cowardly way, using their anonymity as a shield . Viciousness , backstabbing , and also harming others for any kind of reason is poisonous , and it hurts too .  Stop in your tracks if you find yourself double-crossing and tearing somebody else down . Dig deep and find empathy in your heart, you never know how much you are hurting the other person !



 *Hiding the truth

Don't let poisonous people ruin your life

People can not link with you if you’re constantly attempting to hide from yourself . And also this ends up being an absolutely hazardous situation the minute they become aware of your untrue personality . So bear in mind ,regardless of what age, race , or sex you are, underneath all your outside decorations you are a pure , lovely being , each and every one of us is . We each have a light to shine , as well as goals to achieve. Celebrate being different, a little on the odd side , your very own special you . If you find yourself feeling like a fish out of the water , find a brand-new river to swim in .



Don't let poisonous people ruin your life
Don’t let poisonous people ruin your life , don’t allow negative people to bring you down !

Always keep in mind , you are in charge of your life and happiness . Show respect and you’ll earn respect , treat people the way you would like to be treated and stay positive , it will make your own life a lot more enjoyable .


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Shirley Corder
Shirley Corder

Oh yes, good post, Claudia. It is so easy to get into a mindset that believes all the negative vibes. We need to learn to love ourselves do we can love others!


I totally agree with you – we are in charge of our own happiness and the choices we make in life. Great thoughtful post thank you! Have a lovely day.

Rhoda Fajardo
Rhoda Fajardo

I learned that the best way to live a better life is to stay away from negative people and surround yourself with people who inspire you and help you grow into a better person. I used to be a “victim” coz at the time, I didn’t know what to do. The negativity of the people around me overpowered me. I realized later on that a simple tweak in my mindset and the choice of people I wanna hang out with can make a huge difference. I’m grateful for all the inspiring people Ive met online and offline. Coz of them, I learned how to look at things (even the negatives) in a positive way. =)

Maaya Legaspi

As what they, happiness is always a choice and if the people you surround yourself with affects your overall day to day activities in a negative way.. they are better off your life. We only live once and life should be all about our overall search for our well being and happiness. life’s too short to live desperately and with people who doesn’t give out the best in you.


A very proactive post Klaudia!

Indeed we are in-charge of our own attitude and we should not allow others rudeness and apathy change our countenance and outlook in life.

I liked your wisdom when you cautioned against judging people. It’s true, people just chose to reveal a certain part of their lives, so we must be a little discerning and nice.

Pie Tan
Pie Tan

I have a best friend who is so negative when it comes to a lot of things but I still keep near her for the purpose of changing the way she thinks. I know it isn’t healthy to be with negative people as it will poison and contaminate you, but if you are the type of person who never let negativity pull you down, you can definitely change these people and renew their thoughts instead of otherwise.


I love this smart and excellent post. It’s so important for people to read it but at the same time to do it in real life. I learned and I’m trying no to judge a lot in the past couple of months. 🙂


Good list. I believe it takes deep reflection to get to know yourself and your flaws, and all our life we have to work on our attributes, that is to say, to be happy and confident with ourselves, be more compassionate toward other people, realize that what people do or say is a reflection of them and not ours, and so on.

You’re right, in the end it all boils down to the golden rule – treat others how you want to be treated. 🙂


Negativity is too heavy then everything around you turns into trash because you are all just negative. Good post on how you shouldn’t let these people affect you in fact you should try to give them a little bit of optimism… if not … then surround yourself with better people.

Me-An Clemente

I super agree with this. We shouldn’t be envious of others since we don’t become content with what we have thereby depriving us with joy. Also, we need to fill ourselves with positivity so we can help others too. I’m sure that we aren’t the only ones in this world that have problems. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post 🙂


I make a conscious effort to stay away from negative, poisonous people as you’d call it. The ones that I don’t like the most are those who pretend to be your friend when they’re in front of you but stab you like crazy behind your back for whatever reason – either they’re envious or they think doing so would help them move up. Whiners are not healthy company as well. They easily attract bad vibes & are not easy to work with.

Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.


I so agree and in my blog, I have written several posts on negative people. All we need is to stay away from people who pull us down so that we could focus on productivity and what makes us happy. To make it easier for us, we find positive people so we could absorb their positivity!


Good post. I’ve let many people out of my life for many of these reasons it drains your energy.