How to Beauty Sleep – Tips To Make You Wake Up Looking Amazing

How to Beauty Sleep 

Tips To Make You Wake Up Looking Amazing

Why do some celebrities always look so fresh and have such beautiful complexions? It turns out that a lot of it has to do with their bedtime routines. Your body can work miracles while you’re asleep, but only if you know ‘how to beauty sleep’ and get your bedtime beauty routine right.

Night Eye Cream

You’ve heard it said once, you’ve heard it said a thousand times: use a night eye cream. Night eye creams contain moisturizers which are designed to work their way into the skin while you sleep. In the morning, your eyes should feel fresh and hydrated. Even women in their twenties can benefit from the best anti aging eye cream, as it stops the formation of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

How to Beauty Sleep
How to Beauty Sleep – Use A Good Night Eye Cream

Get 8 hours of Sleep per Night

According to Renee Rouleau, catching enough hours of sleep every night is critical for how you look. Sleep, she says, can reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, often caused by a lack of circulation to that part of the body. The more sleep you get, she says, the more your blood vessels relax, and the more quickly excess fluid can be transported away from the eye are.
Renee Rouleau also says that a lack of sleep can leave you looking pale and tired, thanks to impaired circulation. Often, uncomfortable beds and poor mattresses cause restlessness at night, leading to less sleep. Look out for sales on beds, like Sleep Junkie deals, and get rested, she says.

How to Beauty Sleep
How to Beauty Sleep –

Pin your Hair back

Your hair produces natural oils that keep it supple and healthy. But if those oils get into the pores on your face, it can cause problems. Wearing your hair down at night means that all the oil it contains gets transferred to the pillowcase. When your face comes into contact with the pillowcase, these oils can rub off again, leading to breakouts. It’s a good idea, therefore, to pin your hair up at night and keep it out of the way of your face and pillow.

Air Humidifier

Your skin’s level of hydration can have an enormous effect on its appearance. Skin that is dry can appear fine-lined, rather than plump and volumize. As a result, it’s a good idea to adapt your bedroom to combat this potential problem. One thing you can do is make use of an air humidifier in the bedroom. Combined with a moisturizer that contains ingredients like cholesterol and ceramides, the air humidifier should work on your skin throughout the night, leaving it hydrated and wrinkle-free in the morning. If you’re moisturizing your skin at night, you can actually skip moisturizing in the daytime.

How to Beauty Sleep
How to Beauty Sleep – Tips To Make You Wake Up Looking Amazing 

Use 2 Pillows

Dimitri James is the founder of Skinn Cosmetics, a company that is on a mission to improve the quality of women’s skin. His advice to women who are serious about their bedtime routine is to prop their heads up on two pillows. The reason for this, he says, is that the extra gravity from having your head up helps to drain your lymph fluids so that they don’t accumulate in your face and make you look puffy.

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Shopgirl Anonymous
7 years ago

I’ve always slept on two pillows but I never knew that it helped my skin as well as my breathing. 🙂