How To Get To Sleep At Night Naturally – Why Can’t I Fall Asleep?

How to Get to Sleep at Night Naturally

How to get to sleep at night naturally - ©

“Why can’t I fall asleep?”

It’s 2 am, the darkest parts of the night! You look at your partner who has dozed off into a deep sleep. And you ask yourself, “Why can’t I fall asleep?”

How to get to sleep at night naturally - ©
How to get to sleep at night naturally – ©

You spend nights after nights staring at the ceiling, turning from one side to the other, browsing on the smartphone that sits next to you, all the while trying to get some sleep. On some days, you may be lucky to fall asleep. But, by the time you do, it’s almost early morning and the time to get up. And then, again you ask yourself, “Why can’t I fall asleep?” If you are trying hard to find answers to this question, read on to know what causes sleeplessness and how to get to sleep at night naturally.

   1. Improper Lighting

Most of us prefer to keep a dim light switched on at night. However, you will be surprised to know that the exposure of the eyes to even dim light during the night can trick your brain into thinking it’s the time to wake up. This can prevent you from falling asleep. The light emitted by television, computer screen, and other electronic devices is especially troublesome for the insomniacs as they mimic sunlight.

   2. Problem-Solving Attitude

A problem-solving attitude is good when followed at the right time, that is during the morning hours. If you have a How to get to sleep at night naturally - ©klaudiascorner.nettendency to think of different permutations and combinations to solve the problems at the office or home, you will end up being awake the whole night. Instead, you should focus on some repetitive sound such as the ticking of the clock to remove other thoughts from your mind. This would enable you to fall asleep quickly. Yoga and meditating for a few minutes before going to bed are probably the best ways to reduce stress and worries that keep you from sleeping.

   3. Exercising

Yes, you read it right! Although exercising is a good habit, it may turn into a bad habit if you practice it within three hours before bedtime. Exercise can stimulate the body’s metabolism and increase your heart rate thus causing restlessness, alertness, and frequent awakenings. If you have adopted the good habit of exercising regularly, do so in the morning or late afternoon hours to avoid feeling sleepless.

   4. Alcohol

Most of us think of alcohol as a good sleep inducer. However, not many know that it can actually interfere with your REM sleep. Drinking alcohol can cause you to feel unrefreshed and tired the next morning. Additionally, headache and nausea caused due to the same can also force you to stay awake during the night.

How To Get To Sleep At Night Naturally
How to get to sleep at night naturally – ©

   5. Caffeine

Coffee is another common culprit that causes insomnia. It can stimulate the nerves and keep you wide awake. Coffee contains Caffeine, whose average half-life is about 5 hours. This means your body will still have half of the dose of caffeine circulating in its system 5 hours after you drank it.  So, if you must drink coffee, make sure you do so at least 5 hours before bedtime.

   6. Room Temperature

Cooler temperature is associated with sound sleep. Your brain and body prefer a cooler surrounding when you are ready to retire to the bed. This can be achieved by using a mattress topper with cooling gel – some of those are reviewed here.  A warmer room may thwart this cooling down process and prevent you from falling asleep.

On the other hand, a very low temperature is also not advisable as it can cause shivering and affect your sleep. The idea here is to maintain a slightly cooler room temperature that is pleasant and soothing.

   7. Uncomfortable Mattress

An old mattress that has lost its original shape, built, and the quality material can prevent you from feeling comfortable in any position and cause sleeplessness. An uneven contour of the mattress is also a sign that it has become pretty old and replaceable. Ignoring this sign can keep you awake by causing discomfort and back pain. There is a variety of mattress on the market ranging from 100 to several thousand.

How To Get To Sleep At Night Naturally
How to get to sleep at night naturally – ©

You may think of yourself to be unfortunate given the long list of causes of insomnia. But, if you take a closer look and think again, you will realize that you are actually lucky. If you have noticed, most of these causes can be reversed or managed easily. It’s as simple as changing your diet, practicing meditation to avoid stress, and getting a new mattress. Once you identify the exact reason for “Why can’t I fall asleep?” you can take appropriate steps to be an equal partner on the bed of deep sleep and sweet dreams.

What’s your secret to a good night sleep? Do you struggle, too? Feel free to leave a comment below, it’s your feedback that keeps us blogger going. Thanks a lot for spreading the word.

Take good care of yourself!

Klaudia xx
How to get to sleep at night naturally - ©
How to get to sleep at night naturally – ©
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