How To Yoga Yourself Healthy – 5 Benefits Of Yoga You’ve Never Heard About

How To Yoga Yourself Healthy

How to Yoga

5 Benefits of Yoga You’ve Never Heard About

It was once something that we thought was a fad, a buzzword, a trend that would come and go, but Yoga has now cemented itself as a must-do exercise for so many people. There is a good reason for this too, loads of reasons in fact, and they range from health to fitness to general wellbeing. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at just how good it can be. If I can assure you one thing, by the time you finish reading, you’ll have booked yourself into a yoga class.

How To Yoga Yourself Healthy
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There is just one thing to remember, there are a lot of different types yoga out there, so always do your research to see which one will suit you best. If you’re thinking about PiYo, then read some of the reviews at or for Bikram check out what has to say. If you just want an overall understanding all of them, though, just look here.

 5 Benefits of Yoga 

How to Yoga

1. Yoga Boosts Your Immune System

Yoga is all about stretching, contracting and moving in a specific and controlled manner, and what this achieves is drainage of your lymph. In turn, you are assisting your body in its natural fight against infection, toxic cells and improving the function of your body’s cells.

    How yoga boosts your immunity:   video YouTube


2. Blood Flow Is Good

One of the most direct benefits of yoga is that it gets your blood flowing, helping your circulation to be more active and improved. What this does is then create a better supply of oxygen to your body and blood flow in the heart. This could help your body to naturally flush out any toxins that are affecting the major organs, as well as reducing your chances of suffering from sticky blood that could then lead to clotting.

How To Yoga Yourself Healthy

3. Flexibility Goals

It may be one of the most obvious benefits of yoga for women, but it is also one of the first you’ll start to feel and measure. Seriously. At your first yoga session see if you can touch your toes, never mind do some of the more challenging poses. But as the days and weeks pass and you commit to yoga as a lifestyle choice, you will quickly see how loose your body becomes, how toned yoga can make you, how flexible you are getting and, with that, you will see a reduction in everyday aches and pains.

how to yoga yourself healthy
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4. Helps With Allergies and Viruses

One of the big elements involved with yoga is this idea of cleansing, which can be achieved through controlled breathing or controlled movements. These have been proved to help with a wide range of allergies and viruses no matter what sets them off.

How to yoga yourself healthy
How to yoga yourself healthy  – different types yoga for different benefits


5. Muscle, Muscle & More Muscle

Yes, muscles look great on a body, but muscles do more than just please the eye. They actually strengthen the support around the bones and joints. So, if you suffer from back pains or have arthritis, start doing yoga and you will feel your woes start to slip away as your muscles grow alongside your added flexibility. That’s what gives yoga the edge over just lifting weights.

how to yoga yourself healthy

So, what do you think about yoga now? Are you going to give it a Go? Get yourself informed about the different types yoga exercises, find out what suits you best, start slowly and you will notice soon what yoga can do for your health and general wellbeing.

Take good care of yourself!



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6 years ago

Nice post and very useful information!Thank you for sharing.

7 years ago

I always thought yoga was lame and a silly fad. It seemed very boring to me. Then a little over a year ago I discovered hot yoga and I love it!! I have never felt stronger.