How To Sell Your House Yourself – Cool Home Staging Ideas To Attract Buyers

How to Sell your House yourself 

Cool Home Staging Ideas to Attract a Buyer For Your Home

Are you thinking of selling, but don’t know how to sell your house yourself? In today’s current market, it can be very tricky trying to find a buyer. And sometimes it may feel like no matter what you try to do will help things. Where does it all go wrong?

How To Sell Your House Yourself
How to sell your house yourself

Normally sellers slip up when potential buyers come to view their house. Many people just tidy up when they expect someone over for a viewing. However, with a few more tips and tricks on how to sell your house yourself, you can have your home ready to impress and wow in a matter of no time at all. Ready to watch your home fly off the market? Here are some cool home staging ideas to attract a buyer for your home.

  • Give Its Kerb Appeal A Boost

If your property doesn’t look impressive from the outside, people are very likely to simply walk right past it. So getting the wow factor right needs to start before viewers even walk through your door. There are a few different ways you can increase your home’s kerb appeal. The first is to get your front garden in order. If it looks messy, it will be bringing down the overall look of your house. Tend to any flowerbeds and make sure that there are no weeds in them.

You should also remove any weeds that are growing up through your patio or decking areas. You can either do this by hand or just spray on some weed killer. Make sure the interior walls of your house are also up to scratch. If any paint work looks slightly tired, give it a quick lick of paint.

How To Sell Your House Yourself
How to sell your house yourself – Get your front garden in order

Another fantastic way to boost your home’s kerb appeal is to add some decorations and patio furniture to the garden. Viewers will love to see a garden that is being used by its current owners. Some wooden furniture will make it look like this is the case.

  • Do All Small Maintenance Jobs

Your entire house needs to look perfect to everyone who looks at it. So if you have any small maintenance jobs that need doing, now is the time to complete them. After all, imagine what you would think if you were walking around a house and some of the DIY jobs were only half done.

How to sell your house yourself
How to sell your house yourself: Do all maintenance jobs before the buyer arrives

Or there was obvious work that needed to be done to the property. If you need to paint a room, make sure it is completely done before a viewing appointment. Also, see any potential leaks that could cause water damage to your home. Don’t just leave jobs and think that the next homeowner can fix them. Most potential buyers will want to buy a property that doesn’t need much work doing to it. So if you leave all the hard work for them, they may not put an offer in to buy the place!

  • Don’t Forget About Garages And Sheds

Some homeowners forget to also spruce up their garages and sheds when they are trying to attract a buyer. But the next potential homeowner won’t forget about them. Quite the contrary in fact! Many people will be put off by buying a property if the garage or shed is not in good working order. After all, if they are a keen gardener, they will want somewhere secure to keep all their gardening tools and equipment.

How To Sell Your House Yourself
How to sell your house yourself: A little shed for your garden

And if they have a car, they will probably want somewhere secure to keep their treasured vehicle. So dilapidated outbuildings can really turn buyers off. How do you get these spaces ready? Make sure they are secure. Fix any structural issues. It may even be worth replacing the roof. You can learn about metal roofs for outbuilding kits online. Giving the paintwork an extra quick coating can help to brighten things up too. 

How To Sell Your House Yourself
 Give the paintwork an extra coating – 

They should also look like they are regularly used by you. So move your car into the garage and add some equipment to the shed, even if you hardly use them. This will help the buyer to imagine how they could use the spaces themselves.

  • Make Rooms Look Liveable

Each and every one of your rooms needs to look like it is lived in. Using a spare room to just hoard all your clutter doesn’t count! So if you currently have a room that isn’t going to much use, it needs changing. Get rid of any chaos and clutter. If you are struggling for storage, you can place all your junk in your basement or attic. Once you have taken everything out of the room, have a quick look at it. How is the decor doing? If it looks tired and dated, give it a quick coat of paint. Make sure there is some furniture in the room; try not to leave it empty.

How To Sell Your House Yourself
Make sure there is some furniture in the room to make it look liveable

If you add some furniture, it can help the viewer imagine themselves living in the room. Just a bed and plain wardrobe will do. Keep things minimal so viewers can use their imagination. After all, they may not want to use it as a spare bedroom. They may have plans for a nursery!

  • Advertise Your Property Online & Wherever You Can

    How To Sell Your House Yourself

These days, some people try to cut down costs by advertising their property independently. However, this might not be a very good sales tactic. To increase your chances of a quick sale, you should be using as many advertising channels as possible. The best place to list your property is a realtor. They will place an advert not only in their office window but also advertise your property online on their website. One of the benefits of advertising your property with a realtor is that they can take care of viewings for you. There are plenty of other places where you can list your home sale. Think about taking out advert space in your local newspaper. There are also many online property websites that let you advertise your home independently from a realtor. Just remember to remove the ads once you have made the sale!

  • Knock Some Off The Price

One of the best ways to make your property attractable to buyers is to offer them great value for money. And that could mean reducing your asking price. Take a look online at the prices for other homes in your area. You should make sure that your asking price is in the same region as these.


That way, it doesn’t look like you are asking for too much money. If you want a very quick sale, you should think about asking for slightly less money. People find it difficult to refuse a bargain so your home should be snapped up immediately!

  • Remember Thoughtful Extra Touches

A home that is full of charm and looks super comfortable is very likely to sell quickly. So just before you have someone come round to check out your property, think about adding some quaint touches to your interiors. A couple of extra cushions on the sofa and armchairs won’t go amiss. Place a large fruit bowl full of apples, grapes, and any other fruit out on the table.

How To Sell Your House Yourself
How to sell your house yourself: Add some quaint touches to your interiors

Things that can make your house look very lived in will go down extremely well. So stock up all your kitchen cupboards and fill your magazine rack with plenty of newspapers and magazines. It’s small details like this that can really make a big difference. Vases of fresh flowers will also go down very well too. Pick some from your garden if you can’t afford to splash out on a bouquet from your local florist.

  • Air Out Your Home

No one wants to walk into a stuffy room. And this can be something that turns off potential buyers. This is because it can give off the wrong first impressions. The viewer may think that the house is always hot, and they may also not realize that you have air conditioning. So an hour or two before potential views arrive to view your property, you should open all the windows in your house.

This will help to ventilate the property and get all the old and stale air back outside. Plus it will help get rid of any stale smells in your home! Be sure to close all the windows just before viewers arrive. Otherwise, it could feel slightly chilly! Obviously, don’t open your windows if it is raining outside. This could let water into your home, and if you don’t notice it, it can easily cause water damage. Instead, think about buying a couple of fans to get the air moving. If you have air conditioning, you can turn that on, as that will have the same effect as the fans.


As you can see, attracting potential buyers to make an offer on your home isn’t quite as difficult as you may think. It may be that you haven’t taken enough notice of your property to see where you are going wrong. Now that you are armed with these tips and tricks on how to sell your house yourself, you’ll certainly sell your home in no time.

You might even be able to choose between a few different offers!

How To Sell Your House Yourself








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