How to Travel With Your Dog And Keep Him Healthy & Happy

How to Travel with a DogHow to travel with a dog -

and keep him healthy & happy

If you love travelling the world, you may want to bring your dog alongside you. Having a dog as a travel companion is a great way to feel safe and make memories. However, it’s important to take some extra steps to ensure your pup stays healthy while you’re on the road. Check out these helpful tips that will ensure both you and your furry friend feel great while you’re exploring the great blue yonder.

 • Crate or buckle your dog in – If you’re travelling with your dog in the car, it’s safest for everyone if you keep him in a crate, or if you get a special harness that attaches him to a seat belt. While your dog may love sticking his head out an open window, keeping your dog in a travel-safe crate will protect him should you happen to get in an accident.

How to travel with a dog ...
Tips on how to travel with a dog in the car & keep him safe from injury

By keeping your dog secure, you’ll keep him safe from injury and you’ll also ensure he stays out of your way so you can drive effectively.

 • Go on walks – Just like when you’re at home, if you’re in the car for a long time or staying in a hotel, you still need to go on walks. Do some research about dog parks or runs near where you’ll be, or find a park where you can take your dog for a long walk on his leash. That way, you can both stretch your achy bones and muscles. Ensure you expend enough energy to feel comfortable and tired when it’s time to stop and rest.

How to travel with a dog -

Walk your dog to give him a chance to go to the bathroom after being cooped up in a room or car all day.

 • Be vigilant when exploring – Your dog may be used to the sites and smells all around your house and neighbourhood. But when you go to a brand new place, he may be overstimulated by everything he is experiencing. So when you take him on a walk or out exploring for the first time, be sure you’re more vigilant than you usually are with him. Watch to make sure he doesn’t try to eat or lick something. You surely don’t want him ingesting anything that will make him feel sick.

 • Go to the vet before you leave – If you are taking your dog travelling, you may not have access to a vet on the road. So make sure you go to the vet for a check-up at your regular vet’s office before you take off. You can ask your vet to check for anything wrong with your pooch so that you don’t end up experiencing an unexpected health issue while you’re gone. You can also stock up on necessary medicine, like Vetoryl if he has Cushing’s.

How to travel with a dog ... by Lannie @ Allivet
How to travel with a dog –

In addition, see here if your vet can give you tips on how to keep your dog healthy and happy while on the road, or recommend any new treats or food that can keep him nourished and energized. Travelling with your pooch is a great way to make memories with him and ensure you always have a friend nearby. Keep these few important health-related tips in mind before you go on tour. You will end up having a trip that’s fulfilling, nurturing and tons of fun.

Take good care of your fluffy pals

Klaudia xx


How to Travel With A Dog And Keep Him Healthy & Happy
How to travel with a dog & keep him healthy & happy – author: Lannie @ Allivet – image ©




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