Modern Home Design Ideas – Go Ultra Modern With Your New Home Design

Modern Home Design Ideas

Go Ultra Modern With Your New Home Design

If you are looking into renovating your home this year, you should be exploring how you can modernise it. It’s always worth keeping your home up to date with the latest changes with style and decor. By doing this, you can ensure that the property does retain its value and that it doesn’t one day sell for a poor price when you do eventually decide to put it on the market. Of course, your finances aren’t the only reason why you should consider modernising your home.

Modern Home Design Ideas -©
Modern Home Design Ideas –©

You should also think about your own personal enjoyment. You’ll definitely love your home more if you decide to make some modern improvements. So, let’s look at some of the changes you can make to your home that will make it more modern and a far more pleasant place to live.


Minimalist Interior Design

Arguably the first step to consider is to adopt a minimalistic design. With a minimalist interior design, you can immediately make your home look more modern and stylish, saving money at the same time!

Modern Home Design Ideas -
Modern Home Design Ideas –©

Let me explain, minimalism is all about making sure that the rooms in your home don’t look full and cluttered. Instead, you want to keep the space as clear as possible without the room looking empty. That means that you probably already have a lot of furniture and accessories that you no longer need. This means that you can sell some of your furniture and accessories. That way, you won’t fill up storage space, and you’ll make some money. Money that you can then use in your home renovation budget. How brilliant is that?

If you’re wondering about how to approach a minimalist interior design, make sure that you do think about how many seating places there are in each room. You should have as many seats as there are for people in the home. So, if you only have a family of four, there should only be four seats in your living room.

Modern Home Design Ideas -©
Modern Home Design Ideas –©

As for decorative features, you can have a few little pieces here and there to dress up the room. You just don’t want it to reach the point where they overcrowd the style. A few modern art pieces or some vinyl wall decals are the perfect way to dress up the room without it appearing too cramped and cluttered.

To make a room look more minimalistic, you can also paint the rooms white. This will give the impression of an open space and avoid issues with shadow. As such, your house could even look a lot larger than it does right now.


Cool Tech Gadgets

There are various really cool tech gadgets that you can add to your home that will make it more modern. An example of this would be a smart home control. Smart home control systems can cost a lot of money, but they are quite useful. With a smart home control, you can operate everything from the lighting to the heating of your home with one switch. You will also be able to adjust your home settings to completely match your own personal preferences.

Modern Home Design Ideas -©
Modern Home Design Ideas –©

For tech like this, you could be looking at spending at least a few thousand. That’s if you want a fully integrated system. With a home improvement secured loan, you’ll be able to get the money for a change like this, even if you don’t have it in your budget. That way, you can afford all the tech upgrades you like as part of your home improvement plan.

If you are determined to stick to your budget, there is an alternate option. You can opt for the less integrated smart home. New cool tech gadgets like the Amazon Echo commands can be bought for less than a hundred. Add this to smart lightbulbs, and you can easily control the lighting. The trick here is to buy the tech that is able to sync directly to your smart device. Most tech like this functions through Bluetooth wireless technology so be sure to look for info on that when upgrading your tech.

Modern Home Design Ideas -©
image     Modern Home Design Ideas –©

There are lots of other types of new tech that you can get for your home as well. Wouldn’t you love to be able to control the curtains or your blinds by remote when you wake up in the morning? Well, you can get with an electronic blind system. In fact, they can even operate on an automated system, opening at a certain time in the morning.

Or, how about a brand new heat induction hob for your kitchen. A heat induction hob will allow you to heat up food for a fraction of the energy that a typical hob takes. Of course, for the style obsessed, it also has a fantastic interface with beautiful coloured displays that will make your home look like a futuristic dream.


New Flooring

If you want to add to that minimalistic design we discussed and make your home look modern, you need to think about the flooring. These days, carpeted floors are quite uncommon. Particularly in new show homes. Instead, you should be aiming to make your home modern with best laminate flooring. For example, tile laminate flooring is great because it’s minimalistic and requires very little maintenance. You can forget spending hours of your weekend vacuuming. With laminate flooring, you’ll find your home is easy to clean and compliments new furniture beautifully.

Modern Home Design Ideas -©
Modern Home Design Ideas – Wood- and tile laminate flooring is easy to clean!

Of course, for an added effect you might also want to consider upgrading the light fixtures in your home. With spotlights in the halls, kitchen and living area, you can make that new flooring glisten spectacularly. You will love the way your home looks with this change, and home spotlights aren’t as expensive as most people think. As such, you should easily be able to fit them into your home renovation budget.

I hope you have fun making these changes to your home. Once you’re finished, you’ll be thrilled with how modern and stylish your home looks. With a little tech, some new wood- or tile laminate flooring and some awesome design choices, you can make sure your home truly does like like a house of the future.

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Modern Home Design Ideas -©
Modern Home Design Ideas –©


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4 years ago

Awesome ideas I always love to decorate my home and changing furniture

Olivia x The Indy Miss
6 years ago

Awesome ideas! I wrote a post inspired by modern, minimalistic, rustic designs, and I love your tips! Laminate floorings is the BEST thing I’ve ever done with my pad. 🙂

6 years ago

I loooove looking at interior design inspiration. We just moved in to a new place and I’m always excited to decorate, put furniture and everything! Thanks for sharing these ideas! ,3