DIY Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas To Make Your Home Stand Out

DIY Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas

How to Make Your Home Stand Out On a Budget

We all notice the homes in our neighbourhood that stand out and have a ton of curb appeal. We naturally assume that the homeowner probably spent a ton of money to get that kind of curb appeal. We may look at our own home with a weary sigh wishing that there was something that we could do to improve its appearance. Luckily, there is a lot we can do, even if funds are low. Boosting your front yard curb appeal requires nothing more than a little elbow grease and a few well-placed accents.

• Tidy Up

Clean up your neglected yard. Cut the grass. Rake the leaves and fix the broken mailbox and shutters. Clear up all those mix-matched pot holders and stop using your front porch as extra storage.

DIY Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas That Make Your Home Stand Out
DIY Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas –©

This step alone will give you a good idea of how much better your house will look once it’s clean. Take inventory and fix whatever is broken or in disrepair. Once your yard is clean and clear you can start the planning phase.

• A Little Splash of Colour

Everyone knows that painting the house exterior entirely would cost a pretty penny. However, you can go a step further by painting the areas of your home that would give it the most impact. The front door of your home is always a focal point. Why not make it really pop with a fresh coat of paint? Choose a colour that will give your home a fresh updated look.

DIY Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas -©
DIY Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas –©

Do the same with the trim and/or the shutters. This small step alone creates just as much excitement as painting your whole house. The best part about only painting the focal areas is that it will not cost a lot of money or time. However, the effects will be priceless. Don’t forget about your mailbox. Include it in your painting project as well.

• A Few Special Effects

Last but not least, you now have the opportunity to add a few signature touches that will put your house back on the radar. You won’t need to do anything that would require a Threaded Needle or any other complicated tool. You can look for inexpensive accents for your home’s exterior.

DIY Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas That Make Your Home Stand Out
DIY Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas –©

Consider creating a rock garden, or using pavers to decorate. If you have a green thumb you may want to plant a colourful flower garden. On the other hand, if you want something low maintenance, consider plants that require little water and upkeep. Cacti make great plants because they don’t require much. You can even use outdoor furniture to make a statement. 

DIY Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas -©
DIY Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas –©

You could get lost in curb appeal ideas and decorating tips trying to choose between any number of options. Keep in mind that it doesn’t take much. A simple rock garden with a bench that sits under the tree in your yard might be a design idea. On the other hand, you may want a flower bed filled with colourful flowers and nothing more.


Regardless of what you decide, the makeover you’ve just completed will make your home look like the new house on the block without costing you a ton of money. Don’t let a small budget deter you from giving your home a must needed facelift. Clean up and fix any broken items. In addition, paint obvious areas of focus. Last but not least, add a few accents to put the cherry on top. You will feel as if you’re viewing a brand new home when you get finished.

Get creative and have fun!


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Nadya Jones
5 years ago

I like simple and beautiful backyard landscaping and a good night light. Do you have any decorating tips for a patio in nighttime set up?

Silly Mummy
Silly Mummy
6 years ago

Great ideas. Rock gardens are brilliant – those plants can survive anything!

6 years ago

All great suggestions. I know the power of just mowing the lawn, I saw it with my Mother’s house when we mowed an overgrown lawn.