Risk Factors Of Stroke – Very Scary Facts That Leave Women Worried About Their Future

Risk Factors Of Stroke 

Very Scary Facts That Leave Women Worried About Their Future

Did you know that middle-aged women are twice as likely to have strokes than men of the same age? This is a troubling fact that makes many women worried about their future, but the good news is that, whatever age you are now, there are a lot of things you can do to cut down your risk of stroke and ensure that you stay healthy as you age.

Risk Factors Of Stroke

But .. can you prevent a stroke?

Yes, you can actually do a lot of preventive things, here are some of the most effective ways to cut your own risk factors of stroke:

⇒ Exercise

Regularly participating in exercises, even if it’s just a 30-minute walk each day, can help to cut your risk factors of stroke by as much as 30 percent, especially if you need to lose weight. So, even if you’re really busy at work, you have kids who need your attention, or you just don’t feel like it – slip on your sneakers and get moving. Your body will thank you for it.

Risk Factors Of Stroke
Can you prevent a stroke? – klaudiascorner.net

⇒ Treat depression asap

Approximately 10 percent of the population are suffering from depression. If you are one of these people, you should seek medical treatment immediately, not only because depression can zap your energy, leave you in a constant state of distress and lead to suicide in some cases, but also because you are almost 30 percent more likely to have a stroke if you suffer from depression than your peers who are not troubled by mental illness.


⇒ How many hours sleep do you need?

How many hours sleep do you need? Eight hours a night has always been assumed to be ideal for a healthy good night’s sleep.  Preventing a stroke could be as simple as sleeping a little less. Researchers have found that sleeping for more than 10 hours a night could increase your risk of having a stroke by a huge 63 percent when compared to sleeping 7 hours a night. Your chances of having a stroke will also double if you’re a snorer, so sorting out any sleep related issues could have huge benefits as you enter midlife.

Risk Factors Of Stroke


⇒ Olive Oil

You will probably know that eating plenty of olive oil could cut your risk of heart attack, but did you know that it could also lower your stroke risk too? Recent studies have noticed a link between adults over 65, regular olive oil consumption and a 40 percent decrease in the likelihood that they will suffer from a stroke.

⇒ Are heart palpitations dangerous?

Most heart palpitations will not be serious, but if you have regular heart flutters combined with other symptoms such as chest pains, feeling faint and problems with your breathing, you should see a doctor immediately because you could be dealing with atrial fibrillation – a heart condition which can increase your chances of having a stroke five-fold if it goes untreated.

Risk Factors Of Stroke
Are heart palpitations dangerous?

⇒ Chill out!

A study in the Journal of Hypertension found a link between aggressive, angry people and the risk of stroke. So, if you are prone to angry outbursts that would make the Incredible Hulk blush, try meditation, anger management or therapy to lower your stroke risk.

Risk Factors Of Stroke
There’s a link between aggressive, angry people and the risk factors of stroke

Although there is no way you can completely remove your own risk factors of stroke, incorporating as many of the above into your life will certainly lower your risk, and if you live a generally healthy life, this could be enough to protect you.

Take very good care of yourself!

Best  Klaudia

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