Stress and Anger Management Is By Far No ‘Mission Impossible’

Stress and Anger Management

is by far not a ‘Mission Impossible’

STRESS and ANGER – all it needs to literally destroy a person! In an effort to destroy the opponent, you will destroy yourself. Anger is a mighty weapon of destruction. Your positivity will be destroyed in a blink – that’s the power of a trait called anger. It ebbs within you along with stress and erupts out like a volcano, it’s the tsunami of negative human emotions.

Stress and Anger Management Tips
Stress and anger management is by far no ‘mission impossible’

Take human history, full of bloodshed and we’re all asking that crying question – how to make this world a better place? Eyes full of understanding, hearts full of love and a peaceful life refusing conflicts… Turn the pages of history again. It is the angry kings, the angry generals, the angry statesmen and politicians who caused wars and destruction of humanity.

Most of all homicide cases were committed in a fit of anger and stress. When you are overstressed, you lose the sense of proportion, and anger overtakes all. Within seconds, you commit an act for which you probably have a lifetime to regret! Anger – there’s nothing more toxic than anger.

Do you like people with a naturally angry disposition? We all know at least one of those sourpusses, don’t we? Think about, would you like to marry such a grumpy, always angry guy? Well, I guess, I know the answer. Nobody wants to spend day and night with such a somebody.

Sure, we all have different tempers, and temper is a good thing to have (under control) – don’t lose it! Get angry, shout it all out, discuss… argue… yell. But don’t fret – that’s just precious quality time of life wasted and lost. 

Stress and Anger Management Is By Far No 'Mission Impossible'
Stress and Anger Management Tips – Get angry, shout it all out… 

Stress can be truly stressful to understand. We all have to deal with stress, throw-backs and nastiness in life. Money, the neighbours, the colleagues, stress with the kids or maybe selling your property ain’t working as planned. (for more information on understanding stress visit this website ) But, being just negative and angry all the time, getting stressed out by your own negative thoughts, winding yourself up for stuff you can likely anyway not change… why?

After all, all the anger you are stressing yourself with gets you just nowhere, well, it probably drives you into a depression, is it worth it? Instead, calm down, take a deep breathe and do something that makes you feel good.

Right now, at the moment you are about to explode – no matter what, go shopping, go for a meal, go to the park, the gym, whatever makes you happy – do that. And then go home and create bright pink post-its: ‘Stress and anger management is by far no ‘mission impossible!’ and display them in your office or at home. 

Every now and again you got to remind yourself. Sit in a quiet corner and peep into your own self, analyze your personal attitude. Write down the ‘to do’ and ‘not to do’ things – and the ‘should have done’ and ‘should not have done’ things. That will be a good first step in mission self-improvement

Free yourself from angry and negative vibes. Focus on the positive things and people around you. Recognize and appreciate who wants you well, and learn to say NO to toxic people and situations. You don’t need that in your life! 

Stress and Anger Management
Stress and Anger Management Tips

Are you now angry with me for daring to tell you something positive about getting angry? If you don’t even think about my modest thoughts for a minute or two, I will definitely be angry with you and you’ll still be stressed. So, let me give you a little taste of your medicine to be taken daily:

  • Keep calm, life is short
  • Manage your anger
  • Get rid of things that stress you out 
  • Start enjoying life

Every time you get angry and upset at something, ask yourself if you were to die tomorrow, was it worth wasting your time being angry!

Notwithstanding, thank you very much for making it ’til down here 😉 

Stress and Anger Management is by far not a 'Mission Impossible'
Personal stress and anger management is by far not a ‘mission impossible’ – image ©


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