The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast & Healthy – Make Sure These Tasty Foods Are In Your Diet

The Best Way To Lose Weight

Fast & Healthy

The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast


Make sure these tasty foods are in your diet!

If you’re looking to lose weight, trying to take control of your diet and exercise routine simultaneously can pose a serious challenge, especially as an increase in activity levels tends to see a concurrent increase in hunger levels as your body tries to equalize. Fear not – studies show that trying to cut down your food intake at the same time as upping your exercise is usually unsustainable, and people are far more likely to slip back into old habits. Instead of making good food choices which work well alongside your exercise regime is more likely to heed results, and you’re far more likely to stick to your positive changes and stop compulsive eating.

The Benefits of Ginger
The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast
The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast & Healthy 

Okay, chances are you can’t eat enough ginger to feel satisfied, but if you add it into your meals and smoothies, it can really help to boost your weight loss efforts. It helps to boost your metabolism, making your body use energy more efficiently, but a little bit in your meal can also help you to feel fuller for longer, meaning you’ll feel less inclined to reach for the fatty snack foods.

The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast

The Benefits of Herbs & Spices

There is a reason that people have been relying on various herbs and spices for millennia – some of them contain almost magical health properties. For example, cayenne pepper and turmeric encourage your body to burn fat faster, and saffron can act as a great appetite suppressant, so you’ll feel more satisfied with smaller portions.

The Benefits of Leafy Greens
The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast
The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast & Healthy

The thing about healthy eating and weight loss is that you need to ensure you’re still getting all the nutrients and minerals your body needs, just without the calorie content. A portion of leafy greens such as kale and spinach each day floods your body with goodness, including calcium which has shown signs of aiding fat burning in some studies. They’ll also help to make sure your body is in top condition, so you feel great as well as look amazing.

The Benefits of Drinking a Lot of Water
The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast
The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast – Drink plenty of water

If you’re trying to lose weight but dehydrated, you’re slowing the whole process down significantly. Studies show that when you’re fully hydrated your body is far more likely to burn fat, your metabolism works at its most efficient, and all your organs are able to do their jobs effectively. Aim for around eight cups of water a day, and see how much it can aid your weight loss.

The Benefits of Eating Oily Fish

If you eat salmon a couple of times a week, you’ll notice you feel full for a long time, and your calorie intake is fairly minimal. All that omega-3 is great for your brain, but also for helping to keep your heart healthy and your cholesterol at a reasonable level. If you’re not currently including oily fish in your diet, you really should – it’s a game changer.

Omega 3 keeps the heart healthy and the cholesterol low
The Benefits of Eating Almonds & Nuts

Although nuts are full of oils and fats, they’re far healthier fats than those found in chips and processed foods. This is what makes them such a great snack foodthe fats fill you up, but they can also help you to burn calories. Just don’t overdo it, they are actually calorie-rich, so just a few should help you to feel energized and take the edge off your hunger.

Trying to lose weight doesn’t have to mean boring, flavourless food. It’s just about making healthy food choices that help you to feel full for longer, and even help you to burn calories and keep your body in tip-top condition.

The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast & Healthy
The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast & Healthy

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6 years ago

Great post. It’s great to hear about your own personal recommendations.
Here are some great methods I had from my experience that I think they are not only safe but also effective for everyone:
– Divide into several small meals.
– Add fiber
– Whole grain foods
– Yoga

7 years ago

I love the food that can actually help you lose weight. I am not a great fond of leafy greens, though. But almonds and nuts are a completely different story. And yes, one should really drink a lot of water while on a diet. It will definitively help you lose weight, I tried that myself.

7 years ago

I’m not wanting to lose weight but I’ll totally share this as I have quite a few friends who are trying to lose weight.

Janet Pennington
Janet Pennington
7 years ago

Some things I hadn’t considered!