The Sound Of Health – Music Boosts Your Immune System & Fights Stress

The Sound Of Health

The Sound Of Health

How Music Boosts your Immune System & Fights Stress

If you always listen to music on your commute, when exercising, or even while studying, you’re probably quite familiar with some of the benefits already. You don’t need anyone to tell you how upbeat tunes may help you run a bit faster. Or that the steady flow of non-intrusive melodies makes it easier to concentrate. But what if I told you music can do so much more for your health?

The Sound of Health - Music Boosts Your Immune System and Fights Stress
The sound of health – Music boosts your immune system and fights stress

Research has proven how it can help us in dealing with chronic pain, fighting mental illnesses, and even aid people with memory loss. Here is a handful of science-backed reasons that will have you singing from the rooftops and crank up the tunes.

     Music reduces anxiety-induced stress…

The use of pleasant tunes in patient-recovery is nothing new. One study found that patients who were receiving surgery for hernia repair experienced decreased stress levels – or levels of plasma cortisol, to use the correct terms. They even needed significantly less morphine to manage their pain. So, maybe a few hours of music can be exactly what the doctor ordered?

This result entwines nicely with a recent Australian study which found how listening to music for 25 minutes every day for three weeks experienced better pain relief than the group who, instead of using music, only received standard medical care and physiotherapy.

The Sound Of Health - How Music Boosts Your Immune System and Fights Stress -

Any kind of pain management goes hand-in-hand with prescriptions from your doctor, that goes without saying! But including a few hours of music makes the pain even easier to manage.

    Music can improve your immune system…

Winter is coming up, y’all, and you need to face it with a strong body to fight all those viruses. Researchers from Wilkes University found that our immune system is significantly boosted after listening to some soothing tunes. They also found that the stress levels of chronically ill patients were greatly reduced after listening to relaxing classical music.

The music needs to be calm, though, and the study used different inputs such as radio broadcasts and tone clicks to map out the effects. Have a look on Vinyl Vintage to spruce up your commute habits, and you’d be in a better position to fight those germs on the bus.

To find soothing music, you should consider classical music, for example, or some proper slowcore if you prefer modern alternatives. Sleep Party People, Bonobo, and the artists on this list are excellent options to calm your nerves and boost your immune system once and for all.

The Sound Of Health - How Music Boosts Your Immune System and Fights Stress
The sound of health – How music boosts your immune system & fights stress

Performing music is also wonderful news for your health, by the way. Thus, get started on learning that instrument if you’re not quite there yet. Experiencing and creating art are both great to reduce your stress levels, improve cognitive functions, and even improve your memory as the tunes trigger connections within your brain. There seems to be so much more to music than we originally thought, and the benefits are piling up with each new study.

Now, let the music play and keep well!



The Sound Of Health - How Music Boosts Your Immune System and Fights Stress -
The Sound of Health –

Thank you so much for your time and constant support. Without you all, I probably wouldn’t be writing but knitting right now. My sincere appreciation and heartfully thanks for keeping me going!

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Patrick Weseman
6 years ago

Wow, so interesting. thanks for sharing this. I love music and I know it makes me feel better.

6 years ago

I love music and I’m one of those people that get goosebumps when I hear a great song. It’s hard for me to say who my favorite artist is, because I base my favorites depending on my situation/mood at the time. There is music I listen to everyday, but it is always hard to decide my favorites. I totally believe in this!

Herlina Kwee
Herlina Kwee
6 years ago

Agree with this article wholeheartedly. I love listening to Christian musics. I have always put it on in my car. They also what helped me when I went through the deep valley of depression. Even when I can’t feel His presence and my faith took a beating, the musics kept me going and became my anthem. Sing along and dance around with it as if no one is listening and looking. It’ll help you tremendously.