From Klaudia with love …

From Klaudia with love ..

How Does It Feel Now ??? by Akua Naru

lady loves the blues


” Soul , love , a hint of erotic and a voice ….. just wow “


If love had a sound , this would be that sound.
Love .. love , we would be the band to play it
my ghetto butterfly flew away from me,
I wait patiently , by windows and doorsteps ,
play make believe as my tears pour to my chest
won’t succeed to breathe if not the hear of you.
Surely there hasn’t never been a shade so blue
a stank attitude , so not mad at you
not a magnitude to encompass the latitude of my love for you.
no space or time compatible
what do I have to do.
what do I have to do.
my friends say i got it bad for you.
I do, but there’s nothing in this world i would rather do, but you.


Hey, I want to make love to your existence.
drenched in the colors of your energy,
then masturbate to the memories.
I wanna lose myself inside yourself.
until you find me, confine me, to the freedom, of your prison.
exist in the same space, same time
until your thoughts slow grind with mine combine
until your thoughts slow grind with mine combine.
until your thoughts slow grind with mine.

music connects people
music connects people


My, I want to drink the sweat off your intellect
reflect, and watch your light passion off my neck
caress the sight of your presence with no question
undress, to the nakedness of love, pure love
I want to make love to my soul mate. my soul mate.
make love to my soul mate  my soul mate
make love to my soul mate


I wonder how does it feel to make love to your soul mate.
kind of like writing poetry till climax.
till the point and place where our space and time match,
and we, cross divine paths. tell me would you like that.
how would like that
tell me would you like that
now would you like that
tell me would you like that
would you like that.
tell me

I wanna love you more than madly.
wrap these legs, around your words.                               
until your speech is straddled deep, gladly
swim the currents of your vibrations
be separate and one
with the same meditation
with the same meditation
this is poetry.





Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut (USA), Akua Naru’s journey to global poet began in an early upbringing in the Pentecostal church. The oldest of three, Naru began attending church with her grandmother as an infant. Steeped in gospel music, it was there, that a young Naru was introduced to a world of black female leaders, from pastor to choir director- who were steeped in African American musical and oratorical traditions. Encouragement from her family to recite scriptures before the church congregation during holidays quickly, however, soon took an unexpected direction when an Uncle, just 3 years her senior, began sneaking hip hop records into the house in defiance of the family ban on secular music. Already enamored with literature and poetry, Naru found in hip hop a power to describe her experiences with unmatched eloquence, so much so that she and her Uncle immediately began performing as a duo at backyard parties around the neighborhood. Her Uncle, an aspiring producer, would supply the beats for a then 9 year old Akua Naru on the microphone.

  homepage Akua Naru


Akua Naru is a proponent of global black culture who takes her inspiration from hip hop to forge youthful , socially conscious rhyme. Her influences include the piano balladry of Nina Simone, Curtis Mayfield, and the raw rhythms and poetry……  read the  interview with Akua Naru here  Urban Buddha Music



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