Us Immigration Insights – 5 Top Immigration Myths in the United States

US Immigration Insights

5 Top Immigration Myths in the United States

Us Immigration Insights - Top Immigration Myths in the United States

Getting a chance to become a citizen of first world countries is a dream that millions of people around the globe have. The allure of the first world, with a good life, superb health system, availability of jobs, and more money is so strong that so many people would risk getting into those countries illegally and start doing the paperwork once on the inside. The good news is that there are ways through which you can legally become a citizen of any country in the world or you can always apply for a visa and go and visit for a while.

Us Immigration Insights - Top Immigration Myths in the United States
Us Immigration Insights 2018 – Top Immigration Myths in the United States

If you are interested in becoming a citizen of the United States, there is the Green Card Lottery program you can try and see if you will be any lucky. Canada also has a way of becoming a citizen, though you can always visit by applying for the Canada eta visa. Click here to find more information about how you can legally get to Canada. But that notwithstanding, the United States seems to attract millions of people around the globe, and here is a look at some of the US immigration myths you will hear about US immigration and getting to the United States:

myth 1

Most immigrants are in the country illegal

Not long ago, there were headlines all over the news outlets how the United States government was going to build a wall between its borders with Mexico to stop illegal immigrants from accessing the country. This was out of the notion that there were so many illegal immigrants in the country and that a majority of them came in through the porous borders, especially through Mexico. This is also created a notion that most of the immigrants in the country were there illegally. However, this is nothing but a myth.

Us Immigration Insights - Border USA - Mexico
Us Immigration Insights – Border USA – Mexico

It is a fact that there are illegal immigrants in the country, and this is the same with any other country in the world, including third world countries, but a bulk of the immigrants present in the country were legally processed into the country. But it will interest you to learn that it is not the United States with the largest number of visitors who simply refuse to leave once their visas expire.

Canada has the largest number of illegal immigrants in the world – these are people who find the country to be too good that they don’t just want to go back to where they came from. You can find out more on how to get to Canada by clicking this link.

    myth 2 

It’s easier if you have relatives who are a US citizen 

Us Immigration Insights 2018 - Top Immigration Myths in the United States

The Green Card lottery is one of the ways through which millions across the world find their entry to the United States. Green Card holders have various benefits such as sponsoring their family members into the United States. But this should not make you feel if you have a relative in the United States, then you can also make an application and become a citizen.

The law about Green Card holders sponsoring their relatives states that such relatives must be immediate family members, who are further defined as either a spouse, father, mother, or unmarried children below the age of 21 years. Therefore, if you don’t fit this definition of “immediate relatives”, then don’t think your entry to the United States will be a walk in the park. You will have to sweat it out and you will be subjected to the rigorous application process that the faint-hearted will prefer to remain in their home countries.

 myth 3 

Immigrants are coming to snatch jobs for US citizens

This is a concern which might have been propagated through politics that those coming to the United State are coming to take up jobs that should be taken by US citizen. Again, this is a sad myth that you should not fall for, especially if you know that all countries will always be jealous when other nationalities come to take upon their jobs.

The truth, however, is that there is very little connection to the fact that immigrants are indeed taking jobs from the citizens. One thing you will admire about the United States that they are open to opportunities and will treat both locals and immigrants the same way. If you are skilled in any area, you will benefit from your skills irrespective of whether or not you are an immigrant. Therefore, if you are an American and you are aggressive enough, you should be scared about immigrants coming to take jobs that you think are entitled to you.

   myth 4

Immigrants come to commit crime in the US

It is true that some immigrants decide to become criminals, but it would be stereotyping to claim that the bad guys from other countries come to the United States and decide to become criminals. Crime is a complex matter and whether or not one becomes a criminal has nothing to do with them being immigrants or citizens. A criminal can be an immigrant or a citizen – the bad people who decide to do bad things to get money.

Us Immigration Insights
Us Immigration Insights – People tend to associate immigrants with crime.

However, people tend to associate crime with immigrants because most of them tend to lack jobs and so crime becomes a refuge. But the same is also the case for citizens who are unable to find jobs. Some will resort to crimes and terrorize both citizens and immigrants without discrimination.

 myth 5

Illegal immigrants don’t pay tax and burden the residents

Undocumented immigrants may not be filing their tax returns and the rest who were properly processed into the country, but this does not necessarily mean that they don’t pay taxes. Once you are in any country, you will have to pay the taxes, one way or the other.

Every time you buy taxable goods such as clothes, gas, food, electronics, or even a house, you will most certainly pay tax in the process. Therefore, it is a myth that illegal immigrants don’t pay tax, though it is true that the country may be losing a lot in terms of them being in the country undocumented.


Us Immigration Insights - 5 Top Immigration Myths in the United States
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Fabiola Rodriguez
5 years ago

Great post! Immigration is the dominant issue nowadays, not just in the USA but also around the world. Naturally, the issue is being used for political purposes and there is hardly any constructive dialogue around it. The reality is that people will always be a valuable resource for a country, any country. Finding a way for all these immigrants to stay in the country of their choice should be a priority for governments because it always brings long-term growth. Sadly, I don’t think politicians will change the rhetoric anytime soon.