Happiness is a smile on my face …

Happiness is a smile on my face …

February 29th … and life is good ! 



~positive state of mind ~
Happiness is a smile on my face

Some days you just get up as every other random day , expecting nothing special , just another monday morning and within the very first hour all and everything smiles at you …


First you walk your doggy as every morning , than your coffee , check the news and than you go online . Of course first thing is Facebook ….

Not much going on , monday mornings are always quiet on FB . Okay , what am I going to do today ?

Writing a new article ? …nah , nothing really enthralling on my mind . As you might know , I have discovered the movie maker tool on my laptop recently , just by mistake … after 6 years that I’ve had this laptop . That’s me , say no more.

Killed some time on that task , uploaded the ‘happiness spreader’  , and than you start sharing your new “movie”  …. turned out quiet nice , have a look …



Happiness is a smile on my face …

video: YouTube





…nice one , isn’t it ?! Okay , now check FB notifications and stumble upon this fantastic article by Heidi Ann Williams . I knew , she was going to do something about women , including some kind of interview , but really did not expect a whole post just about myself . Without being now snobby or self praising , that does make you a little proud , if you have only just started blogging and also actually I am the creative kind of slob , not the tiniest clue of what’s going on behind , among or inside that keypad . Hm , but somehow I finally get there ..there are obviously many roads leading to Rome !



Women I admire : Chatting with Claudia

( let me quick explain the confusing K or C  thing … it is actually “by law” Klaudia , but friends at any time and age have always spelled it Claudia , that’s why …. but if you take it by my documents ‘n stuff , it’s Klaudia )


by Heidi Ann Williams                                womanpulse.com





I am starting a series of articles about Women I Admire! Many of us can attest to the fact that women can be bad at supporting each other. There is a culture of competition among women that I find very sad. That being said, I suppose many would be terrified if we all banded together.
This blog is a way for me to support women. There are so many interesting, strong women out there and I am making it my mission to feature and help women when I can. Some of these interviews will be bloggers, some will be women I’ve had the privilege to know.
Claudia is a blogger I’ve only met recently She is a brilliant writer with a kind heart. You can find her here.. Klaudias Corner


What is something your readers don’t know about you?

… well , let me think . Actually my readers don’t know much about my private life and I would like to keep that out of my blogging experience ….


….read the full story here :    Womanpulse.com


In view of the date  29th of february , and the fact that this happens only every 4 years , not a bad day at all . Happiness to the moon and back achieved ! 


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Even in very hard situations, you can still be happy. You just need to expect the worst.

I was talking about this with a friend recently. She was so annoyed because she got out of the theatre house with a bunch of kids chatting while the film was rolling. I told her that I don’t get pissed off when this happens, because I just think about it as if the noise is part of the film.


Happiness is a state of mind. Each day, there is so much to look forward to. No matter how many things we have to deal with, they are simply things to deal with. It’s up to us to find the happiness in doing so.

Nicolas Puegher

Very happy post I can feel the energy :). I’ve low amount of characters to write 🙁

Subha natarajan

Absolutely happiness is the way to go to keep ourselves sane and healthy!!!


I thought that song was “you’re gorgeous “one. great work on the video. Do you have a youtube channel?


Congratulations, I have read the whole interview and it was a very interesting read. The movie above, did you make it? It’s very cute 🙂


I am a subscriber of Heidi’s. I love reading http://www.womanpulse.com . It’s like the proverbial ‘box of chocolates’ . Great interview Claudia! I think I put a comment on the original post the other day.



There are so many reasons to smile and it is actually the best and possibly the simplest yet most effective way to keep us from being stress… Sometimes, the solution in our problems can be solved not by overthinking but by simply putting a nice smile on our face! We should not underestimate the power of positive thinking
thanks for the share