Family Home Plans – How To Design A Perfect Home When Expecting A Baby

Family Home Plans 

How to Design a Perfect Home When Expecting a Baby

If your first baby is on its way, you are probably trying to think about how you can design the perfect family home. Now that it will no longer be just you and your partner, you may have to change up some aspects of your home. That’s so that it is practical for you as a family. It will need to be a safe space for children and also a cozy place in which you can all spend time together as a family.

Family Home Plans
Family Home Plans – How to design a perfect home when expecting ….

So how exactly do you design and create your ideal family home? It isn’t easy, and it may take a little work. So it is a good time to get started on it right now so that you are all ready before the baby arrives. To make things easier for you, I’ve come up with some amazing tips that should help you to get sorted.

Remember Traditional Values

Even if you want to go for a modern contemporary interior design throughout your family home, you should still remember traditional values. For instance, the kitchen should always be the heart of the home. So be sure to decorate it accordingly. This will then give your kitchen a purpose more than just the room in which meals are prepared. And your family will have a great area in which to congregate and socialize. Your living room should be another very important room as well. Add a cozy fireplace which your family can get snug around. By keeping traditional values in your house, you will be able to create a very stylish and comfortable home that your whole family can enjoy.

Family Home Plans
Family Home Plans – How to design a perfect home when expecting ….
Invest in New Home Security Systems

Your family’s security will no doubt be high on your list of priorities. And the best way of ensuring your family is continually safe and secure is by investing in new home security systems. Firstly, you need to make sure that you have an alarm system in place to your property. This will be a great deterrent to any potential intruders and burglars. You will be able to find out about the greatest home alarm system by checking out websites dedicated to customer reviews. There are many other ways you can improve your home’s security. For instance, think about also installing some CCTV cameras to your property. I the event that you are burgled, these cameras should catch the culprits on video. You can also deter intruders by adding exterior lighting and improving the quality of your door locks.

Consider Flooring Very Carefully

Flooring can make or break a home. Get it right, and you will find that your flooring adds a whole lot of style and comfort to the house. Get it wrong, and it will cause you a load of problems! So what is the best flooring to go with when you have a new baby on the way? Well, it depends on the room. It is best to add carpet to the rooms in which the baby will spend most of their time. For instance, in their nursery and living room. This is because it will provide them with a very soft floor on which they can play. And there won’t be too many tears if they ever take a tumble! When it comes to rooms in which you tend to work in rather than relax, go for hard floors. Wood floor board or parquet flooring is usually the best. This is because they are very easy to clean. So if you ever spill anything in your kitchen, it won’t be too hard to wipe the mess up. If you think that all this hard flooring might be quite cold, you can always add a few rugs and mats for some extra coziness!

Family Home Plans
Family Home Plans – How to design a perfect home when expecting ….
Add an Adjustable Shower

How can you make your bathroom child-friendly? Well, there are a number of ways, but one of the best is to make sure that your shower is adjustable. This may not be so necessary while your child is still a baby but it is a good idea to get one in place now before they get here. That way, you won’t have to worry about changing showers a few years down the line! Kids will love having an adjustable shower because they will be able to change the height so it fits them just right. They’ll feel like it has been set up just for them! Once you get an adjustable shower, you won’t ever have to struggle to persuade your kids to take a shower ever again!

Family Home Plans
How to design a perfect home when expecting ….
Don’t Listen to Realtors

Many parents are eager to try and increase their property’s value. This makes sense if you plan on moving out in the future, as you will no doubt want to make a profit on your home. However, if you think that this is going to be your final family home and will be in it for an indefinite period, there is no urgent rush to try and increase the value. So don’t listen to all the realtors’ advice about which home improvements and additions can increase the value of your property. You can enjoy having a bit more fun with your home and designing it exactly how you like it! This is a great way to put your family’s own personality into the decor and interiors. You can even go wild and add a slide into your home if you wish!

Family Home Plans
Family Home Plans  –  Go wild 🙂  add a slide 
Create a Utility Room

Every good family home has a utility room. This is a convenient area in which you can keep all of your appliances such as washing machine and tumble dryer. Having them all in one space will save a lot of room in your kitchen. And it will also make your kitchen a lot quieter when they are on! But it also makes your laundry a lot easier to manage, as it puts everything that you need together in one space. It also keeps dangerous cleaning products out of the reach of children! Make sure that your utility room has lots of storage, so you will be able to keep it neat and tidy.

Family Home Plans
Family Home Plans – How to design a perfect home when expecting ….

 Happy days & sleepless nights ahead …

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Jasmin N
Jasmin N
7 years ago

This was such a great post! I’m having the first baby on the way so it was super accurate for me too 🙂 we’ve almost finished decorating the nursery and I’m so super excited 🙂

Anna Nuttall
7 years ago

Beautiful photos, I don’t have a baby but you got a great blog post with some very nice tips.