Winter Wonderland Home Decor – How To Create A Winter Wonderland Atmosphere At Home

Winter Wonderland Home Decor 

How to Create a Winter Wonderland Atmosphere at Home

What’s the season you look forward to the most? Although many people would answer ‘summer’ without hesitation, there is a strong case to be made for the opposite. If you’re thinking of winter as that season where everything is gray and cold, stop a moment. Yes, you’re not going to get much work on your tan. Fair enough. But you’ve got a house for a reason, and in winter it can come into its own in a big way.

Winter Wonderland Home Decor
Winter Wonderland Home Decor @

Making your house ready for winter is essential. Of course, you’re not going to enjoy the cold weather if your home is draughty and freezing. Getting out of bed in the morning will be enough of a challenge, let alone anything else.

But if you have the right things in place there is a magic to the winter months that no other season can hold a candle to. (Note: Candles might be one of those things that bring magic).

Winter Wonderland Home Decor
Winter Wonderland Home Decor @

   1. Make sure your home is up to scratch with maintenance

You can go around your house making additions – a cozy sofa here and a wood-effect fire there – but if it’s not maintained there’s no point. Go around the house on a cooler day checking for drafts. If you find that there is cold air or rain getting in, get it fixed. Otherwise, you’re pouring money into a big hole just trying to heat the place. We’ve looked into all these required maintenance tasks before the winter hits previously.

Winter Wonderland Home Decor
Winter Wonderland Home Decor @

    2. Get yourself a stove for winter warming

One of the most joyful things about winter is huddling together with those you love. In the summer, much as you adore them, those close to you are just throwing out heat. Even sitting next to them can be uncomfortable. But sat around a wood burning stove such as one from, winter with your loved ones is magical. A cup of hot chocolate, or something else warm, just completes it.

   3. Accessorize your home for a cold snap

As warm as it is inside, when you’ve just stepped into the house from a cold winter day you’ll often find that it takes a while to warm up. It is never a bad idea to have a lot of throws and rugs to bury yourself under. After all, someone’s got to go and fetch wood for the stove, haven’t they ?

   4. Get a mini slow cooker for the kitchen

Any cookbook worth its place in the home will have a section for “winter warmers”. Those meals that act like a kind of internal combustion engine to keep you warm even when icicles are forming outside. A mini slow cooker is a great investment for this reason and does a great job for smaller portions. Switch it on in the morning, add some ingredients. Some good recipes are to be found at

Winter Wonderland Home Decor
Winter Wonderland Home Decor @

When you get home from work, you don’t need to cook. Just serve and eat. It makes winter heavenly. You may still be thinking that you would take summer over winter any day. That may be the case – but those who love winter have their reasons. And setting your home up for the season makes it even better.

Living where the sun shines all year through is a great blessing, but you really do miss these cozy moments snuggled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate, oven roasted chestnuts …. gingerbread …. hmm 

Have a wonderful winter!



Winter Wonderland Home Decor - How To Create A Winter Wonderland Atmosphere At Home
Winter Wonderland Home Decor – How to create a winter wonderland atmosphere at home –©


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Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching
Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching
7 years ago

I love reading about these cold places! We don’t really have winter where I live, no snow, and winter night time temperatures stay around 10-15C which is above 50F. I do like that mini slow cooker.