Best Bob Dylan Messages Ever! – How To Make ‘Forever Young’ More Than a Song

Best Bob Dylan Messages Ever! 

How To Make ‘Forever Young’ More Than a Song

In his song, Bob Dylan gave many pieces of advice on how to stay young. If you look at them more closely, you’ll see that most of them are concentrated on what’s inside, rather than what’s outside. When it comes to every man’s arch-enemy called old age, the point is pretty much the same. Old age consists of various changes in our organism which create fear because we have the feeling that the control over our life and body is not in our hands any longer. The truth is that there is much more in your mind than in your body, and by boosting your mental state you will also keep control over your physical functions. Here are some tips that will make you age like wine.

      … May your wishes all come true

This is maybe the biggest problem with old age. It looks like everything is going in the opposite direction of what our wishes are. But this may only seem like that. The key is to ask ourselves are our wishes in the right place, are they really important? In other words, are they really something that will keep us young? For example, every man on the planet wishes to have and retain good looking six-packs because he thinks that way he’ll keep the women interested. 

The fact is that this thinking is completely immature and that women mostly don’t care that much about six-packs. We need to separate our true wishes from the complexes based on other people’s opinion. 

The Best Bob Dylan Messages -
the best bob dylan messages  –©

Use what old age has to give you – experience and wisdom. That way you’ll find the right thought pattern that will make you feel young, and what’s inside will always manifest on the outside.

   … May you grow up to be righteous

This verse sounds like pretty strict parenting advice. Mainly because that is one of the biggest reasons why we fear of old age – our fear that we’ll become just like our parents. When we see them sunk in their comfy armchairs in front of television sets we can really think that old age is the end of our lives, but you need to keep in mind that the world was different in their time.

Today the rhythm of life is much faster and there is no time for the comfy armchairs. If you want to avoid corruption (now we’re getting closer to the verse) and earn a decent living you need to constantly educate yourself, build your connections and take constant care of yourself. In order to stay in this fast race called life, you basically need to stay young. The point is that you have to stay active all the time, which brings us to the next verse.

The Best Bob Dylan Messages  -©
the best bob dylan messages  –©

 … May your hands always stay busy

I’m pretty sure Bob Dylan wasn’t thinking about the gym when he wrote this one. Of course, physical exercise is an important factor, but it’s also important in our young years and it doesn’t really have to do much with old age. You need to keep up with it, but don’t try to turn to The Hulk. Once you free yourself from the opinion of others and overcome immaturity, you will be able to separate meaningful work from the unnecessary one.

People usually see getting old as not being able to do certain things anymore, but what they don’t see is that they are finally able to do some other things. If you stay occupied and find new goals for yourself you will continue to feel young because you’ll still feel like you have a purpose. These goals don’t need to be high, but they will certainly be more focused. Life is changing very fast and you need to learn skills. Youth is sometimes nothing more than a process of adaptation.

   … May your heart always be joyful

Although this verse has a very strong spiritual dimension, at the mention of a joyful heart (almost) every man will think of women and a minute later of his sexual performance in bed. Boys will be boys, some things just don’t change. But the fact is that the most important thing for every man is to be able to satisfy his partner.

the best bob dylan messages  -©
the best bob dylan messages  –©

The first thing you need to know is that old age doesn’t mean the end of intimacy. Sure, your body is not that young anymore, but with some healthy exercises, you can keep it functioning. Although we said at the beginning that controlling your mind can get your body under control, when it comes to sex life there are some exceptions. Certain dysfunctions like premature ejaculation (oops) are very puzzling because reasons can be many and it’s good to put our trust in modern medicine.

But not too much and unconditionally – you need to find a trusted clinic with a good reputation to secure the best possible treatments. In these cases, it’s good to have professional help in finding and determining the right course of premature ejaculation treatment.  It’s a proven fact, that sex prevents heart attacks, why take the risk?!

   … May you stay forever young

In order to stay young, you need to feel young on the insight. You need to adjust your way of thinking to your old age and adapt by learning new skills. You need to overcome immaturity and stop caring about other people’s opinions – this includes not being ashamed to look for professional help if needed.

Be sure to make the very most of it!

Klaudia xx


Best Bob Dylan Messages Ever! - How To Make ‘Forever Young’ More Than a Song -
Bob Dylan Messages to Live By – How to Make “Forever Young” More Than a Song –©

the best bob dylan messages  -©

May your heart always be joyful
May your song always be sung
And may you stay Forever Young!
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Shruti Arora
Shruti Arora
6 years ago

Love Bob Dylan all his songs are so deep and meaningful. I like this song also but my all time favorite is “Like a Rolling Stone”

6 years ago

I love this song! It always makes me cry. So many great pieces of advise.