5 Helpful Tips to Improve the Love Life in Your Marriage

Keep The Love Alive

Keep The Love Alive

5 Tips to Improve the Love Life in your Marriage

by Peter Minkoff

Every relationship needs some extra spice now and then, and things are no different for married couples. Actually, you don’t even need to have a special reason in order to try to improve the love life in your marriage. Obviously, this can become a necessity at some point. However, some of the following tips don’t only apply to couples that are going through a rough patch. In the end, there’s nothing sexier than putting some effort into keeping the love alive.

Spend Some Time Together at Your Special Place  If you want to remember how you once felt and relive the moments that brought you together, it’s always nice to visit a place where it all started. This can be a pub, a park, but even a vacation spot where you happened to meet. Obviously, this should be the place that holds important memories for the two of you, that contributed to your joint life in some way.

Keep the love alive .. visit a place where it all started.
Keep the love alive ♥ .. visit a place where it all started.

If this place is close to your home, take the opportunity to make the most out of your visit (for example, a romantic picnic in the park is a great idea). On the other hand, you may want to go on a romantic weekend getaway somewhere truly special.

Rediscover Your Marriage Vows – We all need some helpful reminders during different stages of our lives. This goes for various aspects of life. In that respect, why not try to rekindle the old flame and spark up the love you share by rereading your marriage vows? Turn this into a truly romantic experience by creating a nice atmosphere. Read the vows slowly, so that you yourself can feel them, not just your partner. What’s more, use this opportunity to remember how you felt when you had to write the vows in the first place, and maybe even try to write something new for your future life together.

Keep The Love Alive - 5 Helpful Tips to Improve the Love Life in Your Marriage
Writing your thoughts and feelings down can help to keep the love alive.

Say it in Writing – This is a bit different compared to writing your marriage vows again. In general, if you’re going through some serious issues as a married couple, you may need to share what’s been going on within you with each other. These things are never easy. However, the benefits of writing have been known for a long time and writing your thoughts and feelings down can help you analyze and understand your situation better. What’s more, allowing your spouse to read this will let them get close to you once again. Of course, do this for each other.

Engage in New Hobbies and Fun Activities Couples do Together This is definitely one of the best tips you can use when it comes to improving the love life in your marriage and appreciating each other’s presence in general. There are many different things that you can try. On top of that, stepping out of your comfort zone, in this case, may not be a bad idea. In that respect, why not try some new hobbies and fun activities couples do together? Experiencing the adrenaline rush when together can do wonders for your relationship.

Keep the love alive
How about hot salsa classes to spice up things and keep the love alive? 

On the other hand, mindful and spiritual activities such as practising yoga, enjoying nature and even going to a spa or booking a couples massage to relieve some stress (that’s as always just one random example, search for local couples massage packages and deals online) are all great ways to start enjoying the time you spend together.

Book Counselling Sessions – In case the two of you really feel stuck and don’t know how to start rekindling the old flame or fixing the existing issues on your own, it’s definitely time to seek professional help. If both of you are willing to do this, it only means that your love for each other is still strong. It just needs some help with burning even stronger, that’s all.

It may sound sad, but it’s also important to know when and how to break up with someone you love, walk away and learn to live your own life again. Therefore, if you’re in a situation where your partner doesn’t really want to work on improving your love life, you may need to accept that. However, no one ever said that marriage is going to be simple. If the two of you are confident in your feelings for each other, then you should definitely do your best to give them a boost.

Take care and keep the love alive!


Keep The Love Alive - 5 Helpful Tips to Improve the Love Life in Your Marriage
How to keep the love alive by P. Minkoff – klaudiascorner.net©
Who is Peter Minkoff?
Peter is a fashion stylist and the chief editor at highstylife.com located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a trend forecaster and a stylist for few fashion events in Brisbane. Besides fashion, he loves reading, cooking exotic meals and travelling around tropical destinations. He plans to create his personal fashion business for style advising.


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Harsh yadav
6 years ago

First of all, a great design of blog. Truly amazing. And, i love the post, you didn’t beat the bush around. It’s crisp and to the point. I like your writing style. Already bookmarked your blog. Very happy to connect. 🙂

Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
6 years ago

We’ve been married for 35 years and I think part of the secret is keeping the connection alive – we try to find things to do together on the weekend, and we always spend our evenings together (even if we’re both on our laptops or watching TV) Just being in the same space is healthier than being at different ends of the house.

6 years ago

Nice post this is really educative and informative you are really doing a good job on this blog
Keep up the good work

6 years ago

Great tips! My husband and I are a little over our one year anniversary and we make sure to do things like this. He travels so half of the time he isn’t here so we work very hard to keep the love alive!