Best Exercises For Women In Their 50s – 5 Efficient Workout Ideas

Best Exercises for Women in their 50s 

The 5 Most Efficient Workout Ideas

Fitness and physical activity are necessary and monumental for one’s health regardless of their age. In that respect, women in their 50s should still do plenty of exercises, and just pay attention to their routine and pick the workouts that are truly beneficial to them.

Best Exercises for Women in their 50s

Just like you would consider your fitness level when you exercise to avoid injuries and other issues, you should consider your age for the best and safest possible choice of workouts, too. As you can see, poor fitness level and/or certain age are not valid excuses for ditching exercising altogether since sedentary lifestyle can only make things worse – much worse.

If you’re interested in learning what kind of exercises are the best choice for women in their 50s, check out the following list. Viva fifty!


   1. Weight Training

There’s a common misconception that women, let alone women in certain age, should stay away from weight training. But, the truth is that weight training won’t suddenly make you look like a man and get you all bulky and muscular. What it will do however is help you build muscle and core strength subtly so that you keep your flexibility, strengthen the joints and improve posture.

Best Exercises For Women In Their 50s
The 5 best exercises for women in their 50s – by P. Minkoff

These things are all important for women in their 50s as the risk of osteoporosis is getting higher and higher and the muscle mass is naturally getting lower and lower. You need muscle to stay at a healthy weight, protect your bones and boost your metabolism. However, if you’ve never done any exercises involving weights, it would be best to start off at the gym with the assistance of a professional trainer.

   2. Yoga

Yoga can make a huge difference in the way you feel, both physically and mentally. Just like weight training, yoga exercises will help you improve your posture and strengthen the core. Additionally, you will learn how to breathe correctly and regular practice will help you achieve mindfulness as well.

Best Exercises for Women in Their 50s 
Best Exercises for Women in their 50s –

Yoga is also known to reduce blood pressure and stress levels when done on a regular basis. The best thing about yoga is that you can easily practice it in the comfort of your own home. Just get yourself a yoga mat and a pair of comfortable women’s exercise tights for full mobility, find the instruction videos online, play some soothing music and get into the workouts and positions.

   3. Walking/Jogging

As mentioned, women in their 50s are more prone to osteoporosis due to the loss of muscle mass and weakening of the bones. This is something that every woman will experience more or less once they hit their 30’s which is why it’s essential to train your body.

Best Exercises for Women in Their 50s  the 5 most efficient workout ideas
Best Exercises for Women in their 50s  – Walking that extra mile…

If weight training is not your cup of tea, the best thing you can do is go for walks and/or jogs. This type of exercise will use your own weight as a training prop that will strengthen your muscles and bones and improve your balance and posture. Not to mention the stress-reducing benefits of going for a walk/jog outside.

   4. Dancing

Another great exercise that involves both weight-bearing and aerobics is undoubtedly dancing. What’s more, if you tend to get bored easily with exercises such as walking, jogging and similar, dancing is bound to become a fun and engaging experience in your daily life. It’s great for burning fat and improving heart and lung health while you get to relieve stress and move your body to the music.

   5. Swimming

Finally, swimming is one of the best exercises for everyone, regardless of their age and fitness skill, but it can be especially beneficial for women in their 50s who are already suffering from weak joints and back pain but want to do something about it.

Best Exercises for Women in Their 50s 
Swimming is one of the best exercises for women in their 50s 

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that still engages almost every muscle group. Not only does it improves your muscle and bone strength together with your posture, but it also boosts circulation, flexibility, heart and lung health and stamina, and burns excess fat.

If you’re soon to hit your 50s, don’t think that you’ll have to get used to a sedentary lifestyle or miss out on things because of your age. Regular workouts that are adjusted to your fitness level and body can transform you both physically and mentally. Therefore, don’t hesitate to look up exercises that seem interesting to you and work out a schedule so that your new, happy, fit and painless chapter in life can begin.

 by Peter Minkoff

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Best Exercises for Women in Their 50s  the 5 most efficient workout ideas
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All great ideas. I do love yoga so much for the flexibility it gives me.