Anatomy Of The Human Body – How to Take Care of the 206 Bones of Your Skeleton

Anatomy Of The Human Body

How to take Care of the 206 Bones of your Skeleton

Anatomy Of The Human Body
Anatomy Of The Human Body – The 206 Bones of Your Skeleton

Among the many miracles of the human body, the skeleton has to be one of the most remarkable. When you think that in an adult body there are 206 bones, that’s a lot of moving parts that in theory could fail at any time. The fact that we’re mostly walking around fully intact is a testament to their appetite for hard work and punishment.

Of course, there is a flip side to this. Roughly half of us will break a bone at some time in our lives. For a lot of us, this happens at school. Slipping on ice, falling out of a tree, or some other form of youthful hi-jinks. Most usually, it’s a leg break, but it can also very easily be an arm. When it happens, it hurts, and it stops you from using that bone for weeks, or even months at a time.

To make a long story short, we need to look after our bones properly to ensure that they look after us. Doing everything we can for better bone health is something you can start today – you just need to know how.

Anatomy Of The Human Body
Anatomy Of The Human Body –

Step #1 – Keep A Balanced Diet

As with all medical matters, a sound diet will give your bones the best chance of staying strong. One word of warning, though. There has been a great deal of advice that recommends a diet rich in calcium. More recent studies, however, indicate that too much calcium causes problems for other nutrients being absorbed. You should, for example, never take calcium and magnesium supplements at the same time!

Anatomy Of The Human Body
Too much calcium causes problems for other nutrients being absorbed

So, by all means, get some milk and cheese in your diet, but make sure you’re also getting sources of iron and the best vitamins for bone health.

Step #2 – Diet Won’t Be Enough!

The importance of a healthy diet is not lost on anyone who knows anything about the body. However, it is an unfortunate fact that our diets will always be limited in some nutrients. Some lists will tell you that a certain food is rich in B12, for example. But even the most prominent dietary sources of it give us only a fraction of what is needed. Usually, it needs to be supplemented.

Anatomy Of The Human Body
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Similarly, with bone health, supplementing will take a lot of the pressure off your diet. To get an idea of one of the most respected supplements for bone health, read some AlgaeCal reviews and check its credentials.

Step #3 – Say Bye-Bye To Bad Habits

It’s always worth knowing the things you should be doing when it comes to the anatomy of the human body and bone health, but of course, that’s just part of the story. Yes, it wouldn’t be health advice if some of it didn’t tell you to stop doing things, too. The science shows quite clearly that smoking is undeniably bad for bone health. While drinking in moderation is fine, if you drink alcohol every day, that can be damaging, too.

Anatomy Of The Human Body

Perhaps most surprisingly, studies have also shown that fizzy cola may be a factor in bone loss symptoms, particularly as you get older. It may not be necessary to give up entirely – studies are unclear on what the problem is  Just take it as fact, that replacing some of those cans with fruit juice or water is a sound step to take.

I hope, you could gain some valuable information for your own wellbeing out of this article. I wish I had known a bit more about all that, years ago already. The 206 bones of your skeleton have to carry and serve you all your life! Take good care of the 206 bones of your body now and they will look after you later!

Anatomy Of The Human Body

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