DIY Design Ideas – How To Give Your Old Items New Life

DIY Design Ideas

How To Give Your Old Items New Life

A lot of us can be tempted to send old items to the dustbin, or even head to the local charity with them under our arm. But it’s always worth considering if your items could actually be spruced up with some DIY. After all, sometimes it only takes a lick of paint and new material to make it look brand-new again. Therefore, here are some ways you can give your old items new life.


 Use it for another Purpose

Even if an item is not useful for its old purpose, you might be able to use it for something else. And then it will save you having to get rid of the item as it’s no good anymore. For example, that ladder might not be sturdy enough for you to be able to get into the attic. After all, you need a safe ladder if you are going to tackle heights. But instead of throwing it away, you should use it as a quirky way to display your herbs and terracotta plant pots.

DIY design ideas
image  Herbs  & Terracotta Plant Pots

After all, it will look fantastic in the garden. Also, those old jars which you used previously in the kitchen could become new homes for your bathroom essentials. Just decorate them with some ribbon, and they will soon look perfect in your bathing quarters!

DIY design ideas
DIY Design Ideas – Old kitchen jars for your bathroom 

And even that old bookshelf could be useful for another purpose if it won’t hold your novels anymore. You could use it as a perfect place to house your shoes and handbags!

DIY design ideas
Old bookshelves are perfect for shoes and bags

Give it a lick of Paint

You might be surprised how much paint can give an item a new lease of life. In fact, there’s a lot of items you might not have even thought about painting before. For example, if there’s an old wooden bench in your garden which has seen its best days many moons ago, you can paint it in a vibrant colour to ensure it looks fabulous.

DIY Design Ideas
DIY Design Ideas – Check on paint sprayer reviews before buying for a perfect result

And even that old chair which you have had for years can look new again if you give it a lick of paint. To ensure they look perfect, it’s a good idea to get a paint sprayer. After all, you want it to look professional as if you bought it that way (not like you have just done a DIY job with the item!)

DIY Design Ideas - How To Give Your Old Items New Life
DIY Design Ideas to Give your Old Items New Life –

Therefore, you can find reviews online which will help you to pick a sprayer which will enable you to do a fantastic job. I know what I am talking about since I had to pay the price for buying the first random sprayer I saw in the store … took me 2 days to get the paint off my balcony floor. Always check out online reviews and see which product is the best rating one for your needs.

And if you still need some inspiration, here are 39 truly amazing things to make from plastic bottles. Grab your tea and have a look at these awesome DIY design ideas!

Get Creative with Fabric

Often you can update an old item by adding some beautiful fabric. In fact, it can look like a brand new item if you get creative with fabric. For example, if you have a plain old chair or stool, you could cover it with an old drop cloth to help make it look fantastic. Or you could even reupholster the chairs in a sturdy fabric. You can easily pick up the material you need online and then start getting creative.

DIY Design Ideas
DIY design ideas that will keep your wallet happy –

And as you have done it yourself, it can look even more unique in your humble abode. And you might get another few years of life out of the item once you have updated it!

Be creative and have fun!

Thank you so much for your time, see you soon right here!



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Silly Mummy
7 years ago

Great ideas in here! I love the ladder in the garden! And would never have thought of using a bookcase for shoe storage!

Molly Stevens
Molly Stevens
7 years ago

These are great ideas, Claudia. I especially like the painted benches and having fun with color.

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
7 years ago

I love these kind of ideas, Claudia!!
I’m not always the most creative with coming up with them, but I’m great at copying!!