Home Comfort Guide – Vital Home Amenities You Should Upgrade Every Decade

Home Comfort Guide

Vital home amenities you should upgrade every decade

By and large, you can get by in your home with a little maintenance every once in awhile, and a big renovation project such as a new kitchen or bathroom to keep things interesting. But there are some other areas of your home that need work, and if you don’t pay attention to them, they could all end up costing you a fortune. The good news is that these home components only need replacing once every decade or so. Today, I’m going to reveal the most important things you should consider replacing after ten years of use.  

# Sagging Roof Problems

Home Comfort Guide
Sagging roof problems and leaks – you might be much better off replacing it altogether

There is a common belief that once a roof goes up, it doesn’t need to come down again. However, if you ask any building expert, they will tell you otherwise. Roofs can sag, lose tiles, develop holes, and all kinds of leaks. And unless you want to spend constant money in keeping it together, you are much better off replacing it altogether. Yes, it’s going to be expensive. But with a little savvy budgeting and saving, it needn’t be the significant hit you might think.

# A New Paint Job

Home Comfort Guide
Home Comfort Guide   –   klaudiascorner.net

OK, so ten years might sound like a long time to go without a new paint job. But let’s face it, we’re all so busy these days that it can be difficult for most households to find the time. However, after ten years, your paintwork is likely to be dirty and beyond scrubbing. There may be flakes appearing, or old kids drawing ideas to cover up. And if you want to give your home an instant lift, a fresh coat of paint the most cost-effective method going.


# Plumbing


Home Comfort Guide
Home Comfort Guide – klaudiascorner.net

I know that many people get by well enough with plumbing systems that are ancient. But you are running a big risk if you don’t replace your boiler – and possibly even your water heating system. The old systems used in days gone by are not as efficient as modern models. It’s worth contacting a Water Heater Installer or Plumber to give you an estimate for the work. The cost of damage from a leaking pipe could prove to be way more expensive.

# New Carpet Styles

Home Comfort Guide
Home Comfort Guide – Place a few pretty cheap are rugs to create cool new carpet styles

Your carpet attracts filth of kinds and will fade significantly over time due to oxidization and sunlight damage. In short, you won’t want your carpet after ten years anyway, so see it as an opportunity to have a change around. Again, replacing a whole carpet in the home can be incredibly expensive. But you might consider going for the exposed floorboards look and buy a few cheap area rugs  instead.


# How Often Should You Change Your Mattress

Home Comfort Guide

It’s not pleasant to think about – and I’m sorry if you are reading this in bed – but your mattress and pillows accumulate a lot of nasties over the years. They will be full of dust, for a start – and your dead skin cells. And, most importantly, all the little creatures that like to eat those dead skin cells. Your best bet for hygiene and a better night’s sleep is to replace mattresses and pillows at least every decade.

As you can see, many of these upgrades can cost a good deal of money. But, as I mentioned, with a little planning and saving in the right place, it won’t be too much to handle.


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