Why Exercising Doesn’t Solve All Your Weight Problems

Best Weight Loss Tips 

Best Weight Loss Tips - When Exercising Not Solves All Your Weight Problems
Best Weight Loss Tips – klaudiascorner.net©

Why Exercising Not Solves Your Weight Problems

If you look at the best weight loss tips on- and offline, you’ll find out that exercise isn’t the be-all and end-all that a lot of people make it out to be. Those who are looking to lose some weight need to read this information!

Eating less is more important than exercising !

When people talk about losing weight, there tends to be a lot of emphasis on the importance of exercise. There’s something really visceral and effective about exercise, after all; losing weight is partly about grabbing the reigns of your body and taking more control, and rigorous physical activity really helps you get in the mindset for these sorts of positive effects. But even the best exercise to lose weight isn’t all you need – you may find that you don’t lose any weight despite a good regime.

So what’s going on? Well, it’s essential that you understand the key factor in weight: food consumption. If you’re exercising more but eating the same amount, then you may not see that much of a difference. While exercise is an essential element to weight loss, it’s way more important that you cut down on your fat and calorie intake to lose weight. You also need to consider the fact that exercise increases appetite, which can make it feel like you’re not eating as much even if you are.

Best Weight Loss Tips - When Exercising Not Solves All Your Weight Problems

Some problems just won’t go away 🙁

When people begin to lose a good amount of weight, they may notice that there are certain areas of their body that are a lot more stubborn than others. It would appear that diet and exercise don’t necessarily get rid of all the fat in the body!

Best Weight Loss Tips - When Exercising Not Solves All Your Weight Problems
Best Weight Loss Tips – klaudiascorner.net©

It’s best to speak directly to a doctor if you have any concerns in this area. The key thing to understand here is that weight loss doesn’t mean that you’ll reduce all areas of fat because fat reduction is actually a different process.

If you are really unhappy with your body image, Zeltiq coolsculpting is a fat reduction procedure that you might want to consider if you’re having trouble with your current regime. Again, it’s best to consult with your physician first, because what you’re concerned about might not simply be stubborn fat cells or deposits.

IMAGES     Coolsculpting – when exercising can’t solve your weight problems
Sleep is essential to the process !

Some people associate sleep with laziness, in the sense that lying down and closing your eyes is basically the opposite of exercise. Surely sleeping doesn’t really do us much good when it comes to weight loss? Surely it’s better to reduce the amount of time we spend per day just lying around in bed instead of working out? Nope. Sleep is actually crucial to the process of losing weight; not getting enough sleep has a direct effect on our ability to keep our weight down.

Less sleep means that you’re going to be more tired; your body will crave sugar in order to keep awake, and you’ll be less inclined to get out there and exercise. Sleep is when your body recovers from a workout, so a lack of sleep means you’ll miss out on many of the benefits of exercise anyway. One of the best weight loss tips I can give you, make sure you’re getting enough sleep if you want to see a positive effect on your weight!

What’s your own best tip on losing weight?

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Ellen Best
6 years ago

My best tip is one I’ve recently been made aware of, probably the world and his wife knew but I had never given it much thought. Sitting is as bad (so they say) as smoking. So the husband made me a trial standing desk as I sit six or more hours writing a day. If I get on with it he will invest in a good one. Frankly I like my converted butchers block and “pass me the amount saved” For the new wardrobe I will hopefully require.

6 years ago

I appreciated this post Klaudia, it is good to hear some sensible information on losing weight. I have reached a point that I’m happy with myself as I am and although I’d like to lose a few kilos I enjoy keeping active and trying to eat sensibly most if the time.

Shirley Corder
6 years ago

I know that discipline in every area is the real solution for me. Discipline in quantity of food but also WHAT I eat. Discipline in exercise but what type of exercise. Discipline in sleep quantity but also time spent in or on the bed! Thanks for your input, Klaudia. Share Your World July 3.