Dancing in the Sky … Dani & Lizzy

Dancing in the Sky …

Dani & Lizzy

In Loving Memory
Those we love remain with us, for Love itself lives on. Cherished memories never fade, because a loved one is gone. Those we love can never be, more than a thought apart. For as long as there is a memory, they’ll live on in our heart.author unknown
Dancing in the Sky
Dancing in the Sky 

….when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for Love! 

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Grief forces you to see ..who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore … and who always will! from Klaudia with Love

Dancing in the Sky

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your Life!

Klaudia xx


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3 years ago

Every word is just to the point! I fully agree with this. I also believe that it is better to enjoy every moment in life. Sometimes it’s just enough to look around and understand that your life is far from the worst.