Hangover … When You’re Too Sozzled To React !

Hangover … When You’re Too Sozzled To React ! 


Here are some tips for you to avoid hangovers !





~Champagne to welcome the New Year~



Drinking for many is a social activity which many people love to do. Even though it may not be healthy, drinking in small quantities would not cause much harm . The problem starts when there is excessive drinking . You may enjoy being drunk and may not realize things that is happening around you . The next morning is the time you realize it’s after effects which is known as a hangover and can be one of the sore mornings which you would not like to remember . We should always be in control of alcohol and not the other way round . If it happens the other way round there are dire consequences to be borne . Even though you may be well aware about your drinking limit there are times when you cross that limit and you happen to bear the brunt.



Hangover – too sozzled to react


Some of the common symptoms of having a hangover are :

* Severe headache
* Nauseating feeling
* Diarrhea attacks
* Dizziness
* Dry mouth and dehydration
* Unpleasant feeling



Getting drunk depends upon the way you drink . If you happen to drink lots in a short period of time you will get drunk very fast .


Some of the common “Do’s” and “Dont’s” while drinking alcohol:


* Never drink on empty stomach. If you happen to eat, the food helps in absorbing the alcohol content rather than directly getting into your bloodstream



~drink plenty water ~


* Consume water (more times than ever) while taking in your doses of alcohol as it would help you from dehydration
* Don’t have different alcoholic drinks at one time







~avoid coloured drinks ~

* Avoid coloured drinks such as red wine, whiskys,dark rum as they have strong alcoholic content.
* Do not indulge too much into sweet concoction as they are high in sugar and alcoholic content.
* There are anti-hangover pills in the market which can be of used but please consult your doctor before having these medicines.
* Having a hot cup of tea or coffee can get you out of that hangover.



* A hot or cold shower can get you back to your senses.



* Orange juice may just do the trick for you.



~the perfect hangover breakfast ~



* Have a light and nutritious meal . Bananas and yogurt may just be the thing you were looking for.







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Public Service Announcement from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States: Drink In Moderation





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