Home Electricity Saving Tips

Home Electricity Saving Tips

easy ways to save energy at home

It’s starting to look ridiculous how much money we have to spend every month on our electricity bills. Prices of resources are going up constantly while many of us struggle to keep up. Racking up a huge electricity bill is not good for the environment either. So how can you reduce the damage your monthly electricity bill is doing to your wallet and nature? Here are a few easy home electricity saving tips on how to save quite some money on your monthly bills.

turn off and unplug

Whenever you’re not in the room, make sure to turn off the lights. This is a habit that will come to use dozens of times a day and make long-lasting savings. Another way to save on electricity is by unplugging your devices.Things like your microwave, chargers, laptops, etc. use electricity even when they are turned off. As long as these devices are plugged in, they can still suck electricity from the grid, so make sure to unplug them when you’re done using them. 

switch to energy-efficient bulbs

Did you know that CFLs and LEDs have a much longer life than traditional bulbs while also saving 25-80% more energy? Sure, they might be more expensive upfront, but in the long run, they will pay for themselves over and over again. 

replace old appliances

If your washing machine, dryer or fridge has seen some better days, it might be the perfect time to replace it with a new and improved appliance with better energy-saving properties. New models are not only more energy-efficient but also better looking and less noisy. 

fix all the issues

If you have an electric issue somewhere at home, this malfunction can waste a lot of energy and raise your electricity bill significantly. If you suspect an “electricity leak”, make sure to contact a professional to help you figure out where the problem is.

In some countries like Australia, it’s required to book a specially authorized professional to handle any issues connected to the grid, so find an experienced level 2 electrician in Sydney to take a look at your grid and locate any problems. When messing with electricity, always rely on professionals. 

Home Electricity Saving Tips
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use automation and smart tech

Humans are imperfect and until you create a solid habit, you will probably forget to turn off your devices or lights. Well, with automated devices, you don’t have to worry. Smart automation detects when devices are not in use and turn off their power supply. Another smart device to consider is a smart meter that helps you visualize how much power you are using, as well as keep track of your spending in real-time while offering tips on where to improve your spending.

A great addition to your home is also a programmable thermostat. These gadgets can read your habits and schedule and automatically adjust the temperature throughout the day, reducing heating while you’re away or asleep. 

reduce your water heater costs

Your water heater is one of the biggest energy users in your house. To reduce your energy use, you should consider getting a more efficient water heater, but also use less hot water, turn down the thermostat for a few degrees and insulate your unit as well as the pipes. An efficient water heater can require anywhere from 8% to 300% less energy, depending on the model. When investing in a new model of water heaters, it’s important to pay attention to two things: the type of energy it will use and the design that should meet your standards. For instance, heat pump water heaters are probably the most energy-efficient today, but they require a lot of space to operate. Do your homework and you won’t make a bad decision. 

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These easy tips concern just your home. If you want to make even better savings and conserve energy more efficiently, make sure to practice these home energy saving tips also at the office, in your backyard, at the gym or when going out. 

author: Peter Minkoff


Home Electricity Saving Tips - Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home
Home Electricity Saving Tips – Easy ways to save energy at home by Peter Minkoff – Pinterest image ©klaudiascorner.net


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