Marriage Proposal Ideas To Help The Guys Out

How to Propose to the One you Love 

Marriage Proposal Ideas to Help the Guys Out

Proposing is kind of a big deal for the man in your life, it’s a scary prospect to get it just right for the one they love. Not to mention ensuring they say all they want to say, choose the right ring and setting. Sometimes the guys need a helping hand when it comes to how to propose to the one you love and asking that all-important question, which is why I thought I would share with you some of the inspired ways to propose to the one you love. So if you fancy leaving this article open where they will find it, be my guest!  😉

♥ Think About Traditions

One of the first things your man needs to consider is whether you want some of the traditions upheld. This could mean asking parents for your hand in marriage or getting down on bended knee. Ladies if these factors are important to you, then make sure he is aware. It goes without saying that he will want to make the proposal as special as possible.

How to Propose to the One you Love
How to Propose to the One you Love

♥ Get Really Unique Engagement Rings

Guys, I know it’s not easy picking out a ring, but you just need to go with your gut instinct on this one. Unless the lady in your life has been specific and perhaps hinted a lot about the type of ring she would like. Quick tip, if she stops you at a jewellery shop use it as an opportunity to find out her likes and dislikes.

Finding a place to buy diamond engagement rings is easier than you think. If you prefer shopping online just make sure you get that all-important ring size. Ladies don’t leave your guys in the dark when it comes to this, give them a hint or at least give them your ring size.


♥ Romantic Ways to Propose at Home

Now on to the proposal locations. Often the simplest of proposals can be the most romantic, so consider popping the question from the comfort of your own home. It could be on a quiet Sunday morning, or even in the middle of eating your evening meal. There are so many romantic ways to propose at home.

How to Propose to the One you Love
How to Propose to the One you Love – Romantic Ways to Propose at Home

♥ Do Something Unusual and Unique

Proposals can be an event in themselves with careful planning and consideration. So if you want something a little bit different then think outside of the box when it comes to the location. You could consider doing on top of a building, perhaps have a message written in the sky or even put up a sign on your partner’s commute to work. Websites like Pinterest have plenty of unusual marriage proposal ideas to inspire you.

How to Propose to the One you Love
How to Propose to the One you Love – Think outside of the box…

♥ Propose while Experiencing Something Together

If you want something amazing then why not experience something together while proposing. You could skydive from a plane and propose at the end. If you are stuck for an idea, then take to your bucket list to help you decide what you could do. It will certainly make a memorable occasion.

How to Propose to the One you Love
How to Propose to the One you Love –  Skydiving from a plane together

♥ Let Your Beloved Pets Do The Job For You

Pets are a great thing to use when proposing. Think about dressing them up or attaching the ring to their collar. Get them to walk in, and they literally do the hard work for you.

How to Propose to the One you Love
Let your beloved pets do the job for you

♥ Get Your Children Involved 

Just like pets, children can help you out when it comes to proposing. Get them dressed with the question stamped on a t-shirt or a baby grow if they are younger. Maybe even write in a card asking mommy to make daddy happy.

How to Propose to the One you Love
Romantic Ways to Propose …

I hope this post has offered some inspiration when it comes to thinking of how to propose.

Klaudia xx

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Thank you for the article. A wedding is always good.

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I was Googling for Unique Idea for my friend who’s going to propose her Girl Friend for marriage & really you helped me. He used your last Children idea.
Thanks a lot

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